sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 11
Jesus Speaks

the one-who-is-not vs 4 -80
The Nature Of God vs 22, 28-31
Promises Are Absolute vs 39
Heavenly Beings Helping Man vs 41
Seed Of Death vs 45
No Miracles vs 48
baptism Instructions vs 51, 200
The Water Is Purification Of The Temple vs 51
LOVE Is The Fire That Burns Inside vs 53
Or Everlasting Death vs 55
Nature of Hell vs 57
Free Will vs
Believe In the Word vs 62
Vast Kingdom vs 64
What God Wants Man’s Soul vs 67
Everlasting Life vs 68
Jesus Message vs 69
You Know Me By Many Names vs 74-75
Love of God Is Ultimate vs 77
Temple Of Man vs Temple Of God vs 80
Prophets Everywhere vs 85-86
Spirals of the Forest vs 87-90
Kingdom Of God Is LOVE vs 98-101
Burning Ice vs.35,86,95,102.
Casting Out vs 108-112
You Will SEE My Father In All Things vs 115
Man Has A Great Choice For Himself vs 122
You Have A Mission, You Have Purpose vs 133
Man Must Come Togethervs 135-144
Jesus Work vs 145
The Rebuke Message For ONE vs.148-230.
God Has A Covenant With His Prophets vs 156
The Water Will Purify vs 200
The Domain Of the one-who-is-not vs210
Good Attracts Good, Evil Attracts Evil (Limitations)vs 214
The Two Fires vs 222
The Earth's Life vs 224

1.I only come with a message.
I only come with a promise.
For I come out of love from my Father and myself.
My message is for all mankind.
It is not just for you.
When I speak of man, I mean ALL.

2.When I speak, I speak for my Father.
I speak to you about His promises that are made.
For he loves you.
I love you.
And all the ones in the Heavens and the Stars loves you.

3.My FATHER is the ONE that is.
He has given you everything.
He has made you like HIM.
He has given you all the good things that you have.
And you are GOOD, You are made Good. You are made like HIM.

4.But there is another one.
He is the one-who-is-not.
He HAS not.
He IS not.
Yet you listen to him.

5.You do not listen to the FATHER who gives everything freely with love. You only listen to the one-who-is-not, who only knows to take, does not give anything, but only takes. For you relish in this world of take. You live to take. You live to be. You live for YOU and NO ONE ELSE.

6.You do not believe that you do not have the right to take the life of another. You do not believe you have no right to take all the things that are provided for you and not give anything to your brother. You do not believe in all the things that your God has created for you. YOU ONLY TAKE.

7.You take unto yourself all you can hold. And then, if you cannot hold it, you take and put it aside. And take more than you can hold and hold and hold. And this is the way you are as man.

8.Man covets everything.
He desires everything.
He wants.
He takes.
He kills.
He destroys.
He pollutes.
And he does this because he listens to the one-who-is-not.

9.He is so powerful to you that you worship him instead of your Father.

10.You worship all that have no substance, that have no meaning, that have nothing but form. For you can take this and you can touch it, and can smell it, and you can taste it, so it has to be right.


12.For the feelings inside you is what is right and you DO feel and you DO know inside. You know when you are doing something that you should not do. You know when you rebel.

13.You know when you are doing something that is right, for you feel the love in your
heart, and your being glows.

14.But the one-who-is-not has put in you such strong things that you rejoice and wallow through the muck, the slime, that he has created for you, because you can feel it and to you this is all.

15.You can touch it. You can feel it all over your body as you wallow in it. And it feels good to you because he has said it. And you know that he is right in your mind,

16.but your heart is what you have to listen to. For your heart tells you when you look
inside yourself, you will know.

17.But he says unto you, “No! Do not look inside yourself. Look at all the things that are in this world. Look at all the things you can have if you take. Look at your brothers. Look at what he has got. You haven’t got it, so TAKE IT. You do not need to work for it. You do not have to go out in the world and do good deeds to get it. All you have to do is TAKE. And the fun is in the TAKING! The JOY is in the TAKING.”

18.And I say unto you, there is joy, fun, there is a feeling when you TAKE.

19.But it is all created from the one-who-is-not, for he has not the substance to give you anything that lasts. He only has put into you a thought of how good it is and you believe it. For he has nothing of his own, creates nothing of his own, in all eternity will not have anything of his own. But he will have only something through you. That is why he wants you. That is why he needs you. Because, he is NOT and will NEVER BE.

20.Only through you does he have, that is why he tells you to TAKE, TAKE, TAKE……. touch, touch, touch….. taste, taste, taste,…. And you do.

21.You take all the good. You take all of the good things and you twist them around to suit your own being, so that you can give them to him, that you owe nothing to. Him that has done NOTHING for you, him that only will destroy you forever, and you listen to him!!!

22.My Father does get angry. He gets angry at his children. That anger is like a Father who gives unto the child and gives unto the child, and helps the child, and teaches the child through his knowledge. He sends forth messages. He gives these messages to the child. He teaches, he teaches, he teaches.

23.And the child rebels, rebels, rebels, and he rebels, does not listen, does not take the teachings, and does not take the things the Father has given and use them in a manner that the Father has told him to do.

24.He gets angry at this.
He gets disgusted at this.
He is hurt.
He is hurt inside.
His heart cries.

25.He is not angry at man that he is created.

26.He is angry at himself.
His anger is inside him.
He is frustrated because he does not know what to do. He is angry because he has tried, and tried, and tried. And all you can do is pervert, pervert, pervert, destroy, destroy, destroy.

27.He says to himself, “What have I done? What have I not done to teach the true meaning of life? Why can’t they feel my love? Why can’t they feel the things that I have given them and come unto me? Why can’t they go out and do the things and give the Father the recognition that he deserves.” These things are inside my Father. My Father is angry at himself for NOT being able to take you and have you do this.

28.He COULD MAKE YOU DO THIS. He could come down upon you all with his love and his Light and say “this is the way it is. Do this now. Do this.”

29.He could be a Father over you like a king over his slaves. And you would all do unto him exactly what he says.
30.But he does not want this. He only wants you out of love. He wants you. He does not want this. He only wants you out of love. He wants you to do for him because you want to do for him, not because you MUST do for Him.

31.There is nothing in any of his teachings that say you MUST, you must do this, you must bow down, you MUST!

32.His teachings are: If you do bow down, if you do these things, my reward for you will be so great. You have no idea in all the times, and all the things on Earth, and all the kings and all the rulers, have so much of the things that you can touch, that you can feel, that you can smell, and you can taste. And these things will be of not. They will be nothing compared to all the things that will be given to you out of love.

33.He could come down and force you as a slave to do all his bidding. He does not do this. He does not want this. He only wants you out of the true love and feeling for him.

34.This is why he angers. This is why he is sick at heart, for he knows not what to do with you. He knows that he has to do something. He knows that he has to try, and try, and try. He knows all of these things. And he angers with himself. He angers with all of the things. And he hurts.

35.He is so, so sad that man does not love for him. For you see, he loves everyone. He loves everybody and he forgives EVERYTHING. And this is the thing that you do not understand. HE WANTS NOTHING FROM YOU but your love.

36.He does nothing to you if you come to him. He only wants your love given freely from you. He doesn’t take anything. He only gives. And the only thing he wants from you is your freely given love. This is all. He wants it freely.

37.He doesn’t want to take it which he could do. He does not want to enslave, to put you in slavery and bondage to him. And he could do this. You were given all the things that he has.

38.And he will, in turn, give you more. He will give you what he already has done. And the others around him and his Father’s Father will give them to you, all manner of things which they have promised for he is ABSOLUTE. He is I AM. HE WILL BE FOREVER AND HE IS LOVE.

39.But the promises he made, he had to make for there was no other way. But he will do as he says, he will do, for his promises are absolute.

40.Man only has one chance and that chance is to come into the Light, through me to the Father. It is there for all mankind. The rewards that are given will vary, but man will be saved. There will be many rewards in the Father’s house. There will be many seats at his side. There will be many who come to him.

41.For there are men, there are spirits, there are the archangels who have sat by his side. They are trying to fill men’s hearts with the love that the Father has for them. They are trying to take men’s souls and break them out of their bondage. They are trying to break the hard, hard walls that have been built around people’s hearts.

42,Some are listening. Some are hearing. Some are not hearing, but there are some who are. There are some who are hearing, that do not know what to do with what they hear. There are a few in the vast, vast world that do know what to do with what they hear.

43.There are some that know what to do with what they hear but choose to do it not. But these are the ones who will perish. For these are the ones who know the truth. These are the ones that know that my Father is who he says he is, IS ALL, IS I AM. But they choose not to accept. They choose to not give unto him what is his.

44.They listen to the one-who-is-not. For they joy in what he has. They revel in what he has. And for them, this is a true thing for they say unto all men that the Earth is a Kingdom and the Earth is for you. And you take what you want and you do what you want and you joy in all the perversions that there is on Earth that is created by the one-that-is-not, for they are fun to you, to your physical bodies. They are the joys of life.

45.THEY ARE NOT. They are the seeds of all death for all eternity. For you see, through the one-that-is-not you will surely die and you will die forever. And the promise is forever and ever and ever, for my Father has said this.

46.You see, promises have been made. Promises have been made to man if he did things. Man did not do these things, so these promises went by the wayside. They were shoved off because man in his time did not do. So it seems that man needs something stronger. He only believes in the things he can see, and the things he can touch.

47.For my Father has said that nothing will be given to man today that he can see, and he can touch, and he can feel, to say, “I know, I believe in God because God has shown this to me. I have his things. I have his place. I can sit at his throne for it is here.

48. Any miracles such as: He makes water come when there is no water. He brings forth fire where there is no fire. He Lights the night as the day and I know he is there.” There will be none of this.

49.For my Father has said, you will not see him. You shall not see his miracles. And you shall not see any of this until you come to him out of love, for now is the time you must decide which is right, which is love, which is want, which is good, which is evil.

50.And you must know that you are the Temple of God. And God has given you everything. And you must purify yourself in his name, in my name, and through me, you will go to him, for your Temple is the Temple of God and the purification of the Temple of God has to be done.

51.When you go to the water and the water covers you, the purification of the Temple will be done, and you will come out as pure as the time you were sent.

52.But you will have a choice still. You will be able take that temple and you will be able to pervert that Temple, because you will still have your free will, and you must know that the one-that-is-not will still be by your side. He will still be trying to get into the Temple again. And if you allow him in you surely will be lost forever, for you will not come unto the Father. You will not come unto me. You will not live forever. You will surely die!!!!!!!!!!

53.This is a promise from my Father. He has given this to me to give to you, for he does love you all. He loves all of you. He loves all things. And all that he creates is good. Good is what we are. Love is our glory. Our Light. Love is the fire that burns inside. Love is the glow that we have and that is all good.

54.So it is up to you. It is up to you to do ALL of the things that my Father has said. He said unto you, to come to him through me, calling to me in my NAME and you shall be saved. You shall be saved from the Everlasting Death. For if there was NO Everlasting Death, why should you come and be saved? Why should you?

55.Your spirit knows of what I say. FOR THERE IS AN EVERLASTING DEATH. And the Everlasting Death is the death with the one-who-is-not.

56.For he IS an Everlasting Death. For an END of all, and when all does come to an end, he will have not, he will not be able to have through you. You will be like him. And you all will have not, not substance, not spirit, not anything, but the negative type of energy that you are.

57. And you will go through time, from now until the end of time, having not, being not, totally destroyed in yourself. For these negative forces will have no place to go in the Heavens. They will not have anywhere to go but to stay within themselves and have not, not being, not substance, not anything, only the terrible, terrible wanting of love that they need to exist. For they will not have this, and will not exist. This is the death I speak of.

58.Man only has a short time to do all the things he must do. For you see the illusion of time was placed in you by the one-who-is-not. For he has not and he gives this unto you to make you feel and touch and taste more.

59.For that way, you can determine how many days you will have, how many hours you will have, how many minutes you will have, how much you exist in him. He has given you this illusion. And he, in turn, revels in it. For everything is based upon the illusions that he gives you and the things that he has tried.

60.And all this time to try the patience of my Father. He tries the patience of my Father through you.

61.But I say to you, that the one-who-is-not, is not, will not. The one-that-has-not, the one-that-is-not, will perish forever and ever and ever. And you who revel in him, will go with him.

62.It is the time to come unto my Father now, it is the time to do all these things.:
Believe in the Word.
Believe in Me.
Believe in the Father.

63.For you know in your heart the true path to happiness. The true path to love is through Me to the Father. You know all you have to do is ask in my name and you shall receive.

64. For my Father’s Kingdom is vast. He has many thrones. He has many angels, he has many, many souls that love him and love him totally. For he is all good. For he is all our Father. He is all of these. And the day will come when you will recognize this for if you do not, then you surely (will) perish.

65.The time has come for man to accept what man has been given, accept all things through the Father, given by the Father, or surely they will perish.

66. give you these messages from my Father. Through Me, I give you these promises. And all I do is give messages for this is my purpose now, to carry My Word through the land, my Father’s Words through the land, and (for you) to come unto Me.

67.I do not want your possessions. I do not want your material things. BUT I DO WANT, I WANT YOUR SOUL. I want your body. I want your heart. I want you to come unto Me, so that I can bestow more love, more power, more being unto you. For these are the things you receive when you come unto Me.

68.You receive Everlasting Life in the Kingdom of your Father, for He has said this. You will live forever. You will not die.

69.I am not here to tell you of things past. I am not here to tell you of what will be in the future. As I DO NOT tell you these things. All I do is give you a message, and tell you what the Father has promised, if things are not done as he wishes.

70.All I do is give you a message of what IS going to occur and what is going to save you.

72.My message is not to frighten you. My message is to only show you the love My Father has for you.

73.It is only to show you that out of love is the only way to the Light. And the Light is your only salvation.

74.For I am the Light. I am the Son. I am the one who is in between. And you know Me by many names, for I have been in all who have taught the presence of God, and taught about the Father and what he can do, and the love that he has. I have been in all who have done this. I have been there.

75.I have been called many names. AND IT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE WHAT NAME YOU CALL ME. You just must hear the Word, believe the Word, accept the Word, and come unto Me. For my promises are absolute. They will not be taken back. You can live forever.

76.So I do not come to tell you names of people, I do not come to tell you times and dates, and this and that, and to and fro, because, again, that is just like man who is a straw in the wind. He wants something substantial so he goes here and there, and there and here.

77.And truly, there is nothing substantial in all creation except one thing…… the love of God. It is ultimate.

78.But you can’t find it, for you do not know how to ACCEPT it. That is why you run to and fro. That is why you are so, so wrapped up in your own being, your own things.

79.Again, I say unto you, listen to your heart, for you do not create anything. Nothing you do, you do yourself. Everything you are, everything you do, every bit of air you breathe, every bit of water you drink, every bit of food you consume, the Father has given you. He has provided all.

80.You have done nothing. But you sit back and all you can do is “ I, I, I, I, I”. You have taken the Temple of God, and you say, “Nay this is not the Temple of God, it is the Temple of man. Man is this Temple”.

81.“There is the Temple of God, the one I have built with its big spirals to the sky and its big crosses on the top, and it’s big pretty windows and pretty doors and its stonework and its carvings, and all its pretty pictures, THAT is the Temple of God.”

82.Nay, I say unto you that is the Temple of Man. That is the Temple that man has built. Man built that for his own ego.

83.For you are the Temple of God. God has made you in his own image. God has made you with all things He has created for you. You are the Temple of God, not the building you make for him, not the things that you do like this for him, that you say that you do.

84.For this is what you do. You create your own Kingdom on Earth. You do not acknowledge the Kingdom of God for you are God’s Temple. You are made in God, everything you do is for Him. Everything you do though, is for you, not for Him. You say, “I have created, I have done.”

85. And time after time, my Father has given you prophets that have gone through the land and spread his word, and they are at his side. And they will be at his side for ever and ever.

86.There are prophets that were given to you that went unto you and built their own Temple on Earth to themselves. These prophets will be judged. These prophets will be destroyed in their own greed for they did not take the Word of God and use it for God. They used it for their own perversions, their own materialistic gain. They did not give unto God what is truly God’s.

87.All God wanted, all I wanted, all the things that there are, are through him. And the main things that man had to do, was walk through the land and spread the word and turn the hearts and get them to look to the Heavens and get them to acknowledge the Father.

88.They did not need the big fancy spiral buildings with the lights flashing and the crosses above and the balls and all the beauty they could create and say,” That is that. Come unto the Temple of God.” They did not need this.

89.They could have gone to the forest and the trees, and been more with God than in this fancy building.

90.The trees, the Temple of God that God has created to man, and the majesty of the Earth, they could have come and fell on their knees in this, and been more with God than any of these fancy buildings, fancy Temples, fancy things that were all built, because none of them were built, truly, truly built to God, to give unto God what is God’s.912.They were built to enhance the power of man, to establish MAN’S kingdom on Earth, and it is not man’s kingdom, it is GOD’S KINGDOM. For you are the Temple of God.


92.And there are so many people in this time and in olden times that did pervert the Word of God. They were chosen by God and by me through the Everlasting Spirit that is on Earth.

93.And we have chosen people to go out and spread the word. Most all did as they were told. Most all did as the prophecy that they saw.

94. Some did not. Some became mired in their own being, in their own things, in their own perversions.

95.There have been prophets of old, prophets of new, there have been prophets of the latter-days, and there are prophets of today. There are prophets which will spread the word that do not look to establish a kingdom of their own, only look to establish a Kingdom of God to come unto him with the love that they have.

96.There are other prophets who are trying to establish their own kingdoms again, among you. There are prophets that were sent and established their own kingdoms among you. For they only believe in what THEY DO. And they say unto you, “See what I have done in the name of God. All these wonderful things, wonderful, wonderful things I have done”.

97.This again is the perversion of man. For again it is what they see, what they touch, and they use the perversion of man to gain more and more and more unto themselves. This is NOT the Kingdom of God.

98.The Kingdom of God is Love. The Kingdom of God is Being. The Kingdom of God is giving. The Kingdom of God is loving ALL, and that is ALL.

99.Not only mankind, but every creature that is on Earth. Every plant that the Earth puts forth, every leaf of the tree, and blades of the grass, every fish of the sea, and every bird of the air, this is the Kingdom of God and this is what you should love.

100. And loving this is the Kingdom. For love is the essence of all being. Love is the greatest gift from my Father that He has bestowed upon men. LOVE IS ALL.

101.And this is one of the main things that you must understand. You must LOVE, you must BELIEVE, you must have FAITH IN YOURSELF.

102.For there are many, many people today whose hearts are of stone. They are so hard that I say unto you, brothers, sisters, children of my flock, you will not be able to break this stone even with the strongest hammer you have for they are so hard.

103.They have taken the fires that I have lit in their bowels and they have taken the fires and turned them into pillars of ice. So they say unto you, “I have the fire of God in me. Touch it, touch it.”

104.And you touch it, and you feel it. And oh it burns. But this is the burning of the ice that they have inside themselves, not the fire. For the (spiritual) fire does not burn, it warms. It loves.

105. It does not sting and burn the skin. Only ice does this. And their black hearts that they have, spit forth venom. And it spits forth perversions. And it spits all these things forth. And when it comes out of their mouth, it is forked and it comes out and it has a double meaning.

106.And you accept it. You take it in, and you say, “Oh, how right he is. He has got to be the one I listen to.” And he is the one-that-is-not. For he corrupts everything and he corrupts it through you.

107.You are his tool. You are his being. You are the only one he can do things through. And he does all through you.

108.You can cast him out. You can throw him down. You can say unto him, “Go. Leave. Do not come back and enter the Temple for this is the Temple of God, and in God’s name, through his son, Jesus Christ.” And I tell you this, he will go. He will leave. He will not pervert you.

109.But you must do this all the time, for he will come back. And he will knock at your door, and he will say, “I am a good stranger. Let me in.
110.And you must know him when you see him, for he will come back time after time after time, until he is totally destroyed. And he will try to enter your Temple. And the Temple doors should be locked unto him, for he should not be allowed to enter.

111.And you will know when you see him. And you will know when you hear him. You will know. For there will be a voice inside you say, “Lock thy doors and thy windows.” (And you) lock all the things that you have down and say, “Nay, nay, go away from the Temple of God. For God dwelleth here and he wants none of that. FOR GOD IS ALL. GOD IS EVERYTHING. He does not want anything from you, who-is-not.” And he will go. And he will go and leave you alone.

112.But watch for him, for he will be back. For he needs you for his own existence. For if all men did this, he would not exist. He would not be. He would be back to where he is not. And he would be not from now until all Eternity.

113.This you must understand. These are the things you have to do. I do know that with all of your learning, with all of the things that you can see, and all of the things you can touch, I preach to you. I give to you the message. I tell you of the things you cannot touch, that you cannot see, and MUST BELIEVE.

114.This is hard for you, for you are a being of material things. You are a being of substance. You are a being of what I can touch and see and it is so, so hard for you to believe, and I mean truly, truly, truly believe in something that you cannot see and touch.

115 But you must, must, remember, and look into your hearts for when your hearts are open, you will see my Father in all things.

116.You will see him in the lofty mountains. You will see him in the covered forests. You will see him in the open plains. You will see him in the cities. For he is everywhere, also as I am. And you will see him, because he created all. And you will see all of this, for it is there to see. You can touch the trees. You can touch the flowers. You can touch the mountains. You can touch all the things he has for you. And you can reach your hand up to the stars and to the Heavens, and you can feel them. You can feel them come into you, for you are part of God and the Temple of God.

117.And God gives unto you all the things there are.

118.These are the messages I have for you. I can tell you many, many, things. I can tell you of times gone by, and times in the future. I could, but I will not, because my Father has said, “you should not tell them these things.”

119.For all these things that you (the reader) will do,”. And if you say all these things to them, they will say, “Surely, you are what you say. Surely you are this. We will come to you and worship you.”

120.And it is like giving the choice morsel of food that they can taste, choice drink that they can drink, and giving them the expensive gifts. And they say unto you, “you must be who you say, because you give me all these good things.”

121.NAY, that will not be the way. You will not give them these things, for they must come to you out of open hearts, trust in themselves, belief in you and in the Love of God which is in them, and (they) will know it is true. They must do this themselves, so you will not tell these things. You will not do these things for man.

122.Man has a choice now to do for himself. Man has that great choice. He will NOT be shown the miracle of old. He will not be shown the burning bush. He will not be shown the fire that does not burn.

123. He must see all this within himself. He must look and say, “I see this. I feel this. I know this.” For what he knows he knows. What he feels, he feels. What he loves, he loves.

124.And he will come forth and he will say, “I believe in the Father and the Son. And I DO know the Father and the Son. And I want to be with the Father and the Son and be in the Light, for I am good, I am a Temple of God, and I know that I dwell in the Heavens with them.“

125.It is time for man to stop looking to the past to all things that do not concern him any more, for he cannot change the past. For he cannot change what is here now. But he can change the future.

126. The things that happen in the past, happened. They are there and will be there always. .But yeah, I say unto you, leave the past alone, for the past has taken care of itself. Look to the future.

127.Look to the Time of Now, and do what you have to do.

128.There are things that you are to know. There are things you are not to know. There are things that you can (not) comprehend, for you will not allow yourself to.

129.You can understand everything. You can understand all. You can be all, but you will not allow yourself to do this, for you have put your own limitations on you. There are none. But you have applied them to you.

130. Now is the time that you must break these limitations. Take away the things you have put upon you, that you have manifested in you, yourself. And look into the power that you truly have.

131.Look into the things that God has given you and cast out the things that man has given you. For all things that man has given you are corrupt. Only the things that God has given you are pure, are the things you must keep.

132.When I talk of things to come, I talk of things that may be. Things that will be, things that could be. I talk of all these things, to show you that you do have a choice.

133.You have a mission. You do have a being. You do have a purpose. I tell you all these things, so that you will know this. But I do not dwell in the past.

134.I tell you of the prophets before me, through me, after me. I tell you of the prophets of man. I tell you that there are new prophets. There are New Age prophets, there are Awakened prophets, there are Enlightened prophets in the world today. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE.

135..Few will listen, a few are listening, but there are some, but they know not what to do. There is no togetherness of all these people to listen to all these prophets, because they are scattered everywhere.

136.Man must come together. Man must come together from all corners of the Earth. Man must come together in one mind, one body, and one purpose. And they must come together from all walks of life, all the people of the world, they must come together as one and receive the power and glory of all the Heavens.

137. For scattered out like sands of the seas and specks of salt in the ocean, they, in turn, cannot come together as one, and cannot receive the glory of Heaven.

138. For the power is generated in the multitude. The power is generated through the masses.
139.The power is generated from one mind, one body, and one purpose.

140.And when man comes together it is the power of the Universe.

141.It will be like living with the Father in Heaven with all the powers of the Heavens and Galaxies. And all the power of the higher, higher, higher, higher beings.

142.But man must do this for God will not. Man must do all. Man must be.

143.Man must be one in body, one in mind, and one in purpose, and all of this IS God. The LOVING, the CARING, the BELIEVING, in all things that he has created. And all things that he has done.

144.And giving unto God what is God’s, for this I say unto you, this is what has to be done to see the Kingdom and to have Everlasting Life that has been promised to you.

145.I was very sad the other day, and tired. I was tired because I was going everywhere trying to give messages, trying and trying and trying to open the hearts of man. It is hard. It takes all my energy to do this. There are times that I am very sad. There are times that I weep for you. There are times that I rejoice in you. There are times when I am totally exhausted with you.

146.But there is no time, never from the beginning of time, til the end of all Eternity, that I will not love you. For you are part of me. You are part of the Father. And that is the thing that does all, in the Love.

147.Now, you continue to want things from the past. You continue to want things from the future, to make your substance more, to make you feel more of where you are at, in your time.

148. I do have a message. I do have something that must be said. I do have a message for all in what I am saying, but this message is another message I have. And I have it for one. He will know of whom I speak. He will know of what I say, and he will know in his heart that it is true. For there are great things for him if he will only listen and he will only do what he knows in his heart is right.

149.For you see, many years ago, there was a young prophet. He was a prophet of God. He was a prophet. He was a prophet to the Earth. He had lived before. He had done other things. He was with me. He went forth.

150. He took my words. He established HIS Kingdom on Earth. He was lost. He came unto me and asked forgiveness. He came and was accepted. And he asked forgiveness from the Father and he was accepted. And he sat with my Father. And he came back for another chance. He said, “ I would like another chance to do”. He had been given another chance. He was given another chance.

151.He was a young prophet. He was told what to do. He was given all types of things from my Father. He was given things that no man has been given since. He was given things from Him. He had the Word of God in him. He was told what to do. Things were interpreted for him. And all these things were from God. And God said unto him, “Do these things in my name. Go forth to the people and tell the people that God is real. God is love. God is everywhere.”52.He went forth and he told a few, and he told a few. And a few said unto him, “If God gave all this to you, you must be a God.”

152. And he said, “Nay! No! It is FROM God.” But he HEARD this. He did not cast out the one-who-is-not. He accepted the words that they said. And they continued to get larger and larger. And he went out and established a Kingdom.

153. The first Temple he built unto God, he was feeling the love of God and he built it, and he created it, and he got the blessings. And he said, “Truly, truly, they are from God and I am a God.”

154. And he went forth to teach and started to teach more! And he established. He did the same as before. He established a Kingdom for himself, not a Kingdom for God

155. And therefore, the things that he did were taken back. They did not flourish in the name of God, but in his name. And he was taken*, for he did not do what he was told and what he had promised God he would do.
And he was taken* Sam told us this was a reference to John the Baptist who was to go before the Messiah and proclaim him as the Son of God, but John continued his own work, building his own kingdom instead, making it most awkward for Jesus to proclaim himself. John also loved to argue, to prove himself right. Because John was not doing what he had covenanted to do, he caused an argument with the King and lost his head. He was “taken”.
156.For there is a covenant between God and his prophets. There is a thing that they do and that they give unto him and they worship him.

157.Now I say unto you, this is happening again. This prophet in turn asked for forgiveness and it was granted, and he sat with the Father, and he has come back again to try and try and learn the lesson, to learn that lesson of humility, to learn the lesson that all things are created from God.

158.But yea, I say unto you, you know who you are. I do not have to give names, because down deep you know what I am saying is true. That you are falling away AGAIN.

159.You are falling away again due to the things you did before. You do not believe that the Temples and everything that has been created, is God, is not you. You think that you have a Kingdom on Earth.

160.No! I SAY, to you, it is not YOUR Kingdom. It is the Kingdom of God. And how many times do you have to be sent back? How many times will you ask forgiveness?

161.How many times will you come unto me and say, “Please, forgive me, forgive my soul, forgive me for what I do, for I listen to the one-who-is-not and he puffed me up, and he said unto me, “you are a God. Have your Kingdom, have your church, have your people worship you.”

162. How many times will you not listen? How many times will you only listen to the one-who-is-not.

163.You have promised. You have the covenant. You have done all these things. My Father has forgiven you time after time.
164.But I say unto you, look at your heart. Drop all of these things of “I am, I was, I will be”, and say, “My Father what will I be? What am I?”, and say unto him, “I am only what you will me to be.”

165.For you are NOT……. HE IS.

166.You must learn these lessons this time. You cannot continue in the path that you are. For I say unto you, that you will be destroyed again. You were destroyed before. You were destroyed after. And you will be destroyed again, unless you learn your lesson. It must be learned!

167.For you know in your heart that what I say is true. You know that all these things have come to pass. And when you are at a point in your existence, that you love YOU more that you love GOD, you have NOT learned your lesson! Your ego swells. Your ego is there. Your ego is running you now. And it is telling you, you have done all these things, you have done all these things in the past. ALL these things are you in the future.

168.I say unto you, NO!!! NO, they are not yours. You are nothing. GOD IS ALL.

169.And when you finally realize that your Father is everything that there is, and that you are nothing, and everything belongs to him, and raise up your eyes and your voice, and your love in praises of him, then you will have what he has promised you, for you do know that all time comes to an end and all things come to an end, all of your days come to an end. And the Kingdom that you’re working on, in your name, is your established Kingdom on Earth that you want for you.

170. I say unto you, “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” The Kingdom on Earth is the Kingdom of God. You are the Temple of God. Everything must be done unto Him….. NOT UNTO YOU!

171.For God is the Creator of all. He gives you everything that you have. Being. Substance. He gives you all of the things and the tools and the things that you use for the creation of all of the things that you do, but you must acknowledge HIM.

172.There are many, many blessings for you. Many, many things that could come to pass, but you must drop your hard heartedness. You must drop the ego. You must stop looking to the past to try to establish your future.

173.Your future is established in you. You have the power. You have the promise. You have the knowledge.

174.You have what God has given you to succeed in what you want to do….. if you want to. If you want the pureness, if you want the Light, if you want the Love, it is there.

175.But also, the other is there too, and you have to lock the doors of the Kingdom to it. You have to shut the windows and bar them. You have to close it out. You cannot just say, “Well, I will leave the window open so that I can look upon it, or I will let it by the front door on the porch so it can sit there and rest in the shade. I am good so I will do this.”

176.Nay, I say unto you, you must lock all doors. You must lock all windows and you must say, “Leave, leave in my name and my Father’s name and do not come back to this house anymore.”

177.This is what I say to you and you will do good things. But you must put down the things that you have now. And you must stop going to the past. Stop wanting in the future what you had in the past, for it will be naught.

178.For what was established in the past was good at the start, and it was perverted. YOU helped to pervert it.
179.Now is your chance to establish a Kingdom of God in the name of God for God. You, as a prophet, are to teach and teach people. But you are not God. You are not Jesus. You are only a prophet of God. ONLY a prophet.

180.YOU DO NOT ESTABLISH THINGS IN YOUR NAME. You do not say, “I created this. This is mine. I put the stone upon stone after stone. I built it”.

181.You must say,” Father, I will place the stone here for you. I will place the stone there for you.” And Father will give you the strength to place the stone and give you the strength to build. And you will say unto him, “Thank you, Father, for you have built the most beautiful thing in the world.”

182.And this will be true. For all things are done from the Father. All things are done in this manner. All things must be done in this manner for true salvation, for true being, for true loving. This is the way it must be.
183.It cannot be, “Look Father, what I have built for you.” You have built NOTHING. You are NOTHING. You are only what he gives you.
184.I do not feel that you will understand all that I am saying to you, for your heart is hardening, your ego has taken over and it is running you. Your heart is not running you. If your heart was, it would not be hardening,

185.And many say unto you things, but you do not listen, you sit back and say, “This cannot be, for I have not been told. I am the messenger.” And the harder your heart becomes, the less and less and less messages you shall receive.
186.You are at a great point now.
187.But I say unto you, unless you change and go back to the way that you were, pure in heart, only seeking the things of God, that God has given, only acknowledging Him in the true manner, leaving the past be, you will lose all those who are around you. You will lose all the things that mean anything. You will only keep unto you the ones who have not, the ones that are not, the ones who believe not.

188.For you do have people around you, that do believe in only what they can see and only what they can touch, that they are not true believers in God and God’s word. They only speak the words, but they do not feel the words.

189.For God is ultimate in all things. God does all. God sees all. God is all, but they do not acknowledge this. Truly, they say things that are not so. They say what they feel you want to hear, not what they believe.

190.And you do have people that doubt, doubt, doubt, doubt, question, question, question, question, question. This is all negative. This all does thing to bring you down. This puts the ideas in your head, “that this it is not so because I have not done this”, “this is not so because I have not seen it”.

191.No, I say to you, this is not the way it is. The way it is, is the way I say, and what I tell you. The way it is, you must, YOU MUST come unto God through ME in the LIGHT, believing and loving in HIM, NOT IN YOU. For everything I say again unto you, to open your heart, for everything is created from God. God is All.

192.And I do weep for you now. For you have been sent back time after time. You have been forgiven time after time. But you learned your lesson not. You do not learn from what you know. You do not learn from what you feel.

193.You only learn from the ones who speak to you that you should not listen to. You must open your heart, open your mind, for I say unto you that your mind is closed, and your heart is closed. You say unto yourself, “I know it all. I am right. I am doing it all. I do this. I do that.” And you do nothing.

194.These are the things I say to you. You will know that what I say is true.

195.You will feel anger. You will not believe. You will not say it is true. You will say it is a lie. You will feel hurt, but I say unto you, take this with love. Take this from thy Father and listen to it and listen to it and listen to it.

196. And your heart will know that it is right. That you will know that it is good. You will know that it is only given out of love that I have for you, for you have such great things in store for you and great things to do.

197. But you must do as I say and shut the doors and windows to the one-who-has-not.

198. All I say unto you, listen to the message I have given you, for the message is as important as the water you drink, the food that you eat, and the air that you breathe, to sustain your own life. If you want to live, you will listen to the message, and come unto Me for I am the Light and the way of all salvation.

200. And the water will purify you.

201.Anyone who comes believing in me, with faith in his heart, and is purified in the water cannot be destroyed. The water does purify. You should have no fear of the water for these in true heart, the water will add to your being.

202.Only the ones that do not believe or do not accept, do not hear the word in their hearts, the water will only bring out the fears that you have. It will not cleanse, for there is doubt in Me, doubt in my Father and doubt in the wisdom of the Word so it will only bring out more doubt.

203.For they must come into it, with an open mind, and open soul, and a belief in me and my Father, knowing that all things come from Him, through me to you.

204. Those with a hard heart, you have many things to learn. And all of the time that we have given you, will have gone for naught. We have left you alone with the Word, with the power, with all things that my Father has given you and you do not see them. You do not see what he has given you.

205.For my message to you is to drop all the shell that you have created around you, all of these sacrilegious (things) that ye do, the control that you feel that you have over everything, because you have control over nothing. You may think you do. You may believe you do, but you do not.

206.For my Father can change anything at anytime, anywhere. He can change it if he so desires, so you have no control over anything at all, unless you believe in Him and in his word and in his Kingdom and do everything with love. And then you will have power over all. You will have the greatest power of all and that it the power of protection.
207.For you shall live forever.

208. I give this message. I will continue to give this message until all man has come unto me, or all man has been destroyed.

209.For it is the message of the Father, and the Father says spread the message. Tell my people, I am here. Tell my people I love them. Now is their time, and if they cannot come unto me now, they will surely die.

210.For the domain of the one-who-has-not and is-not is very vast and very empty. And he is waiting for those souls that rejoice in him and he is waiting for you. For he knows that in the Everlasting Death, that you will be with him.

211.He thinks that if he has you with him, he will have a Kingdom, but he will have not, for he-is-not, he-has-not. He only has through your being now. And when you go with him, if you choose, you will have not, you will be not, therefore all of you are not.

212.So remember this, all the things that you have, are given to you by the Father. All the things you have, are given to you in the name of love. All the things that you have, were bestowed upon you in the abundance that they are, so that you will know that the FATHER IS THE FATHER and I AM THE SON. And YOU ARE THE ONE IN HIS IMAGE, and you have substance.

213.But if you choose the other path, you will have not. You will have no substance. You will have nothing, because he does not have anything and he giveth nothing. He only takes and he takes, and he takes .But when there is nothing to take, there is nothing.

214. So remember, you will be nothing, with nothing, in nothing, but I say to you, that is the other side of the veil. That is the other side of all good and all positive things. For like attracts like. Good attracts good. Evil attracts evil. Evil must corrupt good in order to exist at all, at this time, for it exists through you.

215.there is not much time left. All things are happening all over. There is change on Earth. There is change in the Heavens. There are changes on the Planes of Eternity. There are changes in the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens.

216.And it will come to pass, that all things here will change also. The Earth will change. Man will change. All will change. For if it doesn’t, it will not exist.

217. Hear what I have to say, and know only these things are told you with love in my heart for you, sadness in my heart for you, joy in my heart for you, knowing that I care and my Father cares.

218.And all these things are brought to you from him. For he is with you, as I am. He is the ALL. And he can be anywhere at any time at all or any place on Earth or Heaven. Or he can be at all places at all times, FOR HE IS ALL.

219.You put so many limitations on Him, for you put limitations on yourself. So therefore, you believe that these things have to be with Him. For man limits man, GOD does not limit anything. You limit yourself, and in so doing, you try to limit God. So that is your own mind, you do limit God but if the truth be known, you do not limit ANY GOD. You only limit yourself in what your beliefs are. That holds you back.

220.You do not learn, you do not seek, you do not inquire, you do not have an open mind, and open structure to all things, that are created for you.

221.For I say unto you, you have hardened your hearts and souls and bodies and minds, S-O-O-O-O, SO much that it is like a pillar of iron, and I say unto you, the only thing that will consume iron is fire, and it will consume iron and it will consume you.

222.And these two fires, the fire of love can consume and destroy the iron and bring you wonderful, wonderful things, and the second fire is just like the fire in the bowels of the Earth which will totally destroy and consume all things in its own right.

223.For the Earth created the iron. The Earth did all things as such, and it can destroy all things, for you must know again that God created the Earth, and he created the Earth as it is. God did blow the Breath of Life into the Earth also, which the Earth’s life is a life that God created.

224.And the Earth’s life is such as yours. It lives and lives and can live forever, but you had dominion over all things on the Earth. Even as such, you had dominion over the Earth because you were placed upon it to exist, to live, and thrive, and do, and work wonderful, wonderful things, and give unto God what is God’s.

225.And all these years you were given the Way but you chose the other, and you have lost all of these things that were given to you. Therefore, the Earth will take care of itself, because you cannot have dominion over it any longer, because you do not understand it.

226.Only when you come back into the order, come back into the love of all things, will you understand the Earth and know what there is there, and it will know you and it will give unto you what you need.

227.And you will give unto the Earth what is the Earth’s. And you will live in harmony together, such as all things on the Earth, all animals on the Earth, all birds in the air, and fish in the sea. We will live in harmony.

228.But you must come into the Light, come into the order of all things with love in your hearts, faith in the belief in God and the Son of God, and the belief that mankind can be saved, because it can be.

229.You can start this yourself, for all man is the Temple of God. All man has everything that God has given him, and now is the time to give unto God what is God’s and recognize the fact you are made in his image, through Him, under Him, and only though his grace do you exist.

230. And acknowledge this, and come unto me, into the Light and you will be with your Father. This I promise, this he promises, and all I am is what He gives me, all I do is what He says, for He is and always will be.

He loves you all.