sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015† by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

≠Chapter 13

TAPE 5-29-87

Help You Find The Way vs 2
Spread My Word vs 3
Baptism vs 4-5
You Are Trying vs 6
one-that is-not vs 8-15
He will Know The Power vs 9
And Not Return vs 10
Be Baptized Again vs 16
Order/Out Of Order vs 21-46
Everlasting Life Is The Order of All Things vs 24
Negative Force vs 30
His Domain vs 39
Creation vs 46
Your Planet Is Unique vs 50
Your Limitations vs 54
I have seen GOD vs 56
pg 5 missing
When you Live in the Light in Order Prophecy
Ascension Order of all things
Order of Man and Woman
Order of All Things
Now is the time for your Choice Prophets, Angels and Free Spirits on Earth
Order is not by Chance
Problem of the Question

1.I am here to tell you of wondrous things.
 I am here to tell you of all of the things that you dream of.
 I am here to tell you of all the LOVE that you have always looked for.

2. I am here to help you find the Way, for the time is at hand that you must find the WAY.
For the time is at hand that you must find THE WAY.

3.You MUST spread my Word.
You MUST give my teachings.

4.When I am speaking to you, I am speaking to the ones that hear me now.
The ones I am talking through.
The ones I am talking to.
 The ones who are working with me, in me.

4.Go, go Sunday, if there is a baptism, and be baptized.
For you will feel my Spirit in you.
It makes no difference who baptizes you.
 It makes NO difference who covers you with the water.
 For I will be with you, in you, therefore you will be purified.

5.You do not need anyone special to do this.
 Go and see and feel, and look into your heart.
 And if it is right, say to them, "May I be baptized too in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Everlasting Spirit that is on Earth in us?".
 Do this and you will be blessed for I promise this.

6.For you are doing good.
You are trying.
You are trying to hear.
You are trying to believe.
You are trying to do, and that is what I ask.
For in this, you are doing things for me, through me, for the Father.
You are believing in me, and you are believing in Him.
You will be rewarded. OH, will you be rewarded!

7.There will be LOVE in you.
There will be contentment in you, a contentment that you have never known.
 There will be a fire in you.
There will be the knowing of what you know can not be changed.

8.And any time you feel the one-who-is-not, call unto me for I will be there with you.
 And I, through you, will cast him out.

9And he will know your power.
He does know the power of my Father and the power of me.
And when you call me, he will know, and he will leave.
He will leave like a thief in the night.

10.And he will not return, for he will know the power that you have.
 And the power will not be corruptible.

11.For you are good in me,
and you do good, and you LOVE in me and my Father.

12.Therefore, when he comes, and you call on me, he will know you dwell with US, and you are with US and you do for US.
He will know and he will leave.
He will know

13.He will try to corrupt all those around you,
so they do not believe, they do not listen, they do not hear
14.But this is the way it is.
They must tell him to leave.
For if they do not, they will be corrupted in him.
 If they do tell him to leave, they will hear.
 They will hear and be blessed.

15.But they must cast him out, also.
Tell all the ones you talk to, all the ones you feel inside are trying to come unto me.
Tell all these.

16.And tell all of the others, so my Word, they have, even though they do not hear,
 tell them to cast him out in my name and my Father's name and be purified again in the water.

17.And they will feel the Presence, and they will start anew.
And they will have a wondrous feeling.
This I promise you.
18.For now is the time that man must do what man must do.
 And I must do what I must do and my Father will do what my Father will do.

19.Now in all things, there is my Father.
 And all the promises He has made, He will keep.

20.The wondrous things that you can have,
and all of the beauties that you behold on Earth,
the beauties that you see in the sky, and the fields, and the seas, and the mountains,
all of the peace and contentment that you feel when your soul is happy.
 All of the ones He has want not for anything, for all is yours.
All is provided for.

21.When everything is in order and comes to order, NOTHING WANTS FOR ANYTHING, for it is all there.

22.All things come to order.
All things in the Universe.
 All things in the Heavens.
 All things around my Father.
All things through my Father come to order.
You see, order is the way life is.

23.The way Everlasting Life is.

24.For Everlasting Life is the order of all things.

25.For you are part of Him, and you are part of the energy that He gives you.

26.And energy, as such, is the order of creation.
It exists, will always exist, in order.
But when it is out of order with all things, it does not exist.


28.And when there is an energy that is out of order, then the energy will be put aside to make the order complete.
This energy then becomes the negative type of energy that destroys all things.

29.For everything in the Universe, to be, has a main positive force and a main negative force, which are GOOD.

30.The out of order force is the force that is total negative with no positive that is out of order with itself.

31.This force, therefore does no good.
It does not have the goodness in it that is created from the positive in the combining of the negative.

32.And all of the force, as it is combined, completes, and makes one.
It does not have this. It only has one, and when it combines with another force equal to itself, it is two.
 It still is not one, because it does not have the other part of itself.
So therefore it is out of order.

33.And when this occurs, to put things in order, it must be cast out.

34.And all things that believe in the-one-that-is -not, relish in him, and so go on, and do his doing, time after time, are these out of order forces.


36.All things will come to order.

37.All things must come to order.

38.This force, this out-of-order-force, will never have, will never be, will never have nothing, be nothing, in nothing.

39.Even though its domain behind the veil is vast it is like your black hole in space, It is utter nothing.
 It is utter blackness.
It is nothing in nothing, therefore it is nothing.

40.It is like this black hole in many ways, for it must draw into itself all the things around it to exist.
It draws all the things from you, through you.
It only exists through you, for it has nothing of its own.
It exists only to live through you and do what it wants through you.

41.It does have a purpose.
It has its own purpose in destroying you.
Because, it does believe that destroying you and destroying your soul, that it will gain the substance it needs and feeds upon.

42.And if it continues, with all of the souls that it has in its domain,
and all the bodies and all the things that it has learned and all the feeling and possessions that it has got,
 that he is going to have a domain vast with many seats, many crowns, many things that it can look upon and say,
 "My corruption is ultimate.
It is the thing.
It is the order.Ē

43.These are only ideas it has itself.
These are only wishes it has itself.
Because it is telling itself things that it knows ARE NOT TRUE.
 It MUST make itself believe these things, to continue to do the things that it is doing.

44.That's why it speaks with a forked tongue and double meanings,
because it must make you believe the things that it says unto itself, it must believe in order to capture you,
 and to hold you and make you believe.

45.For I tell you that in his Kingdom, there-is-not.
 There-will-be-not. It is nothing, you will be nothing, there will be nothing and it is the Everlasting Death.
It is total (destruction) that I speak about.

46.There are many wondrous things, if you just look around you.
If you look into the Heavens, you want to put limitations on the Heavens.
 Itís hard for you to say that the Heavens never end, that the sky is forever.

47.I am here to tell you that not only is there your Heaven and your sky,
but there is another Heaven and another sky and another Heaven and another sky.

48.And there's Heavens, Heavens, Heavens.
For ALL through the scope of creation, there are these things.

49.And all through the whole creation of the Universe and the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, nowhere is there anything that is exactly alike.
You are unique in yourself.

50.Your planet is unique in the Universe, for it fills the spot that itís in.
 Your planet is unique, for it has a spirit of ITS OWN.

51.Things may look alike, but they are not alike.
 For everything, even in the Universe is its own unto itself.
Therefore it is unique in its place.

52.This is the order of all things.
If this was not meant to be, you would all look alike,, everything that you had, would be alike.
 All the trees would be alike.
 The fish alike in the sea, and the birds alike in the air.

53.But this is not so, for you are unique in your own right.
 Everything in the whole Universe is unique in its OWN

54.So do not put your limitations on this.
Do not put your own ideas that this is the way it has to be, for I, say to you, NO!
 This is not(the way it is.).

55.Everything is unique in its own right.
Everything has no limitations.
You only have the limitations you place upon yourself for yourself.
And every other person only has the limitations that he applies to himself.

56.So when someone-comes up and says, "I have seen God. I have talked with God."
 Believe him.
 Why should you say unto him, "No you have not, for I have not.Ē
For you cannot see Him, therefore you are putting your limitations on him.

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The stone will be crushed to dust and spread over the land.
There will be no place that the nonbeliever can hide, and dwell on this Earth for he will be destroyed.

. But there is the promise, that anyone who comes into the Light, believing in Me and believing in God and asking for forgiveness,
 with good in their heart, WILL BE SAVED.
They will endure.
 They will live in the Light.
 They will not be destroyed by it for the Fire of Protection will protect them.

The Fire that Protects All will surround them and keep all of the fire that destroys out.

For the Light will be two.
For the Light will be one.
It will come with both forces.
It will have the force of the fire that will destroy all.
And will also have the force of the fire that will save all.

And only the ones, who truly believe, will be saved by that fire.

The others who will not believe, who continue in their perversion, who continue to fight, continue to pervert, continue to do the things they have been told not to do, will be forever destroyed by the Fire of Destruction.

 And it will come unto Earth and it will make Earth anew, if Earth does exist.
 For all will be made anew.
You will be made anew who believe.
For when you are in the Light, all will be made anew.
 You will be purified by the Light.
 You will be transcended by the Light.
You will know your place with the Father by the Light.
You will know all things.

For when you live in the Light, you will be all things also in Him.
 He has given this to you.
And at that time, you will see all, know all, and be all yourself, for you will be with Him.
You will have the power that He has and you will have the Power over Everlasting Death.

You will not need to die.
You will have power over it.
 You will have the power to maintain as you are.
You will have the power to change you, as you are.

You will have the power to go where you want when you want.
You will not have to look for anything to travel on, for you will travel yourself.
You will not need the conveyances you have today

There are so many wondrous things.
You will be able to speak, and your voice will be heard all over the world.
You will not need to open your mouth, for your words will still be heard by everyone.

For you know that what you think is heard.
When you pray, it is heard.
 What you think in your mind is heard, and it will be heard all over the world and you will not even have to open your mouth.

You will be able to think a thought and it will be.
For you wll have this power and you will know.
You will know all of these things.
You will know that now is the time, that you must do this NOW.
You know this now.
For these are the things to come if you do.
Everything on Earth will be made new and it will be pure.
And all of the things that you enjoy today such as the drink of cold brook water that is so pure, will be there for you to enjoy.
For enjoyment is part of the being.

And you are a being and you will be a being in your own right.

There will be wonderful morsels to taste, for all will be there.
There will be wonderful things to do, and wonderful enjoyment for you.
 Enjoyments will be from now to the end of Eternity.
 For you see, experience, good experience is the life.
It gives you energy.
It gives you power.
It gives the Father power and energy.
For good creates good.
Good does good.
Good is positive and it generates its own source of power.

But evil is negative.
Evil does destroy.
Evil saps up the power from the positive.
So in the time to come the negative will not be.

Only the positive and the negative that become ONE will be.
The other destructive type will not be

The negative that is out of order with itself, will cease to be.

And in this time, the joys, the happiness, the things of good and love that is in you,
will come forth and build your strength and build the Fatherís strength, and endure forever and ever and ever.

You will not have the sicknesses that you have now.
For those that you create will not be any longer created.
That all of these things cannot exist in an order.

And if you are in order, through yourself, with me and your Father, loving all things, these things do not exist.

They are all contrary to everything in the Universe, everything in the Heavens.
They are contrary to everything on Earth, but they do exist, for you exist.
 And you are contrary in your state now.

So I tell you of these wondrous things that you will have.
The wondrous things that you can do, the wondrous things and the joy of seeing, and the LOVE that will be there for you IF you truly want it.

But you must give up what you are doing NOW.
You must cast out all the I am, I am, I am, ... I want, I want, I want, ... I have, I have, I have,Ö
and look to where the truth is.
 And that truth is inside of you.
The truth is the Word.
The loving is in the Word.
The promises are in the Wor

Look inside yourself.
 Believe in the Word.
Believe that I am the son of God and God is thy Father and I sit in between,
and come unto me to receive your Fatherís blessings.

For He has many to give you, many promises that He does want to keep.
Many, many things for you, many more than you will ever, ever know.
 Oh, how many things you will receive.

For at the time when you live in the Light and the wondrous things you can do,
 and the dominion over Earth and all other things on the Earth that you shall have again,
you will know the harmony that there is for you, and the happiness there is for you,
 and all who exist in this and the happiness of the Earth, you will feel.

For the Earth will be like a soft glove caressing you, saying unto you, "I am here. You are over me.
We exist together, with loving and caring for one another."

You will not need all of the things that you have today for the Earth will take care of you.
You will not be too hot.
You will not be too cold
 The wind will not push you to and fro.
 All will be taken care of, when you are in harmony with one another in the Light.

There will be NONE of the things that man has today in the form that they are today, that he has polluted.
They all will be gone.
Things will be made anew
There will be trees but the trees will be different.
Their leaves will be different, but there will be trees.
There will be flowers, but they will be different.
There will be fish in the sea, but they will be different.
There will be birds in the air, but they will be different.
 There will be all things that there are today, but all will be different.

All will be made anew.
There will be a difference in them.
There will be a harmony in them that has not been before.

 There will be a coexistence of all things in harmony with one another in order.

 You will be able to see the other souls on the other stars in their true Light.
You will have such wondrous things.
 And the order of all things in the Heavens, in the Universe, and man and woman are the order of all things.

Man and woman are the order.
For man needs woman to be whole.
Woman needs man to be whole.

And by doing this, they keep the order.
For man only can do what man can do without woman
 But through woman, his being, his soul is brought into her.
They are bonded as one.
And between the two, through the power of God, they can conceive another.

 And that new can bond with another and become one from the two. And so on.
This is the great destiny, for man and woman bonded together to make the whole.
 For this is the way it is.
This is the order of all things.

When woman says, "I do not need man for anything.
 I am me, and I am what it takes,"
she is only fooling herself, for she does need man to make the whole, to make the two to one.
 Man cannot say he does not need woman for woman is a place in man.
 Man is a place in woman also.
For each of those balance each other.
They become the union.
 Therefore, they are needed.
Man does need woman.
Woman needs man.
They are an equal.
Neither is better than the other.

The sense that man has that he is better, and he is the one, is only given to him by the one-who-is-not.
 For he has told again the forked lies that man believes, for man is no better and no worse than other men.
Man is no better towards all things.
. All are the same, under God.

But I say that you do need each other.
 You do need each other to make the whole, and what is produced from the whole is good.

And always when this union is made, and this bond takes place, does the two become one.
 And the power of the two into one is not just double of the one.
It is a hundred times more because the union has doubled itself into one and the power out of this is tremendous

But man has a tendency to enslave woman.
 He says the Bible says that, "Woman is my helpmate, therefore she should do what all I say.
 He reads this unto himself.
 Woman was put there from parts of man, as it says, to be a person WITH man, not to be a slave, not to be controlled, but to be an EQUAL to man.

And they must do together.
They must be together.
They must look at all things together for their energies are balancing each other.
They are adding to each other.
 They are bringing the order to the state they must be in.
Therefore it is good.
It is good when man and woman come together as one.

My Father has said, that He DOES LOVE ALL OF YOU.
He is in all of you, and He is in man and He is in woman.
 He is in everything on Earth and in the Universe.
And all that He creates is good.
So you are good.
Man and woman is good.
And what comes forth from man and woman is good.

But the order in all things must be maintained.
The order must come to be.

That is why the time is now for you to come into the LIGHT because the order must be brought into the world.
God's order, the order of the Galaxy and the order of all things, must come to be.
 It shall come to be.

It will come to be here on your Earth, or it will be destroyed for it cannot exist out of order

When My Father sees all these things that are going on with you, and your brother and your sister,
 He says," What have I done to deserve all of this? What Have I done?"

And I keep telling My Father," Father, You have done nothing but put good out.
You have done nothing but give them Your LOVE.
 But the one-who-has-not is so strong on Earth, that you have to keep fighting him all of the time."
For all of the senses, all of the things, that you have given them which are all good,
 he has turned all of these things around to suit himself.

So man must cast out these things.
 He must cast out things that does him not.
 He must only look into himself to see what it there, what is there for him, what he can attain if he so desires.

NOW is the time for you.
 Now is the time if you want a future.
Not (in) the future, now is the time.
Now is the time that you must come unto ME, and give unto God what is God's, and through me in the LIGHT you will be saved.

Now is the time, not the future, not the past, but NOW.

Now you are, now you be, not in the past somewhere
 Somewhere in the future some can be, some will be, some will not be.
And maybe all will not be.
That is your choice to make.

This is something that now My Father has said, you must do.
He gives you rewards one way.
He gives you rewards the other way.
One way the rewards you do not like.
The other way, you like these rewards.
But you would rather say, "Father make my choice for me.
 Tell me which way to go and I will go that way.
 You make my choice for me."

And the Father says, "Nay, I will not make that choice for you.
There is the fork in the road.
You must make the choice yourself.
 All I can say unto you is if you make that choice, you make the right choice, the rewards will be great.
And if you make the wrong choice, the rewards will be EVERLASTING DEATH."
It is your choice to make.
Is the perversion that you live in now, worth that?
If it is, to you, take the one road.
If it is not to you, take the OTHER.
 But the choice does have to be made.

And now He says it must be made.
He will not make it for you.
 I will not make it for you.
You must make it yourself.
Your brother can not make it for you.
Your neighbor can not make it for you.
Your sister can not make it for you.
You must do unto yourself.
You must look inside of you to make that choice.
 That choice is yours to MAKE.

The prophets that I have sent on Earth, and the angels that are there on Earth, and the free spirits that are there with you now,
and the EVERLASTING SPIRIT that is-there with you now, cannot make the choice for you.

This is the one time that My Father says you must do something.
 And it HAS to be done by you.
For if you do nothing, the way you are now, you are on the road to Everlasting Death
 And that is where you are.

You must come.
You must believe.
You must ask for forgiveness, and be in the LIGHT.
Come unto Me, and My Father will receive you.
This you must do.

And like I have said, there are many, many places in Heaven, many, many crowns, many, many, seats, where good will be rewarded.
Good deeds will be rewarded.
If not, why do good deeds?
Why do all of these things?
 There are rewards for all in Heaven
. And there will be many that sit at the side of the Father, many that sit at the feet of the Father, and many that move on and sit a little away from the Father.
But they will all be in His domain.
 All be there with Him
. All will see Him.
 All will feel the LOVE and the power that He has.

But many will have better spots by His side, for they have REALLY TRIED.
 They have been true of heart, and have believed and believed the Word and have unto Him.

 This is some of the rewards that are in Heaven.
And there are many, many, many, many, rewards.

So do not put any limitations on Heaven, on My Father, and on Me.
Do not put limitations on anything.
For there are NO LIMITATIONS on ANYTHING in ALL of creation
 The only thing that there is, all things must be in ORDER.
For nothing in creation, in the stars, the Heavens, the Galaxy, can exist without order.
Everything must be placed in its order.

For if it is not, then there is nothing but ALL TYPES of turmoil, all types of trouble, all types of things going on, that is total negative.
 And negative is NOT the order of all Creation.
Not the type of negative that destroys, for it is not the order.

And basically, everything in your life has an order, is in order, the Father, the mother, the child is in order.
 There is order in all.
And if you look at life and look at all the things in the Universe, and at all the things in Creation, you will see an order, and order of all things.
This was not done by chance.
This was done, for it is the way it must be
You have many questions that you want answered.
You want me to tell you how to do, what to do, when to do.
I can not.
I can not answer your questions for you for I have been told by my Father, not to.
Your questions must be answered INSIDE of you, through YOU.
Not through me.

If you have a problem with a question and you call unto me,
 I will help you with the problem of the question to understand the question,
but I will not give you the answer to the question, because it must come from you.
I've given you all the answers from the time in the beginning.

You have the answers in you.
You must come forth now.
You must be responsible for all of the things that you do
 You must be responsible unto yourself.
 You must be responsible unto your Father.

For you yourself are the KEY.
You are the Temple of God.
 God created you in HIS own image, gave you everything that He has got.

That is the way it is now.

are the things that My Father has said.
These are the things that I have to say to you.
 These are the things WE spread to all mankind today.
We tell him look to the Heavens for the Light, for the LIGHT is on the way.
 Look to your heart.
 Look to what you know is true and come forth
. Come forth to the LIGHT and through ME receive you Father.
 That is the WORD.

Look into yourself.
 Open your hearts.
Open your body.
 Open yourself to all these things I say, and you will receive the Glory that the Father has promised.
 For he loves you all and I love you all, forever and ever and ever.