sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Why YOU?
Chapter 14

Why YOU? Vs 1-24
People Are Listening vs 25-37”
The Old Ways Are Changing vs 38
Promises Will Be Kept vs 43-46
It is Odd Today vs 57
Stop To Smell The Roses vs 70
Other Beings vs 47-51
Man Has Grown vs 54
Get The Answers Yourself vs 77-82
YOU Are The Masterpiece
Creation vs 85
The Light Comes Together vs 89
Humanity is Saved vs 95-98
Heaven Is vs 100-101
Man’s Choice vs 111
Rewards Change vs 122
Can Choose His Own Reward vs 133
You are all Leaders in Your Own Right vs 137
You Have Not Learned the Truth vs 145-148
You Will Be Stopped vs 147
The Book Has Truth vs 150-158
My Father’s Spirits are on Earth Today vs 159

1.There are many things you wonder about.
 There are many questions you ask inside.
There are many questions you ask aloud.
There are many things you wonder about.

2.You wonder, “WHY YOU?”

3.You know in your life you have done bad.
You know in your life you have done some good.

4.Therefore you think, "why you?”. "Why me?” ”Why is this being done to me?"

5.Nothing is being done to you.
It is being done through you.

6.You are my Father's son.
 You are part of Him.

7.You are a builder.
You do not destroy.

8.You are such as I was when I was there in that physical form.
 I was a builder.
I worked with my hands.
 I did not go out and sit back in a building with a big desk and have my own throne
and do nothing but cheat, cheat, cheat, destroy, destroy, destroy.

9.I built.
I worked with my hands.|
I worked with the multitudes.
I stayed with my people.

10.You do the same.
And in all the things that you have done, both bad and good, you have never lost your belief in my Father and me.
You have believed totally.

11.For I know this for you have prayed.
And WE have answered all.
And you have accepted all.
So, therefore, why not you?

12.The last prayer you gave, you asked for forgiveness for all of the things that you had done
 You asked to be forgiven, so that you could come on to the Father through me.
13.You were given that chance.

14.But you chose not to take it.
You chose to come back into your form as it is now.

15.You knew WE had a mission for you.

16.But, you did not have to take it.
You could have said, "No, I will dwell with you and my Father and have the happiness there with you."
But, you did not do this.

17.You said unto me, "Anything you want, I will do."
And you knew I needed someone there to help spread my Word.

18.So look into yourself.
Don't listen to the one-who-is-not.
 For he is the one that puts it into your head "why me? why me?"

19.Why not you??? Why not anyone?

20.For I can cast out the bad.
I can only keep the good.

21.But I only choose those who want to do for me,
because I will not choose those who want to do for themselves,
and think they must do for me.

22.For out of your love, you came unto me and my Father and said, "What can I do for you?"

23.That is why you came back.
It was your choice to come back.

24.And you will be so rewarded for these things for WE have promised you.
Your reward in the Heavens will be one of the crowns that are there for you.
And you will sit by the side of my Father with the crown of glory that He has for you.

25.There are great times coming, if you so desire.
If the people of my Flock really, truly want these times, they are there.
 The other is there also.

26.So it is up to them.

27.I am not so sad, for through you and through the others, people are listening.

28.If only one listens and truly believes, that is only one who did not hear before.
 And if he gets one to listen, that's two that did not hear before.

29.And if he gets someone to listen, and if they get someone to listen, the fire has started to go.
And it will burn in everyone's heart.
And it will go through the whole land, as one tells one tells one tells one.

30.And they shall all believe.
For they know the truth when they hear it.
They know the truth when they read it.
They know the truth inside.
So tell everyone.
Show everyone.

31.Do not let the one who would use you for material gain, or gain unto themselves, for their own ego, use you.

32.For my Word is for everyone, not just these few so they can exploit it, they can twist it, they can change it for their own use.
No, it is for everyone.
And everyone must hear it.

33.Things will be provided for.
Ways will be provided for.
Do not worry for things will come to pass.
Only do the things that I have told you to do, in my Name through me, in the words of my Father.

34.There will be many, many, MANY, people who try to put stumbling blocks in your path.
For they only listen to the one-that-is-not. Do not worry.
For all will be taken care of.

35.You have a job to do for me and my Father which you have said out of love you wanted to do for US
 And therefore things will be provided for.

36.And all those who help you, and help you in all ways, will have their reward also.

37.For they do know the truth.
They see the truth.
They feel the truth inside.
And they will have their reward.
For they too believe in me and my Father.

38.The old ways from time in beginning to Time of Now, those ways have changed.

39.Man has changed.
Things have changed.
Even the looks of man has changed to some degree.
40.The looks on the Earth, the way the Earth looks unto man, has changed TREMENDOUSLY.

41.For man has destroyed a lot of the things that the Earth brings forth.
He has destroyed a lot of the Earth.
He has changed things into his own way, and his own way was wrong!

42. There is change there.
So why not change in the way things are????

43.It is such as the promise from thy Father.
He promises the ultimate in both things.

44.You are promised such great rewards if you come unto Him.

45.And you are promised such death if you do not come unto Him.

46.These promises are ultimate.
They will be kept.

47.Man was told in days of old of things in the Heavens.
He was shown different things.
Man, through time, has been shown that there is more to the Heavens, more to the Galaxy, more to the stars.

48.But man has chosen not to see, not to learn.
For it was beyond their whole scope of imagination at that time.

49.They could not imagine Heavens with no end.

50.They could not imagine other beings like themselves, but not like themselves.

51.They could not imagine anything other than their own structure, their own being, and their own limitations.

52.For there is no limitations in Creation.
There is no limitations in the Father.
The Father is all, and Creation is Creation.
And the limitations do not exist!

53.This is only the seed of man in himself, that he has put in himself, by the one-that-is-not, that creates these limitations.

54.Today, man is seeking.
Man has grown in his intelligence
He has grown in his being.
 And he has grown stronger in all respects, especially the respect of doing evil.

55.The evil side of man has grown and grown and grown, right with him.
 He has listened to the negative things.
And he has accepted them more and more and more.

56.His heart is getting harder and harder and harder.
 For as he gains knowledge, as he gains more being unto himself,
more things all through the time of learning and learning and learning,
the more he goes away from things he cannot see,
the more he only believes in the things he can see and touch.
For the more learning he seems to get, the more materialistic he becomes.

57.It is odd in today, and the Time of Now with you,
that man, who in past times, had to see and had to touch to make their judgments on all things;
 who they looked to, they looked to for words.

58.For they told them how things were made, how things were done.
And this was done this way, and this was done that way.
And this star was put there for this, and this star for that, and they believed them.

59.And they placed their limitations on them.
And they accepted them.

60.These with all of their learning have come today in your Time of Now to new understandings,
and have opened up their minds more and more and more,
to the idea that they do not know it all!

61.And for some reason, they cannot find that answer,
because they look to their charts,
 they look to their books,
they look to all of their drawings,
and all of the things that they have learned throughout their time,
and it is NOT THERE.

62.And they can get to that one point of ALL their charts and drawings that they say,
 "This must be."
But they cannot say it, because it has not the answer that they are looking for, because there is NO answer.

63.They shake their heads.
They look and wonder.
They say, "Well, maybe, there is something we do not understand.

64.This is not the way it was in the past.
In the past, they said these things were absolute.
And you believed them.

65.Today, you say, "No, no.
This is the way it is.
This is the way it is to be."
And you have become harder and harder and harder, only learning one path
66.And they, in turn, have become more open and more open, and have wanting to learn BOTH paths.
 For they KNOW that-something is not right.

67.They have done this through their mind.
 But their mind has been open.
 Now if they look into themselves, they will get the answers that they are looking for.
For they are open now on structure.
 They are now open of mind and they can find the truth!

68.But you have gone just the opposite of this.
You have gone the opposite way.
As your learning has increased, you have begun to know more and more and more and more:
you have seen less and less and less and less.

69.And the more you learn, the narrower your path becomes.

70.There are many ways and many things.
And I do love one of your sayings.
And that saying is "you must stop to smell the roses."

71.For the roses bloom, and the roses then give off their scent, their beauty.
Then they wither and then they die.

72.And you do not have time to stop and behold and say, "Look at this wondrous, wondrous thing.
The beauty that beholds from the rose.
And the smell comes and the fragrance is so good."
And you do not take the time to look at all things this way.

73.You do not take the time to take for you.

74.There is time that man must take for himself.
This is the time that he must look into himself.
This is the time that he will feel the good in himself.

75.For man is good.
Man is all, but he must see this.
He must take time to himself.
 He must take time to look into himself and get the answers from within, for all answers are there.

76.You see, there are many, many answers to many, many things.
 And the answers people get within, vary to suit themselves.

77.But the answers will always be the same. For what is right for one, is not right for the other.
78.And what one will accept, the other will not accept. But when they look inside, (for) the way, “Oh this is the answer.” And they accept.
79.The answer is for each one and made unto each one, yet the answer will be the same. It will be the same for each one.
80.So this is what man must do.
He must look into himself.
He must feel all of the things.
He must stop and take time for himself.

81.He must stop to smell the roses.
He must take time to stop and see the trees.
He must take time to stop and say, “What am I doing to me?”

82.For man does all to himself.
No one does anything to him.

83.In his being, he listens to the one-that-is-not, believes in him, and does his things.
But he does it.
God does not do it to him.
I do not do it to him.
He does it unto himself.

84.There are all types of things in Creation that God has created.
They are all good.
They vary, because He has created many, many things.

85.But you, as the Temple of God, are one of the masters of His Creation.

86.For you have all things in Him.
All things that He has given, you have.

87.If only you would come and learn how to use them.

88.They are there.
You are here.
He is here.
I am here.
We are everywhere.

89.People must come together.

90.All the ones, who will want to be saved when the Light comes, must come together.

91. And all those, who believe in me and my Father, and come unto Us now, will be saved.
 All those that truly believe in me and my Father and come into the Light will be saved.

92.The Light will not harm them!
93.The ones who believe in me now, and believe in the Father, and come unto Us NOW,
with that love in their heart, say unto me,
 "I believe in you and the Father, and will you forgive all that I have done?"

94.You know I will.
You know the Father will.

95.And for those who come unto Us now,
your rewards will be in the greatest part of Heaven.

96.The ones who must see the Light before they believe, and come into the Light, will be saved.
 But their rewards will be in a lower spot in Heaven.

97.But they all will be saved.

98.And truly there are great rewards in Heaven.
They are great things.
99.But the main reward for man is to be in Heaven and have conquered the EVERLASTING DEATH.

100.No one in Heaven will be jealous of another, for jealousy does not exist in Heaven.
You will not try to covet what one another has, because you all will have the same.
 There will be none of this there.

101.There will only be peace and love in you and your being there.
And the contentment will be the ultimate of things.
For you will be happy in all things.
You will be in all things.

102.And when the Light comes, and those who go into the Light and are saved in the Light,
will have the same peace and contentment for they will have the feeling of the true love.

103.They will have it in them, over them and it will protect them through all.

104.And they will know what they have never known before, and did not even know existed to this extent.
 It will be there.

105.And I say to you, it makes NO difference, NONE AT ALL, when this time comes, where man goes.

106.For he will ONLY be saved if he truly believes,
and he does come into the Light, into me to the Father.

107. But if he does NOT, he will be destroyed.
And it will be that way!

108.So it makes no difference where you go.
You can say, "Oh, I know that there will be problems, so I will go here, and I will go there, because that will be safe."

109.No, it will NOT be safe.
NOWHERE will be safe on Earth to man who does not believe!!!!

110.For he will not exist after this happens, if anything exists at all.

111.For man has the choice to destroy all, or to save.

112.And when I speak of all, I speak of the Earth itself, the way man is, the way things are.

113.Because, if he does not choose this, there will be no man.
There will be no things the way they are.
 There will be no Earth.
There will be nothing in nothing for it will all be destroyed!!!!!!

114.That is a promise from my Father.

115.So you see your chance is to come unto me now,
and get the rewards in Heaven that Heaven has offered you,
and my Father has promised you, you will receive.

116.Or, you can come into, truly believing, into the Light.
But the Light (the Star) then becomes a source of God telling you, you must do this or you must do that.

117.Therefore, when you see this, you can cast out the devil and come in.

118.But your rewards will be less, because you needed more and more proof that He (God)existed
119.And He does not like to do this.
For He does like your true love and your true belief, without all types of things going on
 He loves you. He wants you to love Him with all your heart and soul.

120.So those who come in now will be saved, and they will have this higher reward.
 They will be able to sit in a higher spot with my Father.

121.But the ones who come into the Light at that time,
 see that need to come into the Light, the need, they "have to see the something" to make them believe,
will have a lesser spot.
But they will be saved.

122.So if the choice is to be saved now or be saved later the rewards will change.

123.The rewards will be much greater now than they will be then.
It is your choice to do this.
No one says, "You have to do this now."
But your rewards will be much, much greater.

124.So look inside yourself.
Look deep.
Ask yourself these questions.
Things will be answered for you.

125.But all who do believe, when the time comes, will be saved.
When they come into the Light through me to my Father, they will be saved.

126.You see, when the Light comes, All the Earth will know.
All the Earth will see it.
All the Earth will be encased by it

127.So man will have the thing that he thinks he needs to see to believe.

128.Those are the things in these days that my Father says He will not do,
for you must believe on your own for these rewards that He has promised you.
And they are SO great.

129.You can go to Him now in the shape that you are, if you wish.
You can be like you are, if you wish.
You will be able to come back, if you wish.
 You will able to do anything you want to do!

130.All will be made anew.

131.All will be made unto you, the wisdom, and the things that you block from your mind, will be opened WIDE to you.
 And you will see all things that there are, and know that you can do all things, and BE ABLE to do all things that there are.
 And you will be able to do this.
This my Father has promised.

132.For you are at a great time, the greatest time man has ever been at.

133.For he is at the point now that he can choose his reward.

134.He can choose his way.

135.He can choose his path, and KNOW exactly what he has done.
For he has knowledge and wisdom now that he did not have before.

136.And this is one too, that you have great knowledge, great things that you have learned, that were great,
that you have perverted for your own interests,
the things that you have learned that in olden days people did not know.

137.You are all leaders in your own right.
You are all kings in your own right.
You are all the Temple of God.

138.You do not need symbols to worship.
You do not need big fancy buildings to worship in.
You know in your heart how to do the things that you need to do.

139.All the symbols of man have become even greater to you as learning comes to you.

140.But you know when you go into them,
all the things that you have learned have NOT strengthened your faith, but have weakened it,
 by your faith in the buildings and the things that man has done.

141.You go, but go out of acceptance to your fellow man.
You want to be accepted by him and so you go along.
You go into these buildings, but you are not true in heart.

142. You go into these buildings, and you say,
 "Dear God, forgive me in the name of Jesus Christ, because I have sinned" or "Forgive my sins. I need to have them gone."

143.And you walk out the door and sin and sin and sin.

144.It means nothing TO YOU.
It is only words that you speak in a building that you do not even care for.

145.And you have learned and learned and learned.

146.You have learned how to fly through the air.
You have learned to destroy parts of the Earth.
You have learned to travel to the Heavens,
and you have learned you can destroy there.

147.But I say unto you, you cannot!!!! FOR YOU WILL BE STOPPED! ! !

148.You have learned many wondrous things, but you have NOT LEARNED THE TRUTH.

149.You have not looked into yourself for the truth.
 You have not looked DEEP.
You have not looked into the sky for the truth.
 And you have not looked into your fellow man for the truth.

150.For all the great works that have been done, you did not look into them for the truth.

151.Even though they have been perverted in their way by man in his way,
when you read these great works,
you will not have to wonder and ponder,
 because the truth will come out.

152.Even if it has been perverted, it will be changed unto your heart.
 And you will know the truth, for the truth is there.
Even though it has been twisted and changed in all that's right, the truth is there IF YOU SEEK IT!!!

153.But you must seek it inside yourself.
 And it will tell you what the truth is.

154.For when a true believer in himself, in God, through me, reads the book, only the truth will he see,
 and only the truth will enter his body and mind.

155.The rest will be totally cast out.
 For he will only see the truth, the pages of the truth.
 And they will be changed unto him, so then he only will see the truth.

156.Where another person will be reading the same book at the same time on the same page who does not believe,
will only see what is on that page.

157.The true believer will only see the truth,
because the truth only cometh from me through my Father.

158.You will only see the truth in all things, when you seek it.
It is there.

159.There are My Father's spirits on Earth today.
160.There are many of My Father's angels.

161.There are the archangels that sit beside My Father.

162.They are on Earth today to try to help man to change his way, to change his thinking, to look for the truth,
to believe in me and my Father;
to come unto Us and see what is Right.

163.There are prophets.
There are prophets upon prophets upon prophets.

164.And there are people spreading MY Word through me that do truly believe in me and the Father,
and are working for Us.
And We are in them, working through them.
And they are truly in tune with the Father.

165.For He is All.
He is everything.
He is I AM.

166.And you must believe in me, for I am the Son.
167.I am the Light.

168.I give unto you from Him and you must come through me to Him, to be truly, truly saved.

169.We love you all. I love you all.
My Father loves you all.
And the spirits love you all.