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sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer


Chapter 15
TAPE 5-31-87

I Have a Wonderous Message vs1-6
Man Has Changed Earth vs 7-18
Vaccines and GMO Foods
Man’s Illness Due To Man’s Change vs 7-18
Body Has Love to Heal vs 23
You Can Self Heal vs 24
Man In Harmony Can Heal Self vs 27
You Will Heal With A Thought vs 30
Man Must Come Together vs 58
The Earth Is Getting Tired Of You vs 60-71
There Are Many Rewards vs 76
The Heavens will Visit Earth vs 89
The Answer to Your Questions vs 90
Each Truth is Unique vs 112
Two Different Individual Souls vs 119
Must Be Good vs 122-128
Time Is Short/No Time vs 130
Evil Rules vs 134-158
Evil will be Destroyed vs 148

1.I come to tell you of the things that will be, the things that can be, and the things that will not be.

2.I will tell some of the things of why things are the way they are.

3.I will tell you of what you have to do to change these things.

4.But things will not be done with a cloud from the sky.

5.It will not be done with a wave of someone's hand.

6.It has to be done by YOU.

7.In all the years that you have been on Earth, and all the years that you have tried to set up your own Kingdom,
and perverted everything, and changed everything to yourself, you have changed all types of things.

8.You have changed the face of the Earth.
You have dug big holes.
You have torn down mountains.
You have changed river
 You have polluted seas, rivers, oceans, to where a lot of the life that did exist at one time no longer exists.
You have polluted the land.

9.But more than this, you have changed things unto yourself.

10.For every bit of good that you have done, which is good, you have done equally as bad.
And the bad is stronger than the good. For you see, you changed the structure of things.

11.In all your learning, you learned great, great cures for man's illnesses.
And in so doing, you changed the structures of many things to suit yourself,
 to cure these diseases that you have caused yourself.

12.For you see, in time you have changed the structure of all things that come onto you.
Through your own doing, you have taken and you have said,
"I need more, therefore the land must give me more.
So I will kill everything on this land that does take away from me,"
not giving unto the land what is hers,
 for all these structures are the land's structures,
they are good for the land,
 but you, in turn, destroy them.

13.And, as you destroy all of these things, they change on you, because they do not become totally destroyed.
 They in turn fight you back to exist.
So, as they do this, they change.
They change and they change.

14.And through the time, many, many things have changes.
 Diseases have changed, for you have changed these diseases.
You have changed their structure unto man by your changing their structure.

15.This is why I say that you have done some good.
But the bad WAY out powers the good.
 But when you change the structure of one thing,
Other things change their structure.
 And their structures become stronger.

16.And the diseases that man has today, man has CREATED.
 Man has created through his perversions and his taking, taking, taking,
not wanting to stop and realize that all things are for a purpose.

17.All things were in order at one time, and now everything is out of order
 All of the diseases and things that you have today are the OUT OF ORDER state of everything.

18.They were not put here by my Father in that state.
You created that state that they are in.
You have taken things that were good, and changed them to things that were bad
 You have put limitations on yourself to allow these things to enter your body.
 And they enter your body and they make you ill
 And they kill you through other things that you do.

19.When the one and the one are together that make two,
you have diseases now unto man that was created by man,
that was manipulated by man, and now is destroying these.

But in turn, it will destroy many, many others,
for it is put onto them for they have this thing themselves by being TOTALLY out-of- order with all things,
which THEY ARE.

20.They are out-of-order with all things in the Universe,
all things in the Heavens, and all things out of Earth.
For the order they have is only the order for themselves and no one else.
So there is no combining of the two.

21.There is no sharing.
There is no bonding.
 There is no purification for these people.

22.For the one that is one in himself CANNOT come unto God in that state.
 He is out-of-order with all things.
And he, in turn, causes many of the things that occur today.
 For he is basically an out-of-order that is out of order with all things and in TOTAL tune with the ONE-THAT-IS-NOT.
For the one-that-is-not is out-of-order with all things and all states.

23.And when man is in order, in order with himself, and the good that he does is there,
 these things that he has created to harm him, cannot harm him.
 For he becomes a thing unto himself, with a protective shield of love around himself, that these cannot enter.

24.They cannot make you ill.
They cannot kill you.
 They can do nothing to you.
 For you are protected through your own self.
Your own being has in it ways to protect itself.
And it will, if only allowed to

25.But see that you do not allow this to happen.
 For the limitations you put on yourself are the limitations of man.
 And you say unto yourself, "Oh I cannot fix this broken ARM. Oh, I cannot fix this broken knee.
 Oh, I cannot fix this stomach ache. I must go to someone who knows how to.”
26.No! If you truly believe, you can fix these things yourself.
You MAY NOT be able to fix them INSTANTANEOUSLY!!
For you must work through your own body and your own body does things certain ways.
You must be in harmony with it.
You must be in harmony with ALL things.

27.When your body is in harmony, it will take all things that are wrong, that you have allowed to happen to you
 And it will do it.
And it will manifest inside itself all types of things to destroy all these poisons that you have allowed to enter you.
 But it will do this.

28.You will get the feeling of being cured instantaneously if you truly believe in yourself.
You will get this feeling.
But I say that this is a feeling.

29.You will know that it is occurring.
But you must allow your body to do it,
for it is capable of doing all things, and wondrous things,
that now you have stopped by your limitations.

30.For in times to come, when all is in order and all is in the state that it should be,
you will be able to look at a limb and that limb will, through thought, become anew.
 You will be able to look at yourself, and you will be able, through thought, to make yourself anew.

31.You will be able to do all types of wondrous things this way.
 You will be able to make anything you want to, through thought.
 And all will be good, and all will be anew

32.But today, the way it is, and the way it is now.
 This is the way it is.

33.There are things in you, things around you, things that you take into your body that should not be,
 for man has created all things that he has unto himself.
He has taken these away from God, so now they are man's monument to man.

34.And man's monument to man is the disease that he has in all things,
and is the terrible death from all of these things that he himself has created.

35.And, in turn, he looks to people like himself, with their limitations,
and says to them, "Oh, why can't you learn more so that you can protect me from this?"

36. And they do.
They look and look.
And they find ways and they change and change and change
 And they say, "Oh, how great it is. I made this thing to protect you from that."
And they do.

37.And lo and behold, that thing that comes to you in that disease form changes.
 And it changes to a new structure and a new disease, for it is not destroyed
 It is only changed in its state.
And what you do to it just makes it stronger, and stronger and stronger.

38.You cannot see the things that you do to all creation this way.
You pollute the Earth with your poisons
. You pollute your Earth with all your chemicals and things that you manufacture in your own name through your own changing.

39. You apply this all around and you say,
 "Oh, look at all these wonderful things I have grown. Look at the wonderful food I have."

40.But I say to you, “This food that you have created, not the Father has created, because You have changed EVERYTHING!"

41.And this food, these fruits on the trees that you have changed,
and all manner of things that you have changed like that,
are the things that are killing you this way!

42.These are the things that cause the diseases inside of you.

43.These are the things that cause the change of YOUR structure,
because of all of the things that you have taken to yourself changes you also.

44.For your body is a Temple of God, made like God,
through God, giving you all the powers He has
45.And that Temple is a very, very unique thing.
And it has the power itself to do things (healing), if allowed.

46.But you do not allow this.

47.You sit back with always someone else to take care of you in this way,
while you in turn change and pollute and pollute and pollute.

48.So you see, the only true way, is to believe in yourself, believe in me, and believe in the Father.

49. And things will come to pass WITH YOU that will be very, very great.
For that ring* that I speak about will encase you.
And NONE of these things will be able to harm you.

50.For you will be all good, in me, through me, to the Father.
And these things cannot affect you.

51.But many, many, many will die from these things,
until man realizes that he must stop CHANGING the things that he is doing,
 and look to where the truth really lies.
And the truth will set him free!

52.For all of the truth comes from Him, this is really the only true way that he can go
53.But, knowing man the way I do, the way he is, he will look and look and look and change and change and change things,
 'til the time comes that there will be no time left to really look for the truth.
And when this time comes, he will be lost, forever, and ever, and ever.

54.For man creates his own destiny.
Man creates his own thing.

55.Man changes what my Father has given him to things that should not be.

56.Therefore, man will reap the harvest of the things that he has changed unto himself.

57.And I say to you, this is a harvest that you shall not want!!!
 It is a harvest that you shall not be happy with! ! !!
It is a harvest that you will try to cast out,
and you will try to change and stomp and burn and everything else,
 because you will see that you will totally be consumed in this harvest
For it is what you have done.

58.Man must come together.

59.Man must stop this type of thing that they are doing; the warring, the killing, the polluting.
For you are destroying yourself in all of these things that you do.

60.The Earth is getting tired of you and what you are doing to it.
It can only take so much!
And it will rebel against you also.
 And it has AWESOME power that you just absolutely don't know!

61.For you have learned to make things that will destroy cities and destroy a land with many, many of these things
62.The Earth has the power to destroy a whole continent with one shiver of itself.
 It has the power to destroy one continent from its fiery breath, if it chooses.
 It has the power to destroy EVERYTHING on Earth, if it wants to, with one movement of itself

63.So you really have no power!
 It is really your own illusion of how much you can do for the Earth can do so much more.

64.And then, what my Father can do, He can destroy YOU,
with a twitch of His Eye and a point of His Finger,
everything will be gone.
That is HIS POWER!

65.But His power is even greater than that!
For He can turn, and with a point of the Hand or a twitch of the Eye or a Breath, CREATE everything all anew again, in its right order!

66.But you cannot do this, can you???

67.You cannot do any of this.
You have NO real power at all!
Only the things that you take onto yourself with the limitations that you put onto you.
 And you look at things, and say, "How great this is." Or "How great that is."
 It is NOTHING, compared to what there is there.

68.For all things will come to pass.
All things will be that will be.

69.Man MUST come into the order of all things.

70.If he does not he will perish!
This is the promise from my Father.
He has promised this, and He will keep it.

71.Things are coming to order in all of the Heavens.
They are changing.
But they are coming back to order.
And everything will be in order.
My Father has said so.
And He is bringing all things to order now.
 Man WILL come to order, or not exist! ! ! !

72.I seem to be getting more and more people to listen to me, through you.

73.And this does make me happy.
For it is the work that I have to do.
I do not care if people believe who I say I Am
 I do not care what people call me.

74.The only thing I care about is that they believe in the Word, come through the Son, to the Father, and get the rewards that are theirs.
That's all.
That is the Word.
Believe in me, the Son.
Believe in the Father, and come unto us.

75. You will all be saved.
 And the wondrous things you will receive will be TREMENDOUS! Tremendous
76.For all will be provided for.
Everything that there is will be provided for.
You will want not, for you will have everything

78.Now you want because of the limitations that you put on yourself.
 They have stopped your knowing that you do have everything.
But you will want for nothing, for everything will be yours!
 You will know it, and that will give it to you.
 It is there, and it is yours.

79.There are many, many rewards that I have spoken of before in Heaven .
 There are many rewards for man, if man does what he is told by the Word to do, there are many places that he can be.
There many things that he can do.

80.For he will have the power of all things.
 He will be able to change.
 He will have the power of thought creating in a thoug
 He will have the power to move about.
He will have all of these things.

81.And he will have, most of all, the thing that is so great, and that is that all surrounding love and contentment that it brings, for all that receive my Father, through me, will have that love and contentment in themselves.

82.There will be many changes on Earth.
There will be many things occur, if the Earth exists.
 If man comes and the Earth changes, there will be change on it.
If man comes unto me, things will be made anew.
The Earth will be made anew.
Things will change.

83.Everything will change.
But only change for the order to be put in order for the order of all things, and everything will be good.
 So everything will be changed for the good.
And the good will only exist thereafter.

84.And you will have your spot in Heaven yourself, and the Heavens around you will glow and be a spot that all will see.

85.For in all things you will be unique and you will be total in all things
86.And everyone throughout the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens will know this.
 And they will visit you.
They will come unto you, because they will know of the love and caring, the peace that is here.

87.And all things will come to order.

88.But everything will be changed as you know it.
For that time is coming and it is now,
that all must be done to prepare for the change that is now.

89.For again I say unto you, that time is the illusion of man.
 Time is only created by him, through the ONE-THAT-IS-NOT to have this time.

90.I do not answer questions, as I have said.
 I do not give names, or talk of time past, or talk of times that are in the future that are the way I say they are.

91.I say to you the way they might be.
 For it could be this great,
 if you changed, and WILL BE this great, for the promises have been made
 But you must make the changes to make this come to pass.

92.I try to hear all my people.
 I try to hear what they are thinking and what they are saying.
And I will try to answer the questions that they have in the times that I speak,
with the limitations that my Father has put on me,
 because He did put one limitation on me,
that was the limitation that I only tell you so much
 for He does not want you to know it through Him.

93.For those things you already know.
He has told you time after time.
 I have told you time after time.
And you do not believe.
But they are in you.

94.These things you must put on yourself.
For my Father has said to me, "You cannot tell them.”
So I will not tell you.
But I will help you, and try to answer to the ability that I have, the questions that you want to know.

95.And I will answer the way I am doing now.
And things will be answered TO A DEGREE
 But they may not be answered fully, because you must look into yourself for that answer.

96.And you MUST look into yourself for ALL things that I am saying to you.
Because, you will know by looking into yourself, and truly looking, that all of these things are true.
And I Am who I say I Am.
And you will know.

97.You just must look into yourself.

98.Cast out all of the limitations that you put on yourself.
Cast out all of the doubts that you have about everything that you doubt about.
Go into it with an open mind and open heart, and say to yourself,
 “Do I believe these Words? Do I believe in the Son of God, Christ, and do I believe in the Everlasting Power and Spirit here on Earth?"

99. And your insides will say, “ Yes. Yes."

100.But look into yourself to see this.
 I cannot say it for you.
 I cannot say, "See this. See that. This is the way it is."
 For it is such now that you must look into yourself, for you are the key and the answer to all.
And by looking truly into yourself, you will find the key, and unlock the door, and the truth will come forth.

101.But it is hard to do this. It is very, very hard for man, in his state as he is now, to sit back and say, “I have done this unto myself.”

102. For the diseases, the things that happen, and the things that make man unhappy,
that make man sick, that make him ill, make all that, things he has done unto himself one time or another.

103.He has to say, “Someone else did this.
Someone else did that.
They make me so unhappy.
 They make me this.
That make me that.”

104.Truly, I say unto you, you are the only one that “makes” you anything!!!
 You are the one that IS.
 You are the Temple of God
. And you create everything in yourself, yourself.

105.For as I say to you, your limitations are what limitations you put upon yourself.
That’s the only limitations that you have.
106.The only truth that you seem to know, is the truth that you WANT to know yourself, not that you truly know, yourself.

107.So you do not look into yourself for these answers, and say, “He did not do this to me.
 I did this to myself.” No! “They did not do this to me. I did it to myself.”

108.When the time comes that you can say all these things,
 and truly be open and truly look into yourself,
you will find that truth and the answers to all!
 For it is there, and has been given to you time after time after time.
 (when it is others fault they have the power over you.. when you make it your fault..it gives you the power to change it..I choose my own pain.)

109.And now is the time that you must come unto me, to my Father, through me, to receive all of the things that have been promised, or surely you will die.

110.This is your choice.
This is your free mind.
This is your free spirit.
This is your free body.

111.This is yours, and all forms of your freedom, that My Father has given you and your right, with these free things, and free choices you have, to choose the way you want. But you MUST choose!

112,For you know the answers when you look inside yourself.
You know what they are.
Look there.
Seek with an open heart, and an open mind, and you will have it.

113.But what that answer is for you may not be right for your wife, your sister, your mate.
It may not be right for your neighbor, for he has to look inside himself and find his answer himself.

114.And if you sit down together, both with your own answer, and look at his answer and look inside yourself with his answer, and he looks inside himself with your answer, you will find that the answers, being different though, will be the same. And they are the same unto you.

115.They are right for you.
And they are right for each other.
And they are right together.
But you have to look at them, the way you look to get your answer, and you will see they are the same, even though they are different.

116.The truth is the truth, no matter which way it is put.

117.It can be different for all men, which it will be.
And it will be different for one man in one part of the Earth and for another man in another part of the Earth
 But the answer will all be the same.

118.So, do not sit back and say, "Well, the neighbor believes so. I have to believe this.”
Or, “Something is wrong, because we're not the same."

119.It does not have to be the same. Because, you are two people. You are two individuals. You are two physical bodies, with two different spirit, with two different minds. You have two different souls in you.

120.So, therefore, what is for you, is for you-.
What' is for him, is for him.

119. the answers will be for you, in yourself.
They will be for him, in himself.
And they will be answered, but they will all be the same.
 But, they must be looked at together as one to see the truth in both answers

121.I know this is hard for you to understand.
 But this is the way it is.
 And you must look unto yourself for these understandings.
 I cannot make you understand.
For limitations by my Father have been put on me.
 So, I tell you, you must understand yourself!
You must look into yourself to get all of these things.

122.You must do good.
For all the good that you do, the more power you get,
and the more power my Father gets, for good is the key to happiness.

123.Good creates good.
Good is love.
And good is POWER ... AND ENERGY.
And it does invigorate you, as it invigorates My Father.

124..And you know how you feel, and how you are after a day of hard work that you know you have accomplished something,
that you feel so good about, that you look unto it and say, "Oh, that looks so good to me. I feel so good,"
and lay down and have one of the most contented, happiest sleeps and rests that you have ever had.

125.This is because you have done good.
 The Source of Good has given you the power and the love that's created from good.
 And when you become in this state, you have contentment!

126.And when you have this contentment,
you have a PEACE inside that allows you to rest and rejoice in a state that is the ultimate that man has
. And that is to have Peace and contentment and love and good in him.

127.And you will know.
You will know when all of these things come to be.
 For this is the true state of man.

128.Love, Peace, Contentment; that is the state.
 That is the order.
Love is the key.

129.And through this, through loving me and my Father and believing in Him and all things that are good,
does this come to you.
And the blessings are great!

130.For you do not have many days of your time left.
And I say "days" because the years are becoming shorter and shorter and shorter of your time.

131.For the illusion of time is catching up with you, AND ALL OF THE CLOCKS WILL STOP!

132.And in all of the days, there will cease to be nights.
And there will be nothing in between.
There will be no nights, no days, only one.
And when this occurs, your illusion will be gone.
 For how will you tell?
That is the beginning of the end.

133.For all of these things you will lose.
 And you can lose your Everlasting Life.
 You can choose to have it.
Or, you can choose to lose it.
 For in the state you are in now, you HAVE LOST it.
You have only one thing, the sure death.

134.And do you notice one thing?

135.That as time goes by, the evil gets stronger and stronger and stronger, and you get weaker and weaker and weaker.

136.And it gets harder and harder for you to say "no" to evil,
because the evil gets so much stronger,
 and so tempting, that you just, just have to go along with,
 because you've listened to what it says, and it seemed so right.

137. The power of evil is TREMENDOUS.
 At the present time on your Earth, the power of evil is ruling everything,
 not the power of good.
No where on the planet does the power of good rule.
 And it is the power of evil throughout.

138.The power of evil does consume.
It does destroy.
It does pollute in its own name.
And the name is GREED AND POWER.

139.And these are the things that rule the Earth today.
 And evil rules all.

140. Good is becoming less and less and less.
For they have twisted good to the point that when good is done, it is evil and punished for it.

141.And they are changing all good to bad, and all bad to good, with the way they do change things.
142.So, it is becoming harder and harder for man to truly believe and truly accept, for things are changing so.

143. Man is seeking the truth all over the Earth.
Man knows there is something better.
He knows there is something there, and he is seeking.

144.But he is being held down by the ones in power.
 He is being held down by the evil that surrounds him.
And he would be like a speck of sand on the seashore amongst all the evildoers around him.

145.So it is hard for him to come into the Light, into the truth, into me, with all of the evil that is around him for he has no place to go!

146.That is why my Word is here now.
So he will hear it.
He will know and he will know where to go.
 And the other ones who hear it, will think a little about it.
 Some will change. Some might change.
 Others will NOT change.

147.But, they shall hear the Word.
The Word must be spread.
For now is the time.

148.And all this evil force will be destroyed.
All the ones who live in this evil force will be destroyed.
 All the ones who try to control with power or greed, through themselves by doing the things they are doing today, will be destroyed!
That is an absolute.

149.They will not be saved for any purpose for they have polluted and destroyed everything that my Father has put down.

150.They do nothing but destroy, destroy, for their own greed, and they take unto themselves all things that man has done,
 all things that man has created, all works, they take to themselves, for themselves, for that is the way they are.
And in turn, they teach all men that this is the way it is.

151.And I say unto you who teach these types of things, YOU WILL BE DESTROYED.
You do NOT have a chance!

152.For it is going to come to pass that you will be so deep in all of the things that you do,
there will be no redemption of any kind for you!!!

153. You will be totally destroyed. For you will not believe. You will not come.
You will not ask for forgiveness, because you will be too perverted in your
own state to come at all. And you will be destroyed.

154. When the ones who are doing this evil come to Me and say,
 "Please forgive. I have sinned. Let me in,"
and all of these things that they will say,
and I will look into the heart of stone and see that it is still stone.
And they are saying only what they think that Myself and My Father would want to hear.

155.They will be cast out. They will Not come.

156.For they do not believe in Me or the Father.
They only believe in themselves and the things that they do.
And they will say anything to make a kingdom of their own with the Father.
 They will not be.

157..For only good will be. Good in you through Me and the Father,
 that will beYou will be.

158.For We love you all. We love all who come to Me to the Father believing in Us doing good.
 Also We love all the others who try but do not know what to do.
And We love the ones who will not come.
We do love all, and will love all forever and ever.
We love you all.