sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 16


False Preachers With Forked Tongues vs 2,28,30
Word Is FREE vs 14
False Leaders Who Lead Astray vs 16-17
True Believer vs 18,22,23
Truth Is Relative vs 26,27,42-56
True Order vs 33-38
Judged For Taking Ones Off Of Path vs 17,22,27,58-61,73
Temple Of God Shut Windows And Doors 66-72vs The Flame vs 89-69
Limitations vs 72
Truth vs 87, 112-114,121
The Past/Future vs 89-106
The "Learned" vs 107
Perversions vs120-122
Man Is Out Of Order vs 131
Jesus Purified The Earth vs 135
I Have Many Names vs 134-145
Disease Result Of Out Of Order With Creation vs 139-145
Things Happening in the Heavens vs 146
Healing vs 151-156
Believe In Yourself Open the Mind (instructions) vs 159
Man is Wonderous Creation vs 164
Man Has Choice To Create His Destiny vs 173-184
Fire That Burns Like ICE vs 170
Now Is The Time vs 177
Find The Answer vs 186
All Men Are Different vs 192
The True Order vs 196
GO SPEAK vs 198
Man Must Come Together vs 201-205

1.I come to tell you of more things.
I come to enlighten you on more things.

2.All those who I spoke of before, who deal in power, who deal in things, for themselves,
who twist to pervert, who do all manner of things to gain more power and wealth unto themselves,
I say, that these will be the first knocking at my door.

3.They will be the first ones, when the LIGHT comes and the fire comes,
and they see it, will run to the door and say, "I do believe. I do believe. Let me in.”

3.And I say to you, I will look into your hearts.
And when I do and I see the heart of stone,
and I see that the stone is so hard, that it cannot be broken with a hammer, I will know.

4. And I will cast you out.
I will cast you out so fast,
you will be cast out and be destroyed by the fire.

5.And I say unto you also, that if I look into you and see your heart is partly stone and partly good still,
 I will allow you to come in, but you will be judged.
You will be judged for all the things you have done.
 AND YOU WILL BE JUDGED, I promise you that.

6.For you have perverted many things.
 You have perverted the land.
 You have perverted the people.
You have destroyed people.
You have taken from people.
You have a way of take, take, take, take, for you, you, you.
And you SHALL be judged, if you are allowed to enter.

7.For there is a promise to all that who believe and come into Me,
and ask forgiveness and ask to enter, will be granted.

8.But I say to you, that I will know when you speak with a forked tongue.
 I will know when you do not believe, but only say the things that you think I want to hear.
I will know. And I WILL CAST YOU OUT.
You will be thrown out and you will be destroyed.

9.For NOWHERE in MY KINGDOM, MY FATHER'S KINGDOM, and all the Kingdoms that exist,

will THEY allow, will He allow, My Father, or will I allow, the one with the forked tongue to exist.

10.For he is hard.
He listened to the one-that-is-not.
 And he is so hard, you can not break that heart with the biggest hammer.
 It is black.
It is hard.

11. And that is what he does, doing all things this way.
He has not compassion for anyone other than himself.
 He believes in nothing but himself.

12. He makes all the ones around him do what he wants them to do to build unto him.
 For he believes he is God on Earth, and he can do anything.
And he will be judged this way.

13.And I speak to all those who come unto the people with My Word.
And he has taken My Word, and twisted My Word, and perverted My Word, and prostituted My Word.
 For they have done this by going out and SELLING MY WORD to the people.

 And You have TAKEN MY WORD, and you have gone out and you have told people
I am a true believer.
Here is the words, so give to me all that you have."


16.For all those who've gone around and perverted the Word, changed the Word to suit themselves,
and grown in power, grown in wealth, and grown in things that are not right,
 through the Word that I have given by prostituting that Word,

17.For they go out and take people and they change people.
And they do all types of things to people, so that they can gain the power, they can gain the wealth.
They can go and do all manner of things,
USING MY NAME, and thy Father's name,
ALL SORTS OF PERVERSIONS that they themselves wallow in.

18.For the true believer and the true speaker of the Word does not take anything unto himself.

19.He does not take from those who have little and take all that they have got.
He does not do this type of thing.

20.He goes through the land and preaches the Word that I have given and tells people to open their hearts,
and open their minds and look into themselves for the TRUTH, for the truth is there.

21.And he does not say," Give me your last dollar in your pocket, so I can go forward. "

22.He does not say anything to the people as such.
He does not NEED to say anything to the people as such, for all will be provided for.

23.He does not have to say anything.
Things will be provided for him.
For if a man truly, truly BELIEVES in God, knows the Truth, and goes out and speaks the Word,
 the multitude that hear the Word will know and they will give WITHOUT EVEN BEING ASKED.
They will give automatically the things that one needs to go further and preach that Word.

24.And these people that have gone out in My name,
these ones that have done all of this and taken all of this wealth unto themselves,
and HAVE NOT dispersed it to the ones who need it,
have NOT done the things that they were suppose to do,
 only got, got, got, got.
They only took unto themselves to establish their own Kingdom on Earth.

25.And I say unto you, there are many that have established their own Kingdoms on Earth in My name, and you have in turn polluted it.

26.You have, in turn, taken all of the things that I have given you
and worked them to your own means and made your own monument upon yourself.

27.And the man that does this and the men that do this and the people that do this,
 will be judged. OH, HOW YOU WILL BE JUDGED,
even if you are ALLOWED to enter MY KINGDOM,

28.You will be judged HARSHLY, if you're allowed.
For your hearts are as stone.
 Speaking with a forked tongue,
one side of the tongue says,“My Father, love thy Father.”
The other side of the tongue says, “Love me. Love me. Love me.”
And this is the fork.

29.And I will tell you one thing.
There are none in the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, Heavens!
There's none in My Father's Kingdom, or His Father’s, or His Father's Kingdom,
 none in all the Father's Kingdom in the Universe.

30.For My Father's, Father's Fathers, will not ALLOW one with a forked tongue in there,
 in their total Heavens, Galaxies, or the areas that they maintain,
for he is the one-that-is-not.
He is full of the one-that-is-not.

31.You see there are vast Heavens.
 There are vast Galaxies.
There are vast, vast things that you just can not comprehend.
 And in these things, there is nowhere that this type of person can exist, this type of being can exist,
this type of spirit that is so full of the one-that-is-not can exist.

32.For he is in the out of order state.

33.The order has to be maintained in all things, is in all things.
 And that is the pure state of everything is in the order state.

34.So you see, all of these that go out and do all these things, that say unto you,
 "Go out and kill thy neighbor, and 'take what he has got for he does not believe,"
I say to you, will be judged for this.
For you are not to go out and kill anyone.

35.You are to LOVE thy neighbor as yourself.

36.You are to love every human being on Earth as yourself.

37.You should love every bird in the sky as yourself,
every fish in the ocean as yourself,
everything that God created on Earth as yourself.

38.For you are the Temple of God, built of God.
And God has created all things.
 God is pure love.
 Therefore, all things He has created is pure love.

39.But, what you have done is taken all of these things and perverted them to your own means, to your own self.
 And then put the limitations on your own self to make yourself believe that this is all there is, is what you create.
 And all of these that take, take, take from the people who have not to take unto themselves to glorify themselves, will be JUDGED.

40.So, hear what I say.
There are a lot of things, many things, wondrous things.
 There are things that you should know and things that you will not know,
things that you can not accept,
 things that you will not accept.
But, I say to you, look inside yourself, because the truth is there.

41.It is in you, for all things.
You are made in Truth.
 You are made in Love.

And it is there, but you must open yourself up to it.

42.For you see, the truth to one MAY NOT BE THE TRUTH TO ANOTHER ONE, as such.

43.For all men, the truth unto him is different than what it is to the other.

44.But the Truth is the Truth regardless.

45.For you see, if one man's truth is what it is to him, and another man's truth is what it is to him, and it leads to the same place,
what difference does it make what the truth is to him or what the truth is to him?

46.The Truth is the same because it leads to the same place.
And that is the way it is.
And it is that way, because this is the way you have made it.

47.But, the Truth is the Truth.
And if you look into your heart, you will see the Truth.

48.You see, it is like I have spoken before of the fork in the road.
That, if two people hear the Truth, see the Truth, look into themselves, and find the T r u t h ,
but say to the other one "Nay, your truth is not the truth, because that is not the truth to me,"
 and the other one says,
“Nay, it's not, because my truth is truth,"
 and they Look at the same thing, they walk down the road,
and they hit the fork and they both go in the right direction,

49.If one man says,
 "No, the truth is I walk.
I crawl.
 I do whatever I must do to get there.
And I will take the right fork.
 And it will be the right one."

50.And the other one says,
"Nay, I can fly.
I can ride.
I can ride in the cart.
I can ride on the horse.
I can do ANYTHING I want to get there."

51.What difference does it make as long as they get there?

52.For the truth is what it is to them.
 And the Truth is the same.
It takes them to the same place

53.So the Truth is the Truth.
 It has only one answer.
It is interpreted by you differently.
 But the answer is the same.

54.It's what it means to you.

55.And the truth is you must look into yourself.

56.You must open yourself to it and believe in My Father, through Me, a
nd come into My Light and you will be saved.
You will not die.
And the rewards of Heaven will be yours,
for it has been promised.

57.I have a sadness for the others who do not believe, and profess they believe.

58.I have a sadness for these ones particularly,
because they change other peoples to their way of thinking.

59.And when there is a person that is in-between,
he is looking for a place to go,
and he is searching, and searching.
And he comes to the fork, and the one sits there, and he says,
 "They do not know what they are talking about, they do not have the right thin.
 The right thing is the fork to the left, because that is the fork that only tell you of the things
that you can believe that you can touch, you can feel, and think."

60.And he sways that person out of the true belief, away to the other side.
 HE WILL BE JUDGED FOR THIS if he is even allowed to come to Me.
 For he has taken a person that can be swayed, that does not know and changed him in his likeness.

61.For he does not believe in anything other than what he can see and what he can touch.
He does profess a belief, but he has none.
For he will say, "I do not believe that is right. And therefore, what they say can not be right."

62.And he will try, and try, and try, to sway the one who is uncommitted yet, who is seeking.

63.For I say to you, the answer to each man is different.
He must look into his heart to get this answer.

64.And this person does not say, "Look into your heart to get the answer."
He says, "I know what I know, and this is the way it is. And this is the way it must be for I know this."
 And the one believeth and he changes.

65.And you do not have any RIGHT to change this person.
 For your word has changed him.
It has polluted him, and it come forth from the one-that-is- not, for he keeps you in the state of unbelief.
 He keeps you where you are at.
And you may have a hard heart or you may not have a hard heart,
or it may be partially hard, but you DO NOT ALLOW it to see.

66.For it is like this, you are the Temple of God.
And you have many doors inside your Temple.
So, you shut the doors inside away from the heart,
and you only have the outer doors to the mind open.

67.The windows are open, and the one-that-is-not sits outside.
And he whispers to you through the window.
And you hear his voice, and you allow him to come in
. But your door to your heart is closed, so he can’t get to it.
But he gets to everything else.
He gets to your mind and you do his bidding.

68.So when you open the doors to the heart, the true Light will come out.
 And all of these that are open in structure and open in mind, and in the true belief will receive all of the blessings.

69.And you slowly just open the door, the fire of the love that My Father has put in you, is kindled in the bottom.
But when you open the door fully it sets a draft and it consumes the whole body.
 And it will shut the doors to the mind to the one-that-is-not, and help you cast him out.

70.But, if you do not do this, your heart in this little flame becomes harder and harder and harder,
 because it is ONLY a little flame then,
because it has nothing to give it substance,
 nothing to pass through it and allow it to grow.

71.And these are the type of people that have to totally touch and see to believe anything.
They do not even believe in themselves.
They say, “Oh I believe. I believe. But I believe it must be this, I believe it must be that.

72.These are only the limitations they are applying to themselves.
And this is only because they have shut the door on the heart, and shut the fire down of truth inside of them.
 And they do not allow it to come out.

73.And you will be judged for everyone that you send down the wrong path, through your own ego, which is totally controlling you.
 And you are telling people totally what they must believe, for you, in turn, act like the authority,
 and you will be judged, if you even are allowed in.

74.For when you come unto Me and you say, "Please forgive me", I will see your heart, and I will know.
 And if it is solid stone, you will be cast out.

75.If it is part stone, you will be allowed in, if you have the belief, the. true belief, but you will be judged for all these things.
You will be judged as harshly as the one that has perverted My Word.
 For you have destroyed people that would have come unto Me, because they believed in you.
 And this is the way it is.

76.For no man has the right to change any person so they are lost.

77.No person has the right to force anyone to believe the way he does.

78.No person has the right to take man and force him to do anything for man has the free choice of all things.

79.He has the choice to believe or not believe.

80.The only thing man can do is say what he thinks ... say what it is, and he must let it go.

81.Because, there are the paths through the middle that you must realize,
that what is right for you, may not be right for the other.

82.His right may be different from yours, but the answer,
 I say again unto you, is the same and the path is the same.

83.So listen to what he has to say.

84.Look inside yourself.

85.And if you say, "Well, his answer is not what I believe, but it might be, it could be. There is something there."
Then you say, "You have a good, good idea there. I will look at it. Here is my idea. You look at mine."

86.And between the two, you take the path that is right.
But each one is only to yourself.

87.For all truth lies within.

88.All truth is there and it will come forth, if you seek it.
And you will know the truth.
You will see the truth.
And only the truth will you see.
And only the truth you will know.

89.If you truly seek it with an open heart, and open mind, and open structure,
and a belief in the Father, through Me all truth will be revealed to you.

90.Now for all of those who constantly look into the past for all things,
and they look into the future for all things, I say to you, the past is done
91.The past is over with.
To look into the past to make you believe in the future.

92.Nay, I say it cannot be. For the past is the past. Now is now. And the future is maybe.

93.For all things that happened in the past are the past.
And the past has taken care of the past. Now is now.

94.Times have changed.
Things have changed.
The world has changed.
Many things on the Earth have changed.
Change has been created in animals, on the Earth, and in man, since the past.

95.So therefore I say to you, do not look to the past, for all things that you try to bring forth from the past will not be because this is now, not the past.

96.If you want to go to the past to learn a little bit about it,
such as the great teachers that you have had on Earth that have taught about (what) the past had, this is fine.

97.But you can't continually go back to the past to try to bring it to now to create the future.
Because, the past will not create the future.
You create the future now.
For the future is maybe.

98.It will only be if you allow it to be.
For the future is the future of maybe.

99.It is the right of your choice to either to have a future or not have a future.
You have the right of choice.

100.The only things that My Father has promised is that the future will be one way or it will be another way.
It will be one way if it exists, and it will not be if it does not exist.
That is all you need to know.

101.And you have the right to make it any way you want to.
 But nothing is going to tell you this is what is going to be in the future, (or) that is what’s going to be in the future.
These are all maybes.

102.If a person goes into the future and sees the future,
 and he says, “Oh, this is the way it shall be,”
NAY I say to you, this is not the way it has to be, for all things can change.
The Earth can change.
Man can change.
All the things on Earth can change.
 The future does not necessarily have to be that way, for it is only a maybe, Now is the time.
 Now is now.
The future is maybe.

103. So, if you see things in the past,
and you say, "Oh they are so great.
They are so good,
 I'm going to bring them forth to the Time of Now,
 so that I can use them in the future.
 And they will be so good.
 And I can use them, and I can do this.
 And I can get power from this."

For everything is the past is in you now.
 Everything that was done in the past is in you.
 You can look inside yourself and see all of these things.
 Remember, you can do all things NOW.
You are made in the image of God, with the power of God in these respects.

.You can change yourself.
You can change things.
You can do things.
There are no limitations on you at all, only the limitations that you put on yourself.

106.And the past CANNOT eliminate the limitations that you put on yourself,
 for you do not understand the past.

107.And the more you have become learned,
the more things you have learned,
 the more things you have seen,
 the more things you have done,

108.For if you knew anything, you would stop the pollution of the Earth, the destruction of the Earth.
You would stop doing this!

109.But you have not learned a thing!
You have not learned ANYTHING!
You have become more educated, and more educated, and more educated in NOTHING.
 For you have learned nothing.

110.So what good is the past?
The past will not make you learn.
111.The only thing you can do is look to Now to CHANGE the things in the future.
For you can change them now.
And that is the way it is.

112.You must look inside yourself for the truth.
You must come up with the truth inside of yo
 And when you do this you will know.
 You will know all things.

113.You will be able to read from the Book and receive only the truth.
You will be able to hear and know the truth.
You will be able to do all things in the truth

114.For the truth is the truth.
The truth is in Heaven, the truth is in all men, the truth is everywhere, and it is the free Spirit of Man.
Truth is the Order.
 Love is the Order of all things.

115.So look inside yourself to find where you are at.
 Discard all the things that the one-that-has-not has told you.
Shut him out and look to the good, and create the good, and keep the fire burning inside, and all things will come unto you.
 ALL things.
But unless you do this, it will not.

116.YOU MUST LOOK for the good in all things.

117.For you see, being the material being you are, the things that you look for,
(are) the things that you can touch and the things that you can feel, the things that you can have,

118.but if you truly opened your eyes and open yourself and looked around,
would see what God has created in the trees, in the sea, in the mountains, in all things.

119.It is there for you to see, and there for you to touch, if you only will allow yourself to do this.
 For it is all there.

120.And all the destruction, all the perversion, all the change that man has done, is the there also.
 And you will see it all.
And it is done all over the Earth this way,

121.For there are many places on Earth.
There are many people that My Father has sent.
 There are many people preaching His Word.
It is different to you as your word IS different to them
 But the answers are all the same.

122.But through your perversions, all through all time,
you are at a point that you cannot believe your neighbor,
for he is different than you, therefore you cannot believe him.

123.Oh, it's all right if you take what he's got, and kill thy neighbor,
because he is different than you.
And your neighbor has been taught the same!

124.This is not the true way of all things

123.Every man on Earth is a brother to every man on Earth!

124.And man does not kill man.
Man does not destroy things.
Man does not pollute.

But the Order is all out of order.
 So, man does just the opposite of what he has been told.

126.Yet, TRULY, all over the world that you have, all over your Earth that there is,
man has the same idea and is trying for the same road that you are.
But his belief unto him is right for him, where your belief is right for you.

127. But it all leads to the same PATH for the true believer.
And that is the right road, and that is the salvation of man.
 It is all there.
The teachings are all there for them.
They know when it is right.
They know to look into themselves too, for it is all there.

128.So, I say to you again; what is right for you may not be right for the other one.
But it makes no difference as long as it leads to the same path.

129.THAT is the word.
The Word is all man must come unto Me,
believing in Me and My Father in the Light,
with love in their hearts and open mind,
and they will all receive the glories and glories of Heaven.

130.And that is the way it is.
And it makes no difference what you call Me, as long as you come unto Me, for I have been called many, many things.
So, it makes no difference!

131.As long as you learn the truth, believe in the Word, the Word will set you free!
The truth will set you free.
And you will know the truth when you look inside.
For it is there.

132. Man is out of order with all things today.
And the more out of order he becomes, the more negative he becomes,
and the more energy it takes to keep man existing, for he does less and less good.

133.And when he does less and less good,
the negative forces through all of this existence on Earth,
all around Earth,and outside of Earth and in the Heavens
and in the other sides of the veil in the great kingdom of the one-who-has-not has established for himself, prevails.
 For it continues to grow larger and larger and larger.

134. And I say unto you on the Earth today, that man is totally out of order,
and these things are much more powerful, greatly more powerful, tremendously more powerful
than the positive good that is on the Earth today.
For these are the end of time cycle.
And you have allowed these forces to grow, and grow, and grow.

135. For when I came before, and I took unto Me all of these forces and destroyed them on Earth at that time,
 to leave you in an ordered state of purity,
you in turn didn't believe, didn't do anything, and opened the doors wide, and kept listening to the one-that-is-not.

136.And you, in turn, have perverted and perverted
. And he has grown stronger and stronger, and you have done more and more and more (evil).
 He has grown stronger, stronger and stronger until TODAY he is the strongest force that there is on Earth.

137.And the only way you can fight him, is with the power of My Father through Me into you, and you can cast him out,
because WE still DO have more power than he has.

138.But he is the strongest unto you on Earth today,
for you have made him that way.
 And that is the way it is!

139.And when you are in this out of order state, all of the diseases and sicknesses come into you.
For when your body is out of order, you have lost the protective shield of love around you,
the protective fire that keeps all things out.

140.And you have allowed all these things to enter your body with the one-that-is-not.
And it, in turn, diseases your body, sickens your body.
And it can destroy you.
For it is something that is there, and it will prevail on you when you are in this state.

141.And I say unto you, the one that is one when one and one make two together,
these out of order ones come together and it is two, instead of one.

142.The sicknesses and diseases that they bring forth onto man will wipe them out in their state.
 For it is in turn, these things are made by man through man, changed by man
 And they have grown stronger and stronger and stronger.
They have not left.

143.And these beings are totally out of order.
For the ordered state is man and woman combining, where two become one, and bond.

144.And their forces equalize each other and make a stronger single unit of power.
Where the one and the one do not balance anything, they become two.
 And they only add to the unbalance of each other, and by adding to the unbalance of each other,
they in turn CREATE greater DISORDER than there was before.

145.And that's why all of these things happen.
You have created them all.
They are there.
And I say unto you, that they can destroy man.
For man in his perversion can take this path and go that way,
and they will be destroyed.

For all things are like this.

146.There are many, many things happening in the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, and in the Universe.
There are many things happening with My Father’s Father’s Father!

147.And there are many things happening, with ALL of-the beings in the Universe, for there is total realignment being done.
 There will be new stars.
There will be stars gone.
 There will be a re-shift.
 There will be all things.

148.And it will come to pass for you, the people will say, "Oh, look.
We have found a new star!
Oh, look! That star is gone.
Oh, look the Galaxy is changed here.
The Galaxy has changed there.
The Heavens weep."
This will come

149. But I say unto you, the Light is on it’s way.
It is coming.
It is coming now

150.And in days to come; in your time, there will be someone say, “Oh, I see this thing coming.
With the two fires.”

 And man will see it.

151.But until this time comes, you will not see any miracles from My Father or Myself.
You will not see the great healings being done over the multitudes.

152.For My Father can come down on to Earth in a moment and heal all sickness from everyone, heal everything.
But He does not.
 I do not.

153.For you can heal yourself!

154.You can stop this by casting out all these diseases, all of these things.
 Cast the one-that-is-not out of you and start your body into the pure state of order and it will heal itself!!!
 For it does have the power to heal itself.

155. And it must get back to the order of things to its positive state that it must be in and be protected by this (love) shield.
And it will start to heal itself, and it will become whole.
This I promise you.

156.If YOU believe in yourself, in you, and seek the truth, it will happen.

157.But You MUST believe in YOU!
You are the Key.
You are the Temple, with the power (is) in you.
And you can do anything.

158.And you MUST believe this.
For the truth is within YOU!
It is there for you to behold. SEEK it.

159. Open the mind, Open the structure of the body, and open the heart,
and the truth will come forth like a fire and consume you with a loving warmth
and gold glow around you that will be seen by others.

160.They will see your happiness.
They will see your contentment.
And in this, they will see your love, which is your glory.

161. And they will KNOW that you do have the truth and are living in the love and the promises of the Father.

162.Many will shy away from you, for they will not understand.
 But many will come to you, for they will see all of this and want it too.
And all you do is tell the truth, tell them the way it is, with love, and let them look into themselves for the truth.
 For they shall find it.
And seeing you, the way you are, they will know there is something there.
And they will look.

163. This I say to you will happen.

164. For man is a wondrous thing.
For all that God creates is wondrous because it is made out of love, pure love for everything

165.But there is the one-that-is-not. He has the Kingdom behind the veil.
And he will perish in that Kingdom-that-is-not.
And there will never be anything there.

166.And you can live in this Kingdom if you choose.
 Being with the one-that-has-not-that-is-not, and you are there with him in naught.
 And that is the way it will be.

167.And all of the forces that you were given by My Father, all of the energy that you were given,
 will be changed to that negative-type force that he is and be with him in your total negativeness, with not, having not, in not.

170.You will only know the burning inside of you and around you, the type of burn that hurts constantly,
because you do not have the love to cool the fire, and put the warmth back into you that you need.
It is the fire of ice that will totally encompass you.

171.And you will want the love that was meant for you in the beginning that you had on Earth.

172.And this you will know, for you will be nothing, in nothing, having nothing,
with the terrible, terrible want for this love that you cannot have, and WILL NEVER HAVE.

173For man is at a time now that he can decide on his destiny.

174.And this is a point in the Time of Now that is so great for you,
for NO period of time have you had the opportunity to TOTALLY determine your destiny as you have now.

174.Now is the turning point for man.
He MUST decide one way or the other.
He must either accept the Word or reject the Word.

175.He must come into Me to the Father, or be destroyed.
There is no in between.
There is no "WELL" he can sit back and think about it, he can sit back and do nothing.

176.And I will come to him and say, "Brother, come in, come in," and persuade and do all types of things.
 Nay, I say to you, this is not the way it will be.


178.He must decide, for the PROMISES from the Father have been absolute.

179.He will have the Kingdom of Heaven and all its glory and Heaven, Heavens, Heavens, through My Father's Father 's Father.

180. Or, he will have the Everlasting Death with the one-that-is-not.

181. These are absolutes. There is no in between.

182.There is not the middle of the road that says, "Well you can keep doing the way you are, just clean you up a little bit.
 Pretty yourself a little bit, and cast him out for a few days.
But then let him in for a few, and go the way you are going.
This is not the way it is !!!!!!

183.This is what My Father has promised for you.
 And the promise is "Come unto Me.
Come unto Me now in the Light to thy Father", or go with the "one-that-is-not."

184.You have the choice.

185. But He has said too, that you MUST make a choice.
It is your choice to make!

186.So look into yourself, I say, my flock, LOOK INTO YOURSELF.
Open yourself to all these things that I have been saying.
Look at them.
 Listen to them.

187. And if you open yourself up with an open heart, you will truly believe.
 For I say to you, there is nothing on Earth that you cannot do.
All things are yours.
That is the way the order was meant to be.

188.But you must get them yourself.
It is there.
It is for you, and it is with My Father’s love and My love, and all the love of the Heavens that has been given to you.

189.But you have to find it yourself.
 There is no other way.

190. And you can read all the books in the world.
You can listen to all of the people in the world,
and you can be the most learned person in the world on all subjects,
 but the truth is you must look to yourself for the truth.

191.For all these things you hear, all these things you read, all things you learn,
And it is for you and you only, because you are unique unto yourself.

192.All men are different.
 They are different.
They are as like I have been saying about the same path, men are different to men.
They are different but they are alike.
They look different.
They talk different.
They act different, but they are the same.

193.And this is the same as the answer to the truth.
true harmony with everything that exists on this planet.

194. It will look different to one as it looks to the other but it will be the SAME.
 And these answers will be there.
They will lead to the path that man needs to go.

195.So it makes no difference what that answer is to one or to the other, as long as it leads to the same path.
 That's where man must go.

196.And the true order of all things is man in harmony with man, Earth, fish and birds,
 true harmony with everything that exists on this planet.

197.For it is there. It is on this Earth for you.
 All things are for you, if you so desire and all things will be taken care of.

198.If you go out and speak my word, things will be taken care of.
You can go out and do many wondrous things.
All things will be taken care of if you have faith in yourself and Me and the Father.

199.But you must have faith in YOURSELF, that belief in yourself, for you are that Temple.

200.And if anything will be, if anything MUST be, if anything SHALL be, YOU WILL BE!

201.Man must come together to get all of the rewards that My Father has promised.
So tell everyone the Word.
Tell everyone to come.
Tell everyone to seek inside themselves.
For man is at the end of his time.

202 For as I said before, time is an illusion to man, and it is what keeps man where he is at.
 For truly I say to you, there is no time.
Time is an illusion.
Time is now where you are at.
And all things must change.
All things will change or cease to be.
 That is a promise.

203.My Father loves you.
His Father’s Father loves you.
 All of the SUPREME Beings in all of the Galaxies Love You.