sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 18

TAPE 6-3-87
YOU Make Your Own Problems vs 2
The Bad That You Do vs 12
Judgement vs 15
Baptism vs 18
You Can Only Do For YOU vs 27-31
Stone Churches Tell You What To Do vs 33
You Blame Others vs 35
Do What You Know Is Right vs 37,38
All Things On Earth Are Good vs 41-Earth Will Take Care of Self vs 45
Earth Trying to Maintain vs 46
You Change Them vs 45
Out Of Order vs 46
Earth Will Be New vs 49,72-76
Earth is a Being in its Own Right vs 53
Earth Will be Preserved vs 58
one-that-is-not vs 68-69
Light is on the Way vs 80
Earth is HAPPY vs 82-85
Great Time in Your Life vs 86
Man’s Corruption vs 86-91
Power comes from God vs 92
Man Pollutes and Kills Himself vs 93,94
Things in Heaven vs 96
The Word Has Been Given But Done Away With vs 97
Some Will not Teach or Share vs 98
Pervert The Word Is The ANTICHRIST vs 108-127
Tithing vs 128
‘Gift Of Love’ vs 133,144
Jesus Gives Messages vs 145-149
Hearts Are Opening vs 152
Promise Of The Multitude vs 155
Bonding Saves the Earth vs 155

1.I only come to give you a message.
I only come to try to get you to understand what I am saying.

2.I only come to help you with the problems you have understanding what I have said,
for I do know that you have problems with it
3.You have problems just existing day to day for you create so many problems yourself,
you just hardly can stand it, for you do create all your problems,

4.You do allow all things to happen.

5.You can stop having problems anytime you choose,
 for it is you who does allow them to be done to you

6.You allow all things.
You upon yourself to all things as su

7.For when you love yourself and are at peace with yourself,
the problems do not exist.

8.For the love that you have will come through,
and it will stop all these problems before they start.
And it will also allow you to see the middle way to avert all of these things.
For there is such a way for you.

9.Because as I have said before,
what is right for one may not be right for the other.

10.So the one that looks at the middle can see the right on both sides
 and see that they are saying the same.

11.Now all through time, all through the time that you have been here,
and the times that you have come back to learn the lessons that you have to learn,
to try to do things anew, to try to make things right, you do none!
You do not make things right!
You can't change the past and bring it to the future, or, even bring it to now.

12.But you have all, and. I say, every one of you (have) done bad.
 Some more than others.
 For a lot of the bad you do may not be to another,
but it is to yourself that you do these things
 And in turn, you tear yourself up.
You beat yourself up.
 You do all types of things to yourself,
knowing the bad that you have done

13.And I say to you all, you have all done bad some time or the other.
SO DO NOT look to the bad that your neighbors have done.

14.DO NOT look to the bad that the person down the block has done.
 DO NOT Look to the bad that the person who has done it in office, for all people do bad some time or another.
 You ONLY look at the bad you do yourself, and try to correct it.

15.For there is only ONE Judge, and that is My Father.
 And he will judge all through Me

16.For all that come and ask to be saved and ask for the forgiveness, with a true heart, will be forgiven.

17.But, in turn, they will be judged also for their position that they will have in Heaven.
For they will be judged at the side of the Father, or at the feet of the Father, or some distance away from the Father,
depending on what they have done.
So they will be judged.

18.But all those who come, cleansed by the water, purified in it, and do good, and have a loving heart will sit by My Father.

19.They will not need to be judged, for they are good at heart, good at soul, and good means that they will endure.

20.But others will be judged, and they will be judged in their-own right.

21.But you, I say to you, have no right to judge anyone else!!!
For all things to others are different than they are to you.

22.Like I say, what is right for one may not be right for another.
 And WHO ARE YOU to try to push off your beliefs on them?
You do not have this right.
All you can do is say, "I believe this is the way it is."
And then let it go.

23.For what is right for you is right for you.
And like I say, it may not be right for someone else
. And you CANNOT judge them at all.
You can only judge yourself.
You cannot condemn someone else.

24.You cannot go out and publicly through your word destroy someone else,
because this is not for you to do.
And when you do this, you listen to the one-that-is-not.
And you do not have any right to do this.

25.You must accept all things yourself.
You can only explain, when asked, how you feel.
You can only tell others when they ask.

26. But you have no right to push your beliefs, your limitations, your demands, on others.
For this is not the order of all things.
This is not the way of the Father.
 This is not the way it is to be.

27.You MUST look into yourself, decide what is right for you.
And then do it.

28.But if thy neighbor does feel right with what you say, let it be.
 Love thy neighbor as thyself, but let that be.
 For what is right for him may not be right for you
29. Everyone on this Earth is unique in their own right.
You are an individual in your own right, with a free agency in your own right
 to do as you choose, to do as you see, to do as you feel.

This is the way it is.
And you are the one that does it.

30.For no one today will help you do it
 It must be done by you.
 And if it takes you cutting everything off,
 and if it takes you doing away with that limb that is so poisonous to your system
 if you must do this, you do this.

31. You have to decide what is best for you.
No one else can decide that for you.

32.And I say to you, you do love to have someone else make decisions for you,
someone else tell you how to do.

33.You L 0 V E to sit there in that BIG, STONE building with the fancy spirals,
 and the crosses and all that,
and have someone tell you the way you should go! ! ! !

34.I say to you, nay, this is not the way.

35.For when things occur, you do not blame yourself.
You blame the one who has told you, or you blame the Word, or you blame this and that

36. And this is not the way it is.
For all things you do yourself and for all things you do unto yourself,
it is your responsibility to do FOR YOU.

37.And when you do right, you know it.
And when you come together with another and become one,
with the two that become one,
 you do know when it is right.

38.You know the feelings inside of you.
 You know all within yourself.
And it makes NO difference to you what someone else will say,
 for you know it is right unto you.

39.And they can say all manner of things,
 all manner of things can they say to you to stop the union of the two.
 But when you know it is right,

40.So do not listen.
Look to yourself.
 For these cannot tell you what is right for you
. Only you can tell you what is right for you.
 And you will be judged as such.

41. For all things that God has created is good.
All things in the Universe, all things in the Galaxy, in the Heavens, on your Earth,
were created by God, in God, through God is GOOD.
 It is love
 It is truth.
 It is BEING.

42.For when you come to Him, through Me, in the Light, with an open heart,
THEN All things are manifested unto you.
And you will see the truth, the love and the Light.

43.And you will have all things unto you.
And you will know the peace, and the happiness,
and the contentment of true being,
and being in order with all things.

44.For there is a good life for you, if you choose.
There is a bad life for you, if you choose.

45.And the problem with all things today is the out-of-order state of all things
. For everything in your world is out at order, except……. except the things that God has created that man has not changed
 They are still in order, but all else is out of order.

46.Your Earth is trying to maintain its order.
But for all the destruction and pollution that you do to it,
it is having a hard time.

47. Your sky, your Heavens AROUND your Earth are trying to stay in order.
 And they are having a hard time,
because you continue to change and you change, and you change all things.
 And you are polluting it also.

48.So when you learn the lesson,
 the lesson is that all that God created is Good and it is for you,
only look into yourself to find this and stop this,
“I am. I am. I do. I need. I want. I do for myself.”
 the truth in all things, and STOP this type of thing!!!!
You will surely perish if you don't.

49.The Earth will take care of itself, the Earth will make anew.
 The sky will take care of itself, it will make anew.

50.But in making this new, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE, if it does exist
. For the choice is there
. And the Earth waits for your choice.
The skies and heavens around your Earth wait for your choice.
 Because it is your choice to make! ! !


52.And they wait, and wait, and wait.
But their patience; is almost gone also

53.For the Earth is a living being in its own right.
And God blew the breath of life into it.

But it knows you have a choice whether the Earth exists or does not ex

54.For if you are totally destroyed, it will be totally destroyed, also.
 For the Father will not want to see any remnants of it or you ever, ever again.

55.He will not want to be REMINDED of what was,
what did happen, and what could have been,
if you would have only changed.

He will not want to be reminded of this.

56. So He will totally eliminate it all from His sight and memory.
So He will not have to see it, or think of it ever again.
And all will be totally destroyed.

57.There are such times coming to you if you will only come and believe
and do what He has said that you shall do.
Make the decision.
Come now, and the blessings will be your

58.And if man does this and he sees this,
 the Earth will be PRESERVED.
It will be made anew.
 But it will, be preserved in its own right.

And harmony will exist.
Order will exist throughout all.

59.There will be none of the things that there are now.
There will not be the sicknesses, the diseases.
There will not be times when you are too cold, or times when you are too warm.

60.All will be in order.
 You will live in total harmony with everything that there is
 The order will be maintained.

61.You will not need for anything, for you will have everything.

62.You will not want for anything, because you have all that you want.

63.You will not destroy.
You will not pollute.

64.You will NOT do all of these things that you are doing now,
because you will be in your perfect state.

65.And you will know all, see all, feel all, and love every single thing that there is.

66.And in that state you will NOT allow anything to stop you, to change you.

67.It cannot penetrate that shield of Love.

68.And the one-that-is-not will be cast out.
He will be cast behind the veil to his Kingdom that is-not,
with-not, and he will-have-not.
And all will be-not throughout there.

69.And it is vast.
 It is hard, with nothing in nothing that is nothing!
So therefore he will be naught.
 And he will be there forever, and ever, and ever.

70.So look into yourself.
 Look into your heart.
 Listen to what I say.
Try to believe some of it.
Look into yourself,
 because if you do look in with the truth
seeking the truth, believing in Me and the Father,
you will know the Truth of all that I say.

71.And come down the right road, down the path to Everlasting Life, through Me to the Father,
and be with Him the way it was meant to be,
 in the order of all things.

72.When the time does come, all on Earth will be made anew, …….if it does occur.

73.All things will be made anew.
Your Heavens, your skies over your Earth will be made anew.
The Earth will be made anew

74.And I have said before, lands will be where land is not.
Where there is land, the land will not be.
 And old land will appear.
 New land will appear,
 other lands will disappear.
 And there will be total change of all things on Earth.

75.And there will be change in man!
For he will change also.

76.There will be changes of the fishes of the sea.
 There will be changes of the birds of the air.
There will be changes of the animals on the ground.
 There will be changes of all things.
 Everything will change.
 Everything will be made anew!

77.That IS the way it is for all of the negative forces,
all of the pollution that you have done,
 all of the perversion that there is,
all of this will be totally destroyed.

78.Everything will come to order.
Everything will be in order at that time.

79.And everything MUST BE DONE NOW.
For there is no time.

80.Again, I say unto you, the Light is on the way.
 It's coming. And. it will be here.

81.And as it’s coming, people will see it.
People will say, “everything’s changing in the skies”.
And they will see the Light coming.
 And as the Light approaches, there will be upheavals.

82.There will be all types of things that occur on the Earth,
 for the Earth will know it's coming, and the Light will be here.

84.For it is happy to see the Light,
knowing that the Light will cleanse,
knowing that the Light will preserve it,
knowing that the Light can make it endure forever in
 total, total order with all things,
in harmony within itself.

85.Also knowing that the Light can destroy it, also.
But knowing that these are the things that must be.
 For all things will come to order.
And it is happy in its own right,
 through knowing that all things will come to order,
 one way or another.

86.For you live in a great time now.
You live in such a wonderful time,
 but you do not realize it for the dark forces have everything corrupted.

87.They have man corrupted to such a point that the good on Earth is less powerful than the evil.
They must call on me and thy Father through me for the help they need to fight because he is so powerful.

89.And we will help you.
But nay, I say to you, very, very few will call unto us for this help.

90.Most of you feel that you can do all yourself.
You can fight these things yourself.. you can do it all.

91.But I say to you nay.
You can not!
For when you feel this, you are feeling your own power that you believe that you have yourself,
not believing in the power of my Father through me,
and feeling the power of the Heavens.
You only feel your own power.

92.But the power comes from US.
You MUST believe in US, in yourself, through US,
 to have all of the power that We have promised,
not just your own being.

93.That has been the problem with Earth today,
 is that man continues to build to man,
believing that man does all.
He does all himself.
And this is not the way it is.

94.Man builds his Kingdom to man
 He builds his wealth to man.
 He kills people to give himself more wealth for himsel
 He does all types of things like polluting the Earth,
 destroying the Earth,
and eventually it can destroy him if he does not change.

95.For this is the way you are today, in this out of order state.

96.There are many things in the Heavens.
There are many things in the Galaxy
 There are many, many things that you do not understand.

97. There are many, many, many things that have been told to you that you have done away with.

98.For there are times when people knew more than other people
 And one man knew more than the next.

*99. And therefore, he was afraid that if the man next to him knew as much as he did,
 then he can have as much as he's got for he knew equally as much.

100.And he said, "Nay, I will not teach them this.
 They shall not learn this.
For as long as I can keep myself more learned,
I will have more, so I will not allow him to learn."
And I say to you, this is not right.

101.This has put man in the order he is in today,
with that greed unto himself, that ego,
that he has built up that I am smarter than the next
 therefore I get more than the next.
I want more than the next.

102.And not saying, "I should love my brother as I love myself,
and we are equal, and he should hear the word as much as I."
.Nay, you do not do this.
You do not look for the good in anybody.
You only take, take, take.

103.So as time has gone by, man has learned less and less in certain respects,
 and learned more and more in others.
 He has learned more and more on how to survive with other men in themselves by controlling,
 by being lord, by being master over all.

104.He has learned to take more unto himself,
and I mean take, take, take, gaining in worldly possessions,
 gaining in all things that mean naught.

105.And he has lost and lost and lost the things that are true and have true meaning unto him.
 He has lost the good.
He has lost the love.
And he has not gained in the things that are truly meant for him to gain.

106.And that is the Truth!

107.The love of God, the coming to Him, through Me, in the Light, he has not gained in any of this.

108.He has taken My Father’s Word.
He has taken the Words.
He has perverted them.
He has taken and polluted them.
He has taken these words.
He has prostituted them.

109.And he says all is for himself. “The more I get, the better I will be.”

110."The more buildings I have with the crosses and the fancy things,
 and all this, and the more and more monies I have,
the fancier and fancier car I drive,
 the MORE things I've got
the higher place in Heaven I will have with God!"

111.I say to you, this is not so.
You will be judged.
You will be judged so you just, just,in all your perversion,
do not realize  how you are going to be judged! ! !

112.For you are the one that leads the people astray in the truth.

113.You are the ones that take the people away from Me.

114.You are the wolf that goes through My flock,
 choosing choice morsel after choice morsel unto yourself,
and doing this is making your own flock,
 and creating all those so you can devour them when you want t

115.And I say to you, you are the perverters of the Word.

116.You are the antichrist on the world today

117.Because people do believe in you, and you are NOT, I say, telling them the truth!

118.You are not going out and saying to them,
 "Do not give to me, give to your brother that is in need."

119.You're not saying to them, "All I need is my substance just to live,
And I live in a little house like you do.
I drive the older car like you do.
I, in turn, eat at the small restaurant like you do.
I do not need all those fancy things.
All of this wealth that you bestow unto me, I do not need.

120.All of this wealth should go to the ones that have not.

121.All of this should go to the ones that are in need,
so that everyone can have the same income,
 in order of knowing that they will be taken care of.
Their needs, their wants are all there.
And what they do, they try then to do better.

122.They try to work all of their problems out,
knowing that things are being taken care of.
And through My love and My Father’s love all will be in order.

123.But you do not do this.
You only go and take what you can take unto you.

124.And this is the way with the Temples on Earth today,
 that you have built unto Me.
And all the buildings and the fancy things are all perverted.

125.They are perverted to you!
 And I do not care for the fancy names you put on yourself.

126.The fancy names you put on your cities or the fancy names you put on buildings,
THEY ARE PERVERTED for they do not do the work of My Father.

127.They do not speak the truth the way it was meant to be.
They do not tell the people TO LOOK INSIDE THEMSELVES and they will find the answers

128.They say, "Oh, you must come unto me.
You must come here.
You must kneel.
You must pay.
And I will forgive.
For the Father listens to me.
 He does not listen to you!
So when you do this, I will forgive you and He will forgive you.”

129.And you pay and you pay and you do all types of things and he says unto you,
 "Come, come to the Temple and get the Word”.

130.And then (you) go out and look inside your heart and it’s not there.

131.“Come back to the Temple again and hear the Word, and do this and that.
But always come back because you need more and more of the words.

132. Because, truly, it's too hard for you to believe.
And you will not believe, so you must come back and hear my Words.
And when you do, you must pay, pay, pay.
 For it is your duty to pay and support all manner of things."

133.I say unto you, that all those who truly, TRULY do give
 and give with love in their hearts,
and give because they want to give, this is good.

134.But, I say to you who say that it is their duty
 it is something they must do.
 I say, nay it is not!!!

135. For their gifts should only be out of love for what they want to give,
 not what they feel they must give,
or their duty to give, or their need to give.
 IT must be out of love for what they believe in and believe in themselve

136.And they will be judged in good for this.
All those who give, and give, and give,
out of a true belief that they are doing good and they are only giving because they want to give,
will be judged good for this.

137.And the ones that give because they feel they have to,
they resent it, but they do it.
And they go along and they hear all of these things,
 and they feel in themselves,
that, “Well, the neighbor is going to do it, so I will have to keep up with the neighbor."
All this giving is bad, for it is not true.

138.Only the truth shall be inside of you.
And you will know when you give, out of love, out of truth,
or you give out of your own ego ... your own stature in the community that you live
 with the people you live with.

139.So it makes No difference,
what you give, how much you give, whether you give anything or not,
 if you believe in Me and the Father

140.And come to My Father through Me, you will be saved,
with an open heart, and love in your heart
For it makes no difference what you give,
but anything that you give,
you must give with LOVE in the belief that you are giving out of love,
 truly WANTING to give,
give not feeling obligated to give.

141.For the gift is in the truth.
The gift is in the love.

142.And all man must know this.
For TRULY giving,
expecting nothing in return,
and only knowing that you want to give through your love for this is true g

143.This type of thing will be rewarded.
It will be, for it is pure act, and good.
And you will get en
And you will feel prosperous from it.

144.This is what I say to you.
There are so many more things to come
 There are many blessings that you could have.

145.There are many things that I can say to you.
And I will, I will continue to come, I will continue to deliver the messages that I have to deliver.

146.And I want all men to hear,
 all men to hear the word,
and either accept or reject or accept part and reject part.
 It is totally up to them.

147.But I am trying, trying, trying to get all men to hear throughout all of your world,
throughout every corner, every crack,
 every place on Earth to hear the Word and hear that the Light is on the way!
And man must decide now what he is going to do.

148.For NOW is the time that you have to make that decision.
YOU have to decide.

149.And I will keep giving this message unto you time after time,
until you finally allow it to sink in to you,
 so that you do know that NOW is the time that you must decide.

150.For it will come to pass that all things will occur in the Heavens and in the Earth,
 if it does exist anymore.

151.For there are many people listening now.
There are many looking.
There are many inquiring.

152.There are many with open hearts, open minds, open structures, that are trying to find something.

153.And I say to you, send My Words to these.
 Let these hear My Words,
 for these are the ones who are truly looking and trying to understand and the way it is,
and the way it could be,
and the way it will be.

154.They will know that what you say is true,
for they will look in their hearts and feel it.
 They will look inside and the answers will come through that it is true,
that love is all.
 And they will understand.

155.And if it happens, and it occurs, and the bonding occurs and the mu
ltitudes come together,
the Earth will be saved as such!

156.And you will be in the Light, in the glory, with the Father,
 and all will be taken care of.
All will be in order.
All will be in the everlasting fire of love and totally protected from all harm.
 That is the way it is.

157.So, look to yourself.
Look inside.
Get the answers for you
. The answers will vary.
 But they are the same,
 as you and your brother vary in looks
 but you are the same.

158.Every one of you is the same, but you are different.
Always remember this, for this is the way it is

159.But, you are the same.
So your answers can be different, but they will all be the same.
That is the way it will be.

160.I love you all.
 My Father loves you all,
and His Father's Father's Fathers love you all.