sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer


Chapter 19
TAPE 6-4-87
Abortion vs.1-33
Judgement vs-34
Become The Example vs.5
Trust Those Who Are With You vs.30
Looking for Signs of the Times vs 34
No Miracles vs.39
My Children vs.45-49
Truth vs-50
The Light is on the Way vs.56
Father’s Promises vs.58
Limitations vs 59
Earth Takes care of itself Vs.62-168
Earth is Changing Self vs 65
God Blamed But Earth Does All vs 69
People are Seeking vs 76
Look Inside You vs 60, 79, 84,113
All are in Order vs 94
Order is Harmony vs 96
Man Must Set House in Order vs.105
With a Pure Heart Pray vs 110
Answer of the Question vs 111
Stop Looking To The Past vs 115
Self Healing vs.122-130
Man Comes Together vs.131
Giant Wave of Thought vs.145
Out of Order, GMOs vs. 146-168
Pollute the Earth vs 145
GMO VS 149
They Will Kill You vs 159

1.I come with a message to all those who condemn others,
for all of those who think that there is only the (one) right path.

2.I come with a message to those who cannot see the other ways for they are so mired in their own being,
 that they can not see ANY of the things for the other one.

3.My message to you is you,
is you have no right to condemn the other one unless you put yourself in their place.
 For if you were in their place,
you would not condemn them.

4.The Father has the right to judge.
The Father has all these rights unto Himself.

5.You do NOT have THAT right to you!

6.For judging one another,
you apply to them all of your limitations,
all of your thoughts of what is right,
without looking into yourself to find out the true right and the true place you should

7.When the union of man and woman come together,
that the two make one,
nd what is conceived from them and this union is good.

8. I say to you, there are other times when man and woman come together, there is no union.
There is nothing bonding between them.
But they do conceive out of their own physical needs.

9.Now, if the one who nurtures all, who conceives all, brings forth into this world all,
decides to herself NOT to conceive this thing,
she will be judged for this.
But it is not up to you to judge her for this.

10.For what is right for her is right for her.
What is right for you is right for you!

11.You can say to her, "No, you shouldn’t do that, for I feel as such.

12.But this is all you can say.
And you cannot condemn her.
For if you do, you will be judged for this also.

13.For you have to look into yourself.
And that one who conceives has to look into herself.
 She will know what is right.
 She will know what is wrong.
And she and she alone is judged for this.

14.You cannot judge her for this.
For she has free agency, a free mind, a free being to do what she wants to do.

15.And if she truly believes that it is for HER best interest,
 HER survival,
HER need in herself,
 and she does this thing,
 she will be judged for it.
 But she will not be condemned for it.

16.For it is in the JUDGING of Thy Father that all things will be accepted or rejected.
 And He will know the Truth.

17.So I say to you, all of these that do this,
ALL of these who condemn one another,
 believing they are right in what they think,
 I say to you, you are WRONG.
 For these things are only right unto you, not to anyone else.

18.You can tell them your point of view, but that's all you can do.

19.And if they see it your way, that is fine.
If they don't, that is fine also.
For what is right unto you,
may not be right unto them.

20.So I say to you, all those who judge one another,
will also be judged for this.
For you have no right to judge anyone other than yourself.

21.Only the Father has this right.

22.You go through life looking at what the other has done,
complaining about what the other has done,
chastising the other one for all of the things that he has done,
 all of the things that go on, and you do nothing.
 You do nothing about your own being.
You do not look to yourself for all things that you do!

23.For he is sitting back and chastising you for all of the things that you do!
So you MUST NOT do anything to chastise him or anything else.

24.But first you must look into yourself,
find out the things you were doing,
 and STOP doing these things

25.And become the EXAMPLE for the one who continues to chastise you,
 for he will see the truth in you.
And you will not have to say anything.
For the truth will come out of you,
 and the love and the light that surrounds you will tell all,
 that you are pure in yourself.
And you do give off the love and the truth and they will not chastise you anymore.

26.The only ones that will are the ones that are in fear, fear of you,
 not understanding what you bring,
not understanding the true things of love,
truth and living with the Father in Heaven, through Me.

27.For all these things will COME to you.
All these things are in you.
They are throughout you.
You are made in good.
You are good.
You MUST realize this.

28.Look inside yourself to find the answers for this. They are there.

29.And you MUST TRUST one another.

30.You must get to the point that you TOTALLY trust one another,
trusting yourself first, then you will be able trust the other.

31,And your trust IN THEM will come through so that they, in turn, will trust you.
 And they in turn, will trust themselves.
 And they can trust others.
And it will continue and continue and continue.

32.But you need not fight with someone over this.
 You need not argue with someone over this.
You need not debate over this.
You tell them how it is, how you feel
 The love will come forth.
And if they cannot accept, then they must learn themselves for you cannot force them in any way.

33.Just tell them the way it is.
They will either accept or reject.
Or, they will seek to learn.
This is the middle of the road path.

34.There are many wondrous things on your Earth.
There are many people today looking for any sign that they can find to make them believe.

35. They are searching, searching, searching.
And every time they see the least little thing, they fall on their knees, and they say, "This is the sign from the Father.
 This is the sign."

36.I say to you, the sign of your Father is all over.
It's in every tree.
It's in every flower.
 It's in every blade of grass.
 It's in every grain of sand.
 It is in the sky, the heavens, the stars, in the earth.

37.If you choose to look, you can see it.
 And you can find it, for it is everywhere.

38.But these ones want a DEFINITE sign,
something that is DIFFERENT from all things.
 They LOOK everywhere for it.
And every time they see something that is a little different,
they fall on their knees.
For they believe these are the signs.

39.And I say to you, the Father has said,
 "There will be not miracles coming to you for you must believe yourself!
And when you believe yourself, all kinds of wonders will happen.
 But there will be no miracles."

40.He has said,
 "There will be no burning bush.
 There will be no fire that does not burn.
There will be none of this, 'til the Light comes.
 And the two fires are there.
That is when you will see it.
That will be the cleansing or the end, one or the other!

41.But as for now, in NOW, there will be none of this,
nly what you try to make it to be."

42.For you will try and try and try to find all types of things that you want to believe unto you that are different.
You will look here.
 You will look there.
You will look on the ground, in the water.
 You will look everywhere that you think something is happening.

43.And any time you see a shadow,
a flick of light, a patch of dirt, or a piece of paint
 or the sands blow on the desert a certain way
you will fall on your knees and say, "I see. I see."

44.You see nothing.
You only see what you WANT to see.
 For you are trying so hard to see it outside of you.

45.I say to you, My children, look into YOURSELF.
You ARE the children of God.
You ARE also My children.

46.You are MY FLOCK.

47.We are all the same in one another.

48.They are NOT in the sky,
not on the desert,
not in the sands,
not in the Earth,
not in the water,
 but in YOU.
The answers are there.

49.So look inside yourself,
all answers to all questions are there.
 And it will come forth.

51.And that is I AM THE SON OF GOD.
Pure in heart, BELIEVING that that is the way it is.

52.And you will NOT die. This is true.
You will live forever and ever and ever.

53.This is the truth.
It's not in a burning bush.
It's not in a fire that doesn't burn.
It is in You NOW, not in the past, and not in the future that may be.
 It is in you NOW.

54.And I say to you, LOOK for it.
Look hard, for the time is NOW.
 There is not much time left.

55.No, I say to you, there is NO TIME LEFT.
For the time is now.
Your time that you have is over with!!!
It is at the end.

56.For the fire is on the way,
through the Light that is on the way.
 And the Light will be seen!

57.And it is coming ... with all its force,
with all its energy,
 with all its fire of destruction,
with all its fire of love and purity and salvation,
and the fire that protects,
and the fire that takes care of,
and the fire that provides for:
All are there for you, whichever way you choose.

58.My Father has promised many things.
And He is absolute in all things

59.He angers at the limitations that you place upon Him,
as I anger at the limitations you place upo
only the things that you have created this way.

60.You have brought these things onto yourself.
And if you look inside, you will know it.

61.For as I have said before, there is nothing that you cannot do.
 For you can do it all.

62.You are going to see more and more things change on YOUR world.

63.You are going to see things that cannot be explained.
 As hard as they try to explain them, they will not be able to explain,
for the Earth is starting to take care of itself.
The patterns that it is creating are patterns of change.
And they are changing in themselves.

64.And they will say, "This has done this.
And that has done that so therefore, this does exist."


66.It is starting it's purification to itself.
It's starting to do the things that it must do to protect itself.

67.And vast things will occur.

68.There are many, many things that over time,
 in the time before,
 that the Earth has done.
 And it has in turn changed this,
 and changed that,
 and this has been done,
and that has been done.

69.The Earth has not been given the credit for anything.
 God has been blamed for this and that.

70.Man has been blamed for this and that.
All things have been blamed for this and that.

71.But the true thing is the Earth and the entity itself has changed things when it sees that things are bad.

72. And it is becoming too bad,
that it cannot stand it any longer.

73.It is becoming too bad, that it cannot stand it any longer.
 It will change some things itself for it must to survive, and it will survive, if it can.

74.And you must realize this, that more things are on the change.
 Man is on the change.

75.There are people seeking the new truth all over the world,
looking to different things,
looking for different things breaking away from the old and the old traditional,
 and looking into themselves,
 and knowing that there is something more there.

76.And they are seeking!

77.In their course through seeking,
 they find many things,
many things that are not true,
many things that they are told that are not true,
and many things that may be.

78.And then there are many things that are the truth.
 So they are confused.
They are totally confused.

79.For no one has said look into yourself to find the answer!

80.No one has said it is all there.
All the things that you seek is there.
It is inside of you.
And you can climb the highest mountain,
sit on its peak for days and days,
 meditate and meditate at the Heavens,
think and think and think ...
and never receive an answer to anything.

81.But you can sit down,
 down at the seashore, by the sea, and looking at the water,
 and look and look and look into the water,
and meditate and meditate about the water
and see all of the things and still no answer will come.

82.You can be at the top of the mountain and look into yourself,
 and the answer will be there.
 You can be by the seashore and look into yourself,
 and the answer will be there.

83.It makes no difference where you are at, or on.
What you are contemplating, are all types of things for answers.
But the true answer is IN YOU.

84.The answers to all the questions, all the truths,
and all the love on Earth is IN YOU.
 And NOW is the time you must look into yourself,
and get the answer.

85.For things are coming to pass.
Things have passed.
Things are coming now to pass.
 And it is up to you, for you, whether you are totally passed away
or whether you exist from now to the end of eternity.
For it is your choice.

86.You have such freedom to do ALL you want to do, right or wrong, your choice.
You have this right to do these things.
But I say unto you, you will be judged for this also.

87.For doing wrong all the time, hardens the heart,
and you will be cast out forever and ever and ever.

88.Doing right keeps the heart pure and keeps you pure.
And you will live from now until the end of eternity


90.For man seems not to understand that all things are his,
given him by the Father.
 Through the Father,
 all things have been created.

91.And man seems to look at things as his.
He has created, he has done, he will be.

92.And he will not be, if he does not change his ways, for his ways are wrong
 They are out of order.
They are out of harmony.

For harmony and order are the same.

94.All things that are in order, to one person,
means that all things are in alignment,
 all things are good together,
all things come together,
all things be together.

95.Harmony to one is all things be together,
all things are together,
all things are in alignment together.
So harmony and order are the same.

96.It is just one hears what he hears.
It is what it is to him.
So they are the same.
 The order of all things is harmony of all things.

97.For all of the planets in the Universe,
 all in the stars in the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens,
if they were not in order or harmony or order with each othe
 they would be scattered all out,
they would striking each other,
they would be doing all types of destruction.
They would be doing all types of things like this.
 And nothing can exist this way.

98.For the out of order, or out of harmony state,
 is the state that creates all bad,
that creates all evil,
 that creates all destruction,
 that creates the pain that you have.

99.This is this out of order state.

100.You are not in order with anything.
You are not in harmony with anything of the creation.
You are not in order or harmony with the Father.

101.These are the things that there are in Heaven.
 For all things exist in order and harmony with one another.
 This is the way it can ONLY be.
This is the way it must be.

102.And you are the ones that are in the out of state order with all things.

103.You are not in the harmony or order with all things.
You exist in a negative attitude throughout, and is totally out of order with all Creation.

104.So you see, these things must come to pass,
that all must come into order and harmony with all things.
 For order and harmony are the same.
And it must come to be that way.
For everything was meant to be that way.

105.Everything else is that way.
And now is the time for man to set his own house in order.

106.He must set his house, himself.
He must, in turn, take that Temple of God and put it totally in order with all things.
He must be in order with himself, in harmony with himself.
And he must look into himself for the answers, for they are all there.

107.And you can pray to Me.
You can pray to the Father, through Me.
You can do all things.

108.And I have said before,
if you have problems with questions,
I will help you with the problems.
I will not give you the answer,
for the answers are in you.
 But I will help you with all of the problems that you have.

109.I will help you and I will help every man.
And the Father will help you with these things.
Through Me, you can do anything,
 and talk to the Father and get all the types of answers you want to,
 anything you want to.

110.You come and with pure heart,
pray through me to the Father,
 and your answers will be given,
the answers of the help of the questions,
 the answers to these things to help you understand.

111.But, I say to you, the actual answer of the question will not be given to you
, for it is already inside of you.
And you must find it.

112.I say to you, you ask a question, and you pray, and you pray and you pray, and you get,
"Look inside yourself."
And that is what I am saying now.
 For it is there.
And you are the one who must do it for no one can do it for you.

113.For now is the time that you must do all things.
 You must look inside yourself for the answers,
and do what you feel is right!

114.For I say to you, that the time is now. The Light is on the way.
And all men will have to take one path or the other.
 For by NOT taking a path is the same as taking the wrong path.

You must stop looking to the past for everything for now and the future.

116.The past may help you understand things about yourself, or the way things used to be.
 That is fine. But you cannot bring it to now.
You can't apply it to things now the way they are,
because the past is the past and the now is the now.

117.And so many people are hearing My Words and listening to them,
 and listening to them.
And I say some are believing.
 Some are not believing.

118.Some CHOOSE not to believe,
when they know that it is right,
but they do not want to progress to believe,
because it is against themselves.

119.For they have the hard hearts.
And they will not allow any truth to go within
. These ones will be judged for this, if they are judged.

120.For only the ones that are judged will be in the Kingdom.

121.For all the ones that will not be judged,
will not be allowed to enter the Kingdom for they will be seen as hard-hearted, as evil.
 They will be seen as part of the is-not, and has-not,
and will not be allowed to enter.
 And they will be cast behind the veil.
 For this is the way it will be.

122.There are many of you out there that profess a belief in the healing power that you have,
 but do not practice it.

123. And I say to you, you have to heal all of yourself.
You, have all these powers to do to yourself what you need to do
but first you must find the faith to do it.

124.You must look to me and to the Father through me
and you will find these truths inside of you,
 with the belief that you can heal
nd allow your body to do the job that it is meant to do.

125.And once that protective shield, that I have told you about, encompasses you,
 that shield of Love that keeps out ALL HARMFUL THINGS out of your body,
your body can heal itself, because you have the power to heal.
And I say to you, look into yourself for the answers are there.

126.They are in you for everything.
For all of the healing that you need, for everything that you need, the answers are in you.
They are inside of you.

127.They are everywhere, in everybody, but the answers are in them.
So look to yourself for all of the healing.
 Look to yourself for all of the answers, and answers truly will make you free.

128.You will be free of death.
You will be free of the pain.
You will be free of all of the things that you put upon yourself.
 For I say to you, that is all with in you.
It is all there to find.

129. And all of you have it.
EVERYONE has it.
It is what you are

130.For you are made by the Father, in the Father, and have My Father in you.
And I am in you.
We are there.

131.When man does come together, IF man comes together, all things will be made right.
 For in his wanting to know the truth,
in his believing he will hear the truth,
in his knowing that HE will know when the truth does comes to him.

132.I say to you, that you WILL gather.
 You will come together.
You will be one with another.
You will see than that all men are brother and all believe in the same thing.

133.And the power, ... oh , that awesome power •... that is generated by the multitude,
you will NOT be able to believe for it is so awesome.

134.But you will believe, for you will see it and know the truth.
You all will know the truth, if you choose,

135.There are SO many wondrous things happening today.

136.There so many, many, many bad things happening today,
that they outweigh the good ones a hundred fold.
For in your corruptness, you have all looked to the one-that-is-not,
and have listened and listened and listened to him
 And that is why things are how they are.

137.. And things will continue to be this way until the realignment occurs,
 the order of all things occurs,
the harmony of all things occurs,
and the cleansing of all things,
where everything is made anew occurs, if it is done at all.

138. For I say to you, it is your choice to do it.
You will decide either to accept or reject My Word.
 And if you reject it, there will be one end.
 If you accept it, there will be NO End.

139.So that is the Word.
 And it will end in its all.

140.The other way, nothing will end, and it will be forever.
 And that is the way it is.

141.For you have the choice.
All you have to do is look inside yourself to get the answer.
And the answer is there!

142.Sometimes you do make Me so happy.
 Sometimes you make Me sad.

143. I am fairly happy now, for people are listening.
 You are listening to what I have to say.
 You are listening.
 You are learning.
 Some are accepting.
 Some are not.
 But some are.
 And this is all I can hope for.

144.For these are the ones who will lead others.
And the others will lead others and the others will lead others.

145.And there will be a giant wave of thought and believing throughout the land
that will cover it like a tidal wave,

and they will come unto me believing in me and the Father
and wanting the Father through me
and believing that I am the Light
and all things will come to them for their belief which I say to you is the truth,
is the truth in all man for there are many, many, many prophets, angels
throughout the seas, throughout the skies, everywhere there is.
They are trying for this is your last chance.

146.You must either come now, or there will be a NEVER AFTER.
 If you come now, there will be a FOREVER AFTER.
 And this is the way it will be.

147.You see all of the things around and the changes that you have made.
You see the pollution of all the lands that you have done,
the pollution of the seas, of the oceans, of the rivers, of the streams,
that you have done,
the pollutions of the land, in the air, in the sky that you have done,
and the pollutions that you have done unto yourself.

148. For all these things you do in your change,
in your right of free agency,
in your right of creation,
in your mind that you have,
you can do anything which you can do.

149.But what you have done,
is change things that should not have been changed.

150.By doing this, you have polluted and polluted and polluted.
You have taken all the wondrous things that have been given you through the Father,
all the trees that you have on the Earth,
 the bushes you have on the Earth,
the plants that you have on the Earth,
and all manner of things that were provided for you on the Earth
to make your substance and life easier on Earth,

and you have cast all these out.

151.And you have made this, and you say,
"That is good, for I have made it."
And you made that and you combined this,
and you combined that,
 and changed this and that,
and say, "All that looks so good."

152.And what all this is, is that man is taking the Temple of Man,
 the creation of man to man,
and everything for man,
and he is poisoning man with it.

153.He is poisoning with the different things he makes to control things on Earth.
 He is poisoning man with all of the different things that he has given unto man, saying,
 "This will make you well.
This will make you better.
This will help the food supply.
This will stop this.
 This will stop this.
 This will do that."

154.In turn, he is changing the order of things.
 And all things are changing.
All types of things are changing.

155.Diseases are changing.
The air that we breathe is changing.
 The ocean is changing.
The land is changing.

156.The land can destroy in areas that it is destroying.
The air can destroy in places it is destroying.
And the sea is doing the same thing.
The oceans are doing the same thing.

157. For when you change all of the things that you have been given,
you have not changed them for good.
You have only, in turn, made them bad in your own perversion

158. And in turn, they turn on you,
in that extra strength that your perversion creates for them,
through the one-that-is-not.

159. And in turn, you do unto yourself all types of terrible things,
 all types of feasts and famines and diseases and pestilences and all types of destruction throughout,

160.And this is the way you have done it.
These are the things that cannot be when the Order comes.
When the Order comes, all things will be in harmony.

161.And there will be none of this ... IF the Order comes.

162.For the Order will come to all of the heavens,
 all of the stars,
 all of the galaxies,
and it will come whether you exist or not!

163.For if you do not exist the Order will come.
For everything will be destroyed and put in order.
 You will not exist anywhere.

164..And the order is the thing that must be done.

165.And if you choose the other, and accept everything, all will come to order.
And everything will remain, and everything will be good.

166.Things will be made anew.
Things will be cleansed.
Things will be done and changed.
But it will all be good.

167.And you will see the good, I promise you that!

168.For I love you.
My Father loves you.
And all in all creation love you.
You are loved SO greatly you just cannot comprehend it and you cast it out.

But you are truly loved.