sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 21
TAPE 6-7-87

Jesus speaks:
Chastisement to Prophets vs.1-136
You are a Prophet, a Teacher vs.19
You had the True Light But No Joy vs.36
You Broke the Covenant vs.39
God Allows Man To Do To Man For Lesson vs.45
The Truth Is In YOU vs.55
How to Cast Out vs. 69-81
War vs 81
Man not allowed to take destruction into the Heavens vs.94
Earth Provides For ALL Men vs 98
The Earth Will Take Care Of Itself vs.104
How We Elected Officials vs. 112-125
Order is Coming to Pass vs. 126-136

1.I am so saddened by you who do not listen to My Word,
by you who do hear My Word and know My Word,
 but do not believe.

2.I am saddened by you who do not hear the Word and choose not to believe.

3.I am saddened by the one that My Father has the covenant with who has come down as a prophet in the Time of Now,
for he chooses not to believe.

4. He only believes what he wants to believe.
And if he does not know the answer,
he looks and looks and looks for the answer that is the answer that he wants for himself.

5.If he says to himself, "I do not believe this.
But I will not say that.
I will look for another who says that.
And then I can say, well, he says that, so I do believe that."

6. And he goes from one to another, from one to another, until he finds that one who does not believe it.
 So, he says, "Truly, I believe for this one has said it too."

7.And all of the others that he has talked with,
that has said something contrary to what he wants,he does not believe.
For he says, "They do not know what they are talking about."
And this is how he is doing.

8.And he goes to and fro, and he seeks, and he looks ONLY for the things that he wants for himself.
And that is how he wants things to be.
He wants them unto himself.

9.For he does not want anything for the Father.
He does not want anything through Me.
He only wants unto himself, the things that he cannot have.

10.For all that he wants are all of the material things that there are to make him a God on Earth.
 And I say, you will not be a God on Earth.
 You have not accomplished anything that you were sent back here to accomplish.

11.You have not learned any of the lessons that you were sent here to learn.

12.All things that you have tried in the Time of Now have not worked for you.

13.You have continued to try and try all manner of things to bring substance unto you,
to bring material things unto you, to try to do, to do, to do unto you, and nothing has worked for you.

14.For you are scattered all over.
You have no, no purpose that you can find,
for you will not truly look for it.

15.All of the purpose that you see in yourself is the purpose is how much you can get unto you.

16.And this has not happened.
And it will not happen, for you seek the wrong things in the wrong places.
 You listen to the wrong people around you.
 You do not truly seek the truth, for the truth is there.
And you deny it.

17.All manner of things could be yours,
could have been yours but you choose to deny everything.
 You blame someone else, other than yourself,
for all of the things that have happened to you.
And you continue to wallow in your self-pity, in your ego,
to try to show everyone that you are God, yourself.

18.And I say to you, that you are not God.

19.You are a prophet and a teacher.

20.But you are not doing that either.

21.And you do know, you do know that you have lost contact with Me and the Father.

22. And you wonder and wonder and ponder,
“What is going on? Who is the block between? Who is the one that is stopping all this?
 For I am not doing this.
Someone is doing it to me."

23.And I say to you, this is not so.
 You are doing it to yourself.
You have lost contact.
 You have lost the purpose of why you are here.
And in turn, you will lose everything.

24.All of the things you have been promised you for your rewards, you will lose, for this is the way it will be.
25.For your heart is becoming so hard, no one can bust it with the largest hammer.
 You are becoming totally closed in mind, totally closed in structure, totally closed to all of the good and the love that there is.
Only do you pervert into yourself.
 And that is the way it is.

26.And you will not see the Light.

27.You will not gain the things that you look for, for you look for them for yourself.
Your purpose is scattered all over.
It is not set on anyone thing, other than what you can get for yourself.

28.The true purpose is shattered like the pane of glass that is shattered into a million, million pieces
for you have no direct purpose in what you are doing.
You do not look for it.
You do not want to look for it for then you might do what is right
29.And you do not, truly, do not want to do this.
You want everything unto yourself.

30.So I am sadden for you.
I weep for you because, you do not have another chance.
31.You have everything that we have given you, are in you, and you are denying, denying, denying.

32. And I say to you, that, soon you will be so hard that nothing will penetrate you and you will be lost forever.

33.And these around you that wallow in your word, wallow in your being,
wallow in the same things that you are wallowing in today,
will be lost also.

34.For through you, they will become as hard as you and they will not seek the truth.
They will not seek the love.
They will not seek any of this,
 only trying to seek the power and the material things that you tell them about.

35.And it shall not be, for you do not have the true Light from above.

36.You had it once.
But you did not, DID NOT, take joy in it.
You did not show others it.
 You did not believe in it.
Therefore, it was turned off of you.

37.You do not have it now.
You could have it if you came back and truly, truly repented, and asked the forgiveness again,
and truly found the purpose and Our Love, you would get it all.

38.But I say to you, the way you are now, I cannot see you doing this for I think that you are getting harder and harder as time goes by.
 I DO NOT believe you are seeking the truth.
You are only seeking what you can get unto you.

39.Therefore you break the covenant.

40.Therefore you become as the one-that-is-not, totally consumed by him.
And this is the way it will be.

41.I say to all who get tired of the way things are and get down and say, "Why are all these things done to me?"

42. They wallow in their self-pity. They wallow in all things that are not good for themselves.
 They say, "Woe is me. Woe is me. Why is all this being done to me?"

43.I say to you that man does to man.

44.God does not do to you.

45.God allows all things that are done man to man.

46.For through all of these things, you learn lessons.
You can learn the lessons of truth.
You can learn the lessons of humility.
You can learn the true lesson that there is a God in Heaven,
and He created you through Him.
And he is there, and I am there, if you choose to learn these lessons.

47.For all things that do happen, lessons are learned.
That is why My Father allows all things to happen.

48.For these lessons should be learned.
A lot of the lessons are not learned, for you choose not to learn to them.

49.But He does not do any of the things to you.
He only allows, for He knows that through you, through your love, through all that He has given you, that you can learn many things.
 So He allows you to do this.

50.For you have the free mind, the free agency that He has given you to choose what you should learn and how you should learn it.
So all the things that man does to man, He allows.

51.He allows all of these things to be done, so that you can learn the truth, learn all of the truth, and the whole truth
that He is the Father, He is the One, I am the Son, and through Me to Him
 you can have everlasting happiness, everlasting love, and the power to live forever,
 and have that power that gives you all true things unto yourself.

52.And the truth unto yourself and this feeling unto yourself and the glory unto yourself
does not mean that big car, that big house, all of the gold and jewels you can have.

53.It means the peace, the contentment, and the love in you, and the KNOWING,
the knowing in you that all is love, and all is good, and you will be forever.
This is the truth of all things.

54.This is the way it must be.
For you cannot take these big houses, these big cars, and all of this jewelry, and all of this gold, you cannot take this to Heaven.
 These are only material things.

55.The truth and the truth is in you.
And it is the happiness that is created through the love, the contentment,
 that is created through the love,
the internal peace in you that you feel when you are in this state,
knowing all of these things.

56. For the true believer in My Father through Me can do all things,
 he knows all things,
but he does not control by doing this.
 He does not go out and become a ruler and do all of this.
 He does not become a tyrant.
 He does not have slaves.

57.For he is, in him, in his own self, truly one with God,
and he does not need all of this.
For he is so contented and happy and loving in himself,
he does not need all of these things.

58.And he looks at everyone, and he gets sad, for he sees all of the others that do not believe, do not feel this, and do not have this, and will not accept the truth.

59.And it saddens him. But he, himself, does know, and this sadness is only for you, not for himself.

60.For he does know the truth.
And he does have that love, peace and contentment inside of him.

61.And it shall provide for him for the rest of his days, for the rest of his time in all eternity.

62. For the one that knows the truth will be forever and ever and ever, for he cannot cease to be, for that is the way it is.

63.For I cannot cease to be and My Father can not cease to be.

64.And many and many who have come before you, that have died in My Word and My Father's Word,
 and have done good things and have done good deeds,
 will be forever and ever and ever.

65.This is the way it is.
And all children who have come to Me in their purity and in their goodness,
all will live forever and ever and ever.

66.This is the way it is.
For all things that are good and have done right and have done all these things, and come,
and either have been pure in state or have asked forgiveness and been forgiven and become pure in state,
all of these are living forever and ever.
This is the way it is.

67.This is the truth to you.
So do not believe that My Father does all types of things to you.
 Man does to man.

68.But My Father ALLOWS this, so you can learn the lessons you have to learn.
And there are many, many lessons to learn to come to the truth.

69.For the one-that-is-not has said many, many things to you that you listen to constantly,
and you believe and believe and believe.

70. So there are many things that you learn to shut this out.
There are many things that you have to learn to throw this out.

71.My Father could come to you and throw this out any time He wants, any time He chooses.


73.So you have the power to cast it out anytime.
You can call Us, and We will help you.
 And We will help you, for it will be and it will all be cast out.
 That is the promise from My Father and that is the promise from Me.

74.For We are all-power over him, and he cannot exist with Us.
And he knows it.
And he will leave.
He will leave like I said, like a thief in the night, and he will go

75.For when he meets the Father, he shudders and he quakes, and he wails and he runs and runs and runs.

76. For he knows the power of the Father.
 And he knows the power that I have through My Father.
And he runs from Me also, and quakes, and wails.
And he runs to find someone else that he can be into.

77.But he will leave. I promise you that.

78.So do not despair in all of the trials that you have, and in all of the things that man does to man.
 Do Not, do not, make yourself feel so bad in all of these things.

79.Look to all of the good in all things, all of the happiness things I have created for you, and all of the lessons you have learned,
and say, “Thank you God for allowing me to learn these things.
Thank you for giving me the strength to learn all of these things.
Thank You for helping me in this time," through Me, the Son,
and all of these things will be made known to you.
80.And you will have inside of you, the peace, the contentment, the love, and the power, the power in you
 to overcome all things that happen with man to man.

81.Man continues to pervert.
He continues to destroy.
He continues to pollute.

82.He continues to go from place to place saying, one to another, "I have more than you, I have more than you, so you do what I say. Or, else I will send my armies to you and we will destroy you."

83.And the other one says, "You do not have anything I do not have. And I have armies, and I have this, and I have that. And we, in turn, will destroy you."

84.And all of these rulers of all these Kingdoms, in turn, sit back and say all of these things. And they send their people out to fight one another for NO reason at all.

85.For all things on Earth that are provided by the Earth, for man, are for all men!

86.And man has taken possession over all things. Man was GIVEN dominion over the Earth and over all things.
ALL men were given this.

87.A few lived in harmony with these things. Others did not.

88.And others, through their greed, took possession over all of these things.
And through their greed and their wanting the material things, they have become stronger and stronger with the one-that-is-not.
 And they gain more material things unto themselves, and they take possession of more and more and more.

89.And when they get so strong, they feel like they want the possessions of someone else,
they take their people, and have their people go unto the other lands and take what they want.

90.They kill.
They destroy.
 They do all types of perversions,
all types of destructions

92.This is man doing to man.
This is the out of order state of ma

93.This is the out of order of all of man, and the way man is.
And this is why man must come to order!

94.For man WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to take this out-of-order state
and go throughout the Heavens, throughout the Galaxies,
and carry this type of destruction with him!

95.This will not be allowed.
This will not be tolerated by the Father.

96.He, in turn, will stop it.
He, in turn, is going to bring all to order.

97.And you do this more and more.
You do not LEARN.
You do not learn that killing is wrong.
 You do not learn that taking is wrong.

98.There is so much here on your Earth for EVERYONE.
 Everyone could be happy with all that they could possibly ever want.

99.But a few have taken, taken, taken, taken, until they have everything that they want.

100.And they want more and more and more.
And they cannot even USE one little drop of what they've got!

101.But they want more for the power they feel unto themselves,
for they believe that all of this power, and this might that they have,
and all of the things that they can do, is good.
And I say to you this is not good.

102.This is their destruction.
And this is the destruction of man by man.
Man destroys man today in all things, in all ways.

103.All of the diseases that man has, the sicknesses that man has, man has caused unto man.
All of the destruction, all over the Earth, man has caused unto man.

104.And man, in turn, continues to try to destroy his own Earth.
That is why I have said to you that man has lost his domain over the Earth.

105,The Earth will take care of itself.
And the Earth, in turn, will destroy man who in turn tried to destroy it.
 And this will come to pass, is coming to pass NOW

106.For times are changing all over.
Man is changing all over.
The Earth is starting to change.
And changes will BE DONE.

107.If all of these things are not done, there will be nothing.
 If things are done, the order will come and the order will be.
For the order MUST be.

108.The order and harmony of all things MUST COME INTO LINE and being.

109.For you cannot, and I say, you cannot exist in this state you are in now!

110.You cannot exist in the time to come, in this state.
 For now is the time that YOU must change.

111.You must change.
 And now you must do it.
 Now is your choice.

You cannot do the things that you are doing.

112.And you take ... and you put people in power over.
 And you listen to the words that one says,
and you listen to the words that the other says,
rather than trying to seek the truth inside yourself of what to do.

113.You listen to the words, and you say.
"Well, he sounds better than the other or he looks better than the other or, it is an equal,
so I will, in turn, take a chance and close my eyes, and stick a pin into this one or that one."

114.And this is how you choose the leaders that you follow.

115.This is how you do all things unto yourself,
by not looking into yourself,
by not believing in what you are doing,
by looking for the truth in all things that you do.

116.And consequently, you get WHAT YOU DESERVE.

117.All things come unto you that you, in turn, create through the things that you do.

118.And these things you deserve by NOT looking to yourself, NOT seeking the truth in what to do.

119.And when you do not do anything, this is the same as doing NOTHING, doing wrong to yourself.
And this is the way it is.
For the truth is there.

120.And if the truth is there, and the truth says, neither one do this or do that, at least, you are doing something in the truth, not just because someone wants you to, not because you stick a pin in something, or flip a coin at something, or do something to pick something.

121.For you are like that straw in the wind, blowing to and fro, not knowing which way to go on anything.

122.And all of the truth is inside of you.
All the knowledge is inside of you.

123.Through all of the things that My Father has given you, and all the things that there is,
that there is in, IS IN YOU!
All you have to do is seek it.

124.Seek it with an open heart, and open mind, and open structure, with the belief IN THE FATHER,
and the belief that there is a Heaven and a seat with the Father, through Me,
and you will find what you are looking for.

125.It is there.

126.And I say to you that all things are coming to pass.
All things are in the Time of Now,
 NOT IN THE FUTURE, for the future is a maybe.

127.It is a can be, or it is a will be.
It is one or the other.

128.But you must decide NOW, for there is no time left for you!

129.It will come to order, or it will cease to be.
That is the promise from My Father.

130.And all things are given to you and will be given to you, and all peace, harmony, love, contentment that there is throughout,
and the power of the love and the glow of the love.
Like I have said, and said, and said.

131.You will in turn change night into day with the glow that you have.

132.For it will be from the power of My Father, through Me, to you and you will live in the Light.

133.And the Light will protect.
The Light will caress.
The Light will love.

134.And you will be and be and be.
For you will be with Me and the Father.

135.And you will have all things, and know all things.
And you will be the true being you are supposed to be,
for you will be in truth, in love, in harmony, in order with all things.

136.And all will be good. And all will be love.
For My Father loves you.
And I love you.
And there is nothing that We will not do for you, when you ask, and truly ask.
For We all do love you.