sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright 2015 by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer


Two Of YOU; Spiritual And Physical

Chapter 22
TAPE 6-9-87

There Are Two Of You vs.5
How The Word Became The Bible vs.43-56
The Message Of Truth vs.49-55
Nature Of God And Son; Spiritual Beings That Can Be Physical vs.58-136
Nature Of Man; Physical Beings That Can Be Spiritual vs.58-136
The Light Is On Its Way vs.107
Cities Built On Cities vs.111-113
Protect Your Spiritual Being vs.136
I Come With Teachings vs.139
Who Will Accept The Word Will Be Surprising vs.143- 158
Spread The Word vs. 159

1.I am here with you now.
I have been here with you for a long time.
I do care for you.
I do love you.

2.And you keep trying Me, and trying Me, and trying Me.
You do not believe what I am saying.
You do not believe what the Father is saying.

3.Again, you can only believe what you see and touch for you totally believe in material things.

4. And I give you lessons on lessons on lessons.
And I try. And I try. And I try.
5.Yet you do not understand that ALL the material things cannot be,
 for you are a structure and a material being on your outside,
but you are a spiritual being on the inside.

6.And all my teachings are not for the physical thing, not for the material thing, but all are for the spiritual being you are inside.

7.For you are a spiritual being.

That is what I have always taught, but you do not understand this.

8.For you cannot touch the spiritual being inside of you that you are.
You can only touch the material things that are.

9.And this is where the true faith is, in the true belief, in the knowing, that you are a spiritual being.

10.There is the Father, there is a Son,
there is the one that sits in between, the ONE that is THE LIGHT.

11.The only way that you can have spiritual salvation must be done with a belief inside of you and a faith in what you cannot see and touch.
For this is the believing, this is the faith that you have to have inside yourself.

12.This is the faith IN YOU, what you are, and what you have IN you,
and knowing that you have a Father, and you can go with Him, through God,
 and BELIEVING this,
NOT having someone tell you this, NOT, and I say, not taking the things here with you.

13.For all things here DO NOT MATTER in Heaven.
You cannot take your possessions with you.
 They will not be there!

14.For Heaven is Heaven.
And Earth is Earth.

15.A spiritual plane is a spiritual plane and a material plane is a material plane.

16.You live on a material plane because you are a material being as such.
But you are also a spiritual being, BUT YOU WILL NOT RECOGNIZE THIS, that you are TWO.

17.Inside of you, you are a spiritual being.
Outside of you, you are a physical/material being.

19.The spiritual being learns through the material/physical being.
For the physical being does things, creates things, has experience, that the spiritual being inside learns from.

20.And he learns from ALL of the good and the lessons that are good,
 that you learn, he in turn rejoices in, gains power in, does all-manner of things in,
in turn, sends to the Father ALL of these things for all is known.

21.All of the bad things that you do, ALL of the not-bad things, negative type things that you understand that you do,
these are the things that pull your spiritual being down, and down, and down.

22.For you can change him from the positive source that he is, the love that he is, in the spiritual being that he is,
to a NEGATIVE force that is total in all respects.

24. For what you do to him, he learns from.
 And you can change him into this total negative force.

25.He will fight you, but you are the outer shell of him.
And therefore, you being the being, the material/physical being you are,
have control over what you do, and what you think and what you say, and in turn, you control him.

26.And I say, you can, in turn, change his force from a warm glow, positive, loving energy, to a negative, cold, strong force of solid ice.

27. For ice is the opposite of the warm fire.
The cold that comes from the negative force that you create is what he becomes.

28.For you relish in all of your material things.
True, all material things were put on Earth for you.
All things were put on Earth for you to enjoy, to love, to cultivate, to have experiences with, but it was all meant for good.

29.Good creates good.
Good creates energy.
Good is the positive flow of things

30.But you have changed everything to the negative type flow, which, in turn, is destroying ALL CREATION and all things, and is destroying you!
 So this is what you are doing.

31.And you will not listen.
You will not understand.
You will not try to do the things you are supposed to do.
There are a few that are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

30.They are trying with all of their knowledge, and all that We give them and all that My Father gives them.
 They are trying. They are trying to do what We wish of them. And they are being rewarded.

31.They are being rewarded with the peace and contentment and a love that truly they have not known before.

32.There are still all types of physical things around them. There are material temptations. They are again a physical/material being. But they do now know inside a different type of peace, of love and contentment that does exist.

33.For they can feel My Father's Power.
They can feel My Power.

34.And they can joy in the love that We are sending to them, and the glow and the warmth and the fire and the love that actually is surrounding them.

35.For they can feel it.
They know it is there.
And they in turn, are gaining more and more strength in it.
For they are finding the truth and believing the truth
36. And through the truth, they will come unto the Father and to Me.
 For I say and I tell you they are blessed and they will be provided for.
They have nothing to worry about, for they ARE saved. They are truly saved.

37.And all you that do not believe this are not saved.

38.But these ones who are doing My work in My Name and My Father's Name, through Me, and in the Light, are saved.
They have nothing to worry about.

39. For they will live forever and ever and ever, by the side of the Father, by My side, with US, right in the part of the Heavens that they so deserve,
with their own crown, and their own seat, and their own place RIGHT beside the Father.

40.This is what they will receive, for they can feel His Power now.
They can feel His Love.
And they know they are doing right.

41.And they will have obstacles upon obstacles placed in front of them,
but I say to you who are doing My Work, DO NOT let this deter you.
Do not let this stop you.
Do all with love like I say, and give the message like I say.

42.But do not allow them to bait you.
Do not allow them to argue with you.
You are only giving a message.
That is what I am doing now to you.
 And this is the way it is.
For they will either accept or reject.

43.If their hearts are not totally closed, they will listen.
 If they are, they will not.
And if they are totally hard as stone, it does not matter what you say to them, or what I say to them, THEY WILL NOT CHANGE.
For this totally negative being they have become.
And this is the way it is.

44.There are all forms of things that man has told man, and man has told man, and man has told man.
 That the first man said that it came from the Word of God, and this is how it is.

45.The second man took this and he said, "This is what I am told."
And he added and added.
And the next one added and added.
And the next one added and added and added to what was told.

46.And it was told again and added and added.
 And when it got through, instead of a written page it was a BOOK because,
man told unto man, and man told unto man, and man told unto man.
And I say to you, this is not the way it was
47.This is not the way it was meant to be.
This is the way YOU changed it.
And you are still trying and trying to take all of these things that you did and understand them.

48.And you are having such a hard time understanding,
because the stories have changed and changed and changed and changed and changed.

49.Again, if you look for the truth, look inside yourself, and ask yourself inside for the truth, you will only see the truth.

50.And in what is written, if there is no truth, you will see no truth in it, and you will discard it.

51.For there are so many teachings today,
that man has given man after man after man that are so changed,
 that there is only maybe one speck of truth in it, if there is that.

52.For there should be no other teaching
 only the teaching that the Father is God.
He is who He says He is.
And He creates all and does all.

53.And the way to sit with Him is to do good,
come through Me in the Light with good in your heart and BELIEVING in the Father,
come on through Me and you will live forever.

54.That is the message.

55.That is truly the only message that there is.

56.And you can have story upon story upon story upon story upon story. But that is the message that there is!

57.Your time, as I have said before, is Now.
For now you must decide.

58. For I say to you, I am a Spiritual Being that can take a physical appearance to you. I
 can change Myself into a physical Being anytime I so choose.
 I do have that power.

59. But, I am a TOTAL Spiritual Being,
Not a physical/material Being.
And you choose not to understand this.

60. I have NEVER in ALL of the time that I have come and ALL of the Names that I have been called,
wanted a material existence Kingdom on Earth.

61. I am a Spiritual Being.
I do not want this at all.

62.And all I teach you of Myself and My Father is a Spiritual Kingdom.

63.For We are Spiritual Beings that can take a physical form if We so choose, anytime We choose.

64.We are Spiritual.

65.You are both in the state that you are in now.

66.And you have created such a strong, physical/material being that you are.

67. And that is the difference between you and I, and My Father and you,
 is that We are Spiritual Beings that can become physical Beings if We so choose.
But We are not material Beings.

68.You are material beings.
You are a physical/material being, with a spiritual being inside.

69.We are a Spiritual Being, that can take physical form when We choose, But We are a TOTAL Spiritual Being.
You are not.
That is the way it is.

70.And you will not, for some reason, you seem like you CANNOT believe that We are that type of Being,
and therefore, being a total Spiritual Being, and not the materialistic being that you are,
can do anything We want,
change anything WE want,
do whatever WE want.

71.And that We should all love the same things that you do, that you have changed yourself to want,
 that you have changed yourself to feel, to change yourself to see.

72.We do not want this.
 For We are NOT material beings
. We are Spiritual Beings that can take a physical form!
And We take this physical form if we want to.
We can speak through who We want to.

73.We can do anything We want to do.
And that is the way it is.

74. If you truly, and I say truly believe in yourself and My Father, and through Me,
 looked inside yourself and believe and cast off those outer shells, and your limitations,
you could become a spiritual being with a physical also
75.And you would know how to change this form, and be the spiritual being that you are that we have put inside of you, and do what we do.

76.But the limitations and the things that you have applied to yourself will NOT allow you to do this

77. For you have changed yourself into a total materialistic being that has physical/materialistic wants with a spiritual inside.

78. And I say to you, there are vast, vast numbers of you that do NOT,
at this time,
 have the spiritual being left inside as such.

79.For this positive force has gone.
It has become totally negative with the one-that-is-not, a
nd therefore it will not exist.

80.You have, in turn, taken its fire and, in turn, smothered it, for it is no more in you.

81.And all you who profess a belief in the Father, through Me, and truly do not believe, you have in turn put the fire out!
for you do not have the peace, the contentment, and the love
that you should truly have and should truly come forth in you.

82.You are full of all types of resentments
. You are full of all types of anxieties.

83.You are full of all types of the things that your physical/materialistic body thrives in.

84.You like to fight.
You like to argue.
You like to bait.

85.You like to do all manners of things which do not matter for they only matter unto you.
86.And you get enjoyment out of doing this. You get enjoyment out of baiting, out of arguing, out of doing all manner of things to others, and then sitting back and laughing about it, and saying, "Did I make a fool of them. Did I do this to them. Did I do that to them."

86.And I say to you, Nay, you did not, you did it to yourself.
For all the things that you did to them will come back on you a hundred-fold.

87.For you have tried to turn people that were looking for the truth wanting to know something and you have turned them from this,
 and instead of helping them, you have turned them away from it.

88.And you will be so judged, IF you are judged.

89.There are so many of you looking, looking in the Earth, looking on the ground, in the cities, in the country, in the Heavens,
 for your rightful place on Earth, as you see it.

90.You are looking to someone else to give you power, to give you strength, to give you wealth, to give you all the physical things, the materialistic things,
that you want on Earth.

91.You are looking to the Heavens for ALL the power and ALL the glory that you can get from it.

92.You are looking to the wrong place.

93.You already have all of the things that you are seeking,
 but you are seeking, again, I say, the materialistic things
 which the Father and I and ALL the other beings and beings, and My Father's Father's Father are NOT.

94.We are Spiritual Beings.
We are NOT interested in your materialistic things that is all you can revel in.
And We do not want it.
And that is the way it is.

95And you can search for the power constantly,
and look for all manner of things to give you more esteem unto yourself,
 to give you more control over others,
and to give you more and more and more and more.

96.And I say to you, you look at it like all the others that prostitute My Word and My Father's Word
that you go out and get all that you can unto yourself.

97.Whether it is the material that your neighbor has,
or hope to get the glory that My Father and I have sent so you,
so that you can control and have power over everyone else, it is the same.

98.For you are prostituting Our Words TO GET materialistic things unto you.
And that is the way it is.

99.The only true way to salvation which is the everlasting life, the power over death, is IN YOU.
 The answer is there.

100.The Words I give are true.
And they come to you and come to you and come to you, in truth and love with the love that We have,
 that hope will in turn help you break down your shields that surround you.

101. But it doesn't seem to do it.
It does not seem to work with you.
For you do not believe.

102.And I say again to you, look to the heavens for the Light is on the way.

103. Look to the Earth, for the Earth is starting to change all things, and is going to give some signs that you are not going to like !

104.For it is going to do some things that are going to shake your world around you and this is the way it will be.

105.And you will say, "OH, oh, look at all these material things that I am losing."

106.And I say to you, you are losing NOTHING, NOTHING at all.
 For the only thing that you can truly lose, and you can lose that,
and that is your spiritual being you are!

107.And when you lose THAT, that is when you lose ...... NOT the material things around you.
For that is the material being you are.

108.And you seem to believe that in all places there is safety here, there is safety there,
that you can do this, you can do that, only believing in you.

109.And if you go and build that big, strong city of all iron and all stone, and you protect it with all the things that you can protect it with,
that it is going to be saved, because you have done this, you have done that.

110.And you are the materialistic being, and that is the way is.

111. I say to you, it will be destroyed like all cities that were made the same way all through the ages.
They will be destroyed.

112.For there were cities built ages and ages and ages ago by people who thought the same things that you do.

113.And you know, that those cities are the dust and the dirt that other cities have been built upon that think the same as you.
 And there are cities built upon cities built upon cities, all over your world.
 And you still HAVE NOT LEARNED!

114.You have NOT learned anything down through the ages, of this, that you truly, truly believe that the Father and Myself,
truly want to come down to your materialistic world and live and revel in all your materialistic things.

115.And I say to you, YOU ARE MISTAKEN.
You are mistaken, mistaken, mistaken.

116.For We could have that any time We so wanted!

We do not want any part of it
That is yours and what you do.

118.We gain experiences from and through things that you do, and the GOOD that you do.

119.But We do not take the material things unto Us for We don't need them.
 We don't WANT them.

120.There is NO place in Heaven for all your materialistic things.

121.For there is no need, for We have all that WE want, ALL that We could EVER want or ever have is there for Us.

122.So why do We want your things that you covet so? And that is the way it is.

123. Your Father and I and all those who came before are Spiritual Beings and We have planted the spiritual in you.

124. My Father has Him in you.
I am in you.
You are a spiritual being inside.

125. But you ARE a physical being on the outside and total materialistic in part of your body, such as your mind, and your wants.

126.And listening to the one-that-is-not has changed you into this type of being.

127.You were not MEANT to be this way, but this is the way you have become,
for My Father has ALLOWED you to become this way.
He has allowed you to do all of this
 For He has given you this free mind, and body, to do as you want!

128.And you do everything in the order of the negativeness that you have become

129.There are hard times coming.
There are very hard times coming for you.
There are decisions you have to make.

130.There are decisions upon decisions.
And there is one VERY, VERY STRONG decision you have to make.
But it is all coming.
And it all is any way you want it to be.

131.For all those who do believe and come to the Father through Me now and totally believe WILL BE SAVED.
They will be provided for.
They will be protected.
 And they do have the promise of everlasting life forever with the Father

132.And that is the way it is.

133.And all you can think about is "how do I protect this physical being I am?"

134.And I say to you, that physical being is NOTHING.

135. The spiritual being inside is the whole.

136.And you had better look at protecting him,
and setting it up so he does not become a totally negative for that is the way you are making him.

137.And if he becomes this, you are lost.

138.You are lost forever.
My Father has promised this.
And He will keep these promises.

139. I will come.
I will give lessons.
 I will talk to you.
And I will spread many wondrous things through you, through you from the ones that I speak through
. My Father will also do this.

140.But We are not going to do miracles as such.
We are only going to give the messages and the truth.

141. The miracles that you will see as the ones that are in the Word,
working through the Father, through Me, and believing totally,
you will see their glow,
you will see their goodness
 their contentment,
and their love,
and also their zeal,
 for they will have it.

142.But you will know that it is all with love,
and not with hate, NOT with anger, not with trying to control, not with the power to take over and enslave,
but only through their love.

143.And it will be hard for you to accept this, for you do not understand this.

144.But if you look, you will, and you will see.

145.And what will occur is the ones that you think will understand it least, will understand it the most.

146.And the ones you think will understand it the most, will understand it the least.

147.For the ones that you think understand ALL these things the most,
are the ones who have hardened themselves unto ONLY the things that they believe themselves.

148.And the ones that you think are the least to understand it,
 are the ones who are seeking,

149.And if they don't, they will at least try to.

150.And these are the ones who will be blessed.
These are the ones who are truly seeking.

151.So don't dismay.
Don't feel that ones don't listen, and they turn their back, don't let it bother you.
Do the work that I have said.

153.And I say again, the least will come to you and believe.

154.And the ones with the most tendency to believe will turn their back,
for they are hard in what they believe and cannot change, and WILL NOT change.
For I say to you, these are the ones who have the heart of stone.

155.Spread the Word. Spread the love. Spread the peace and the contentment,
 and knowing that you will be saved and provided for when all these things come to pass that are coming to pass.

156. That is what I wish you to do. That is what the Father wishes you to do.

157. And you will have the glory and the power and the peace and the love and the contentment.

158.For the power IS the love and the peace and the contentment and the glory that you will have.

159. I love you and My Father loves you. And We love you so much.
We will love you forever and ever and ever.