sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 23
TAPE 6-12-87

Sam” Vision vs. 1-44
Jesus gives praise vs.45
God and Jesus can be physical vs. 53-58
People gather material for God vs.59
You have perverted the Temple of God (body) vs.69
God gave you food and medicines vs. 73
Truly believe will come vs. 99
I will continue to send down help vs.104

1.SAM: I feel the waves of energy here with me now. It is different.
This is something that I must say myself, for they are showing me things in my mind, in outer space and things to come.
I see pictures. I see things the way they will happen.

2.I am in clouds of red. They are not light red, but they are red, a darkish red ... more like a burnt red.
And there are areas that are blackish red in these burnt areas. And I am going through the clouds.

3.And I am still in the clouds, still passing through, still going, and going.
And I can feel myself in the clouds. I am through the clouds.

4. I can see the stars. I can see all manner of stars in the Heavens. I can see all manner of things.

5. I can see one large star moving towards me. It is gigantic in size, very large with fire all around it.

6. I'm going back now to where I started.
The clouds have parted, and I can see the Earth.
I can see great white clouds, like the big thunderhead that you see coming in and covering everything.
 But there is no black, they're all white.

7.And I see One on a golden horse. No. It's a white horse. And the gold color is all around.
 He is on top of the horse, riding it. And He is encased in gold, with a multitude of army with Him in the clouds.

8.And right behind Him is the star.
It is so big. It is as big, from what I can tell, it is as big as the Earth or bigger.
And it is all fire. Fire everywhere as it comes down through the space towards Earth.

9.These clouds are all over Earth.
The One on the horse is riding. He has a sword.
And He is gathering up more and more into His army.
They are coming from the Earth to be with Him.
And they are riding on the clouds behind Him.

10.And I see this large star getting closer and closer.
 I see the Earth moving and quaking and shuddering.
I see all things happening to it. It is like it's trying to be moved from its position.

11.And it's holding its position, and holding it.

12.And the force from the star is becoming so great that Earth is just, I say, is quaking. It's cracking.
I see the oceans boiling. I see steam rising everywhere from the water forming vast clouds all over the Earth, everywhere.

13. The star is still coming. The Earth is moving. It is tipping. It is turning in its position.

14.There is nothing but clouds all over it for the oceans have gone. The ice has melted.
All I can see is land, land, and land. I can see deep, deep valleys, big crevasses, big holes, and clouds everywhere from the water.

15.Fire is coming out from inside in different places, all over in places.

16.Fires, smoke, everything is coming out from inside the Earth for the Earth is just shaking and shuddering and doing all types of things.

17.The One sits on His horse with His army.
They are singing all types of songs. The music is beautiful. I can hear the music.
I can't understand what they are saying yet, but I hear the music inside me,
and I know that it is good, that the music is just really somethin
18. I feel good with it. And I see the Earth still churning. I see it's still changing. I see the star.

19.The Earth actually moves. It quakes. It's turned. Like I say, it's turned on its side. It's turned over. It's done all kinds of things!

20.And it has moved.

21.The star now is moving by. It's moving off.

22.The quaking is easing off now. The shuddering has stopped. There are still things moving here and there.
There is still fire coming from the Earth.
There is still all things happening to it that I can see, with it's movement and it’s shuddering, kind of.

23.Now it is starting to rain. It is raining all over. The water is pouring from the Heavens.
It looks like the whole Earth is engaged in just nothing but rain.
For all of the oceans had clouds that had formed all the way around it.
And now they are dumping their water back.
is cooling, because the star has moved on.

24.The rain seems like it goes for days and days and days.

25.It is still raining. The rain seems to take much longer raining than it took to bring the steam up into the air to make the clouds.
It's raining for a lot longer period of time.

26.Now it has stopped raining.

27.The oceans have filled again.
There is water, water everywhere that you can see, and land here and there.

Everything on Earth has changed!

29.I do not see any land masses like I knew it. Nothing is there like I knew it, like the pictures that I've seen.
The world that I knew, nothing is there like that now. Everything has changed!

30.The oceans are different. The mountains are different. Land is different. It's, it's, it's just all, all different.

31.And now I see the oceans and the sand. The fish in the ocean are different. I can see the fish, and they are TOTALLY different than before! There is not one that is the same.

32. Even the clouds that move from here to there are, are different. Everything is different! It is pretty. It is peaceful. It's calm. It's warm. There is sunlight. Everything seems to be good. It feels good.

33.I see all changes that have been made. Now I see the clouds that I had seen with the One on the horse and His army that He had behind Him, the people He gathered. They are descending down now. They are descending now onto the lands.

34.Some of them are going down here. Some are there. They're not all going to the same place. They are going to different places. And He is leading them.

35.Everything seems to be good. Everyone seems to be happy. Now I see the horse leaving on the white cloud with the Rider on top of it, leaving the people there and taking a position in the sky.

36. And He talks to the people that He put down there, the ones who were with Him. And they all bow their heads to Him. And I can hear the music coming from them.

37.And I can see Him on the horse, in the cloud, going all around the world, all over the Earth to all of them. He is not leaving. He is staying there in the cloud, sitting astride the white horse with the gold all around Him, in the golden Light.

38.And that Light, I can see it, is coming from Him. It's going down to the Earth and it is going all over, all over everything. And everything is really……. it's calm, its peaceful.

39.All the fires have stopped. Things have turned green. There are trees, I see. There are flowers. There is green grass everywhere. And all through everything is PEACE.

40.I do not see any problem of any kind, anywhere.

41.And looking up into the Heavens, it looks like you could reach up and just TOUCH EVERY STAR, everything in there.

42.And I can reach down and touch the Earth. For it seems that I am on all planes, right now. I'm everywhere. And I can see everything. And it seems like the Heavens are actually smiling on the Earth.

43.Everywhere there seems to be peace, contentment, happiness ... and LOVE. There is no disharmony that I can see anywhere.

44. It is really something!
Now the clouds are coming back, the red and the black clouds, with the darkish red and the black in it.
 I'm going back through these clouds. I'm going back, back.
The waves of energy are easing off.
45. I am here. I am happy with the way you are doing. You are giving the message I have told you to give. You are doing it the way I have told you to do it. I am happy with what you are doing.

46. I am happy that people are listening. I am not happy that some do not believe. But I am happy that they are listening for that is what I need to have you do, put the message (out) and allow them to listen. And you are doing good.

47.You are doing good in Me, in the Father. And you are doing it all from Us, through you, and you are not taking the credit for yourself. This is GOOD.

48.You are giving the credit where the credit is due, to the Father through Me. And this I say is good.

49.And you will receive the blessings you have been promised.

50. For all is yours. The Kingdom of God is yours.

51.For I do say to you, and I do want you to really listen, for the time is now for you. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANY TIME LEFT TO DO THE THINGS YOU THINK YOU CAN DO, THAT YOU WANT TO DO for your days are numbered.
And the number gets smaller all the time for you.

52. My Father does weary so. He wearies for you. He wearies for Me, for He knows the energy that you are drawing from Me.
He knows the energy that you are drawing from Him, in your out of order state that you are.

53. I say, and say again, you cannot take your material things to Heaven for is not a place of material things.
 For all material things We have, We can do, We can make Ourselves.
 For if We are Spiritual and can make Us a material body when We want,
why can't We make all the material things you have, when We want?

54.So, We need not your material things. We can do anything We want to do.
And all your beliefs in the material things that you believe in are NOT going to do you any good!

55.The material things are the destruction of you.

56.For they are the things of the one-that-is-not. They are his things to make his Kingdom for him. For he has nothing of the other.
For We can create anytime We want to, anything We want.
The one-that-is-not only creates through you.
That is all that he can do.

57.And the only substance he can have is the substance THROUGH YOU.
 Therefore, you continue and do all things for him and to him.
And that is the way it is with you.

58.And you cannot see it!
59.There are groups of people not in just one spot, not in two spots,
but in many spots over the world, trying to obtain the Kingdom of God, through material things.

60.They believe that the first road to the Kingdom of God is establish material things so that you can give it to God.
And then after you have established the material things, then God will come and say, "Oh, good, you give Me things that I want.
So, I am going to put My Kingdom through you, and give you the Power and the Glory of the Heavens."

61.I say to you, you are not going to receive any power and glory ,
anything from the Heavens, for you do things totally out of order,
totally out of harmony with all things.

62.For if you truly, truly believed, truly looked inside yourself,
you know the true Kingdom is come to God first,
through Me, in the belief in the Father.

63.And then all things will be manifested to you.

64.Not gain all things, and then everything will be manifested to you, without believing. You cannot do this.

65.You MUST believe first. And after you believe, things will be manifested unto you.

66. But My Father is your Father. And He is All.
And if you do not believe this and believe I am the Son, and you must come through the Son to the Father,
you have no belief of any kind.

67.You only believe in the material things.
I keep telling you and telling you and telling you to cast out these material beliefs.

68. For they are the beliefs that man has done to man. These are the limitations that man has put to man. These are your limitations that you apply to yourself for there are none to God. There are none to Me. And We do not, I say, do not want your material things. They are only for you.

69.And you have done many things.
 You have taken the Temple of God and constantly, I say, constantly perverted it, constantly done things to it,
constantly taken into it things that you know is wrong for it,
for you listen to the one-that-is-not.

70.And if you truly believed in everything, in yourself,
you would know the things that you are not to put into yourself.

71. No one has to tell you.
No one has to tell you the things that you shouldn't do or should not take.

72.You know yourself.

73. And if God created all in good, He created everything in good.
He gave you all types of medicines, all types of things for you, in the plants, in the trees, in the flowers,
 that can help you in all of the things that you allow yourself to become,
all of the diseases that you allow yourself to have, all of these things that are put into you.

74.But no, you only want the things that you have changed to put inside yourself.

75. And I say to you, the things that you do to your body today,
the food that you eat is as bad for you as the drink that you do,
and the other perversions that you do to your body.
 For this is what man has done to man.

76.You should not do this. But you do. This is the way it is in your time of now.

77.Do not think that God does not understand this.
Do not think that I do not understand this for We know how your time is now.
We know what you have done.

78.We know all the things that you have changed. We know all the things that man have done to man. We know everything.

79. All you have to do is look inside yourself for that answer, what is good for you and what is not good for you. And that is what you have to do.

80. For you are the Temple of God.

81.And you must consider all of the things that you take into your Temple, and what they do to you,
and what is good for you and what is not good for you

82. But too much of one thing can be bad for you, when a little of it can be good for you.
It is all what is right for you, and you look inside and the answer will come from you.

83.You do not need anyone to tell you not to do this or not to do that.
The answers are within you.

84.You are the Kingdom of yourself.
You are the Temple of God in yourself.
 You are a physical being with a spirit inside encased in your physical body.

85.And he (your spirit) can tell you many wondrous things, if you only ask and look inside, because the answers are there.
They are there for you.

86.For the Father has put all the answers there in His love for you.

87.The love is for you.
My love is for you.
 Everything was done out of love.

And many things has changed
88.You have changed.
You have changed for the negative.
You have gone so that way.

89.All that My Father and I can hope is through My Word coming to you, you will listen.
For We are NOT going to make you listen!
We are only going to put the Word out.

99.For those who truly believe, and truly know in their hearts, will come.

100. These are the ones that My Father wants and I want.
For these are the true souls that will be sitting with the Father.
For they have come out of their love for Him, and their belief and their faith,
and the things that they cannot touch, they cannot smell, they cannot taste,
 the things that they believe and know is the truth.

101.For it is inside of you and the truth is there. It is all there. It is for you.

102 And there are things, as I have said before, starting to happen.
The fire is on the way.
The Light is coming.
The Light is the fire and it is coming from the Heavens.

103.It will not be too long until you see it. For it is coming.

104.I continue to send more down to help spread My Word, more down to help, hoping that they will listen,
more down to those who listen, trying to get them to understand how it really is.
More and more are doing it, for it is coming, and this is going to be the only salvation that man has.

105. I will continue to give all types of messages and all types of things.
If my Father allows Me to tell you more, I will tell you more.
I can tell you all types of wondrous things that could be, that could happen, that is happening now,
and could happen in the future, if it happens in the future.

106.For there are so many wondrous things for you.

107.For all those of you who do believe in the Father, through Me,
will be provided for,
will be protected,
and will be with Me!

And I will protect you, when all this time comes.

108.For I am the Son.
The Father has promised Me all these things.
 And I promise them unto you from the Father.
And you will have such great things, you can't even realize.
And those of you who have great things here on your Earth, in your material things,
they will be nothing compared to the Other.
 Nothing at all.

109.For the Other is so much greater, you just cannot realize.
For the Other is the power over Everlasting Death.
And It is the most powerful thing that there is.
It is the Love of the Father through Me, and will give you this power over death which you do not have now.

110.For I love you.
And My Father loves you
 And We love you VERY MUCH,
and We will be with you through all of this, if you choose.