sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 24
TAPE 6-15-87
I Am Pleased With Your Covenant vs.5
Baptism vs.6
Give The Word With Love vs.15
All Must Come To Order vs.22
Others On Earth Are Giving The Word vs.34
Sword Of Truth vs.43
Jesus Is vs. 34-37-41-42
Changes On Earth Are Out Of Order vs.42
Food And Pollution Make You Irritated And Angry vs.67
No Time To Change Pollution vs 72
You Try But You Clean Nothing vs 76
Your Spirit Is Screaming At You vs.79
Awakening Of The Coming Age vs. 93-97
What Heaven Is NOT vs.114
This Is The Glory vs.118
Reward is Sitting by the Father Vs. 124-127
Many Are Listening vs.128
Spread the Word vs.130
Promises vs. 136
Cast Out vs. 145
I am Happy vs 147

1.I am here with you now.
I have been here with you all of the time.
I have also-been all over giving My Word to others, continuing to spread the Word of the Father,
but I have also been with you and what you have been doing and I am pleased with you.

2.And I am pleased with the ones that are around you, for you have listened and you are trying.
You are trying to do the job that you were sent back to do.
And the ones around you are trying to help you do it.

3.And you have taken none unto yourself.
You have only told where the Word comes from.
You have been seeking no credit for you and the ones around have been seeking no credit for them.
And that is good.

4.For that is the way it should be.
That is the way it must be
. For you can NOT establish your own Kingdom on Earth, as others tried to do.

5.You have made a covenant with the Father to do what We have asked you to do and you are doing it.
That is why I am pleased with you and all the ones that are around you.

6.I was there at the baptism.
You felt Me through the peace and the contentment and the love that you felt for everyone afterward,
and the joys that you had in doing these things that are right, that you know are right.

7.Did you ..( ? not clear ) You did feel the glow around you for the power was there, emanating from you.
You all were blessed in My Light, in My Love, and in the Father's Love,
 for you did in Him what He has requested of you.
And everything you did was good.

8.The ones with you bonded to you feeling the same as you, working in My Light from My Father,
have all done good in My Eyes and in My Father's Eyes.

9.And you know that this is coming through you by your covenant to do the work that you have promised Us you will do.

10.Do not seek anything for yourself and any glory for you.

11.For the glory comes from the Father.
The glory comes in the recognition of Me, the Son through the Father.
And you will have all glories manifested upon you.
So, do not want for these things for they are already yours.

12.And I say to the ones that are around you, that feel and do believe, their glory is already set for them, for they have it.
It will be bestowed upon them and all of the Light and all of the glory that has been promise.

13.For they do good. And they do believe.
And you do good. And you believe.

14.And you are carrying out the Father's wishes and My wishes to spread the Word.

15.It must be done with all the Love that you have in you, and Love that I can bestow upon you,
and the goodness that comes from the Love,
and not with condemning, not with arguing, not with fighting.
None of these things shall it be done with.

16.Only what you have heard, what has come from you, shall you say to them, and say, "This is the way it is.”

17.This is what comes through me.
For I do nothing.
It comes. It says. And it will be as it is said.
 That is the way you shall do it.

18.And do not worry of all matters of things for all matters of things shall be taken care of.
You will be provided for.
You will be taken care of.

19.But you must do what I have said, and what you have promised for the glories have been bestowed upon you for it, and will be even greater through the Father, as He has promised for they all shall be yours.

20.And the ones around you, that do believe, and hear the Ward, and came unto Me in the Light,
 also will have many blessings bestowed upon them.

21. And the ones that work with you have the blessings bestowed upon them now. For all is good.

22.All is coming to order.

23.And you can see the order of things more and more as the days pass and so will the ones around you.

24.But I say to you, give the Word.
 Say what it is.
Do it with the Love as I have told you and the way I have told you.

25.There are more and. more things that shall be known to you,
and more and more work that you shall have to do.

26.For the day is coming close and it is at hand that all man must come to order.

27.They must choose whether to be or not to be.

28.They must choose the right path or the wrong, but they must choose.

29.There is no time left to go here and there and to and fro and look to him and look to her and look to them
and look to those for all of your answers.

30.You MUST look inside of yourself, gain the answers through the belief and the trust, and the trust that all will be answered,
and the belief in the Father, the belief in Me, and the glory to the Father is through Me, and all will be in order.

31.The answers are always in you.
They shall be inside of you,
until either the beginning of you or the end of you,
one or the other will be.

32.I have shown you wondrous things, things that you have a hard time with.

33.You know I showed you and it is again hard for you to believe all that you see.
But do not worry.
Do not fret about it.
You do believe what you have seen, so therefore, look at it, think about it, and tell about it
. Do not fret about it, for it will be as you have seen.

34.There are others on Earth, with you today giving the same words, seeing the same things, doing the same-----but differently.

35.For their total existence is different than yours.
They believe differently.
They see differently.
 They taste differently.
They touch differently, than you do.

36.But they are the same as you.
And they are on the right path, for all of their own existence.

37.For I have come in many, many beings.
I have done work through many, here and there and everywhere I have been.

38.And everything is going to come to order.
It will come to order!

39.Again, I say, order is primary for all existence.

40.Order and the harmony of all things must be and it must be NOW.

41.You will hear of Me there.
And you will hear of Me here.
And you will hear of Me over there.
And you will hear of Me over, through there, and around there, do not disbelieve.

42.For I am everywhere, in everyone, and doing all I can to bring the Word of Truth to get the people to look inside themselves
for the Truth, and to KNOW the REAL TRUTH of all things.

43. I have showed you the Sword of Truth.

44.And the blade of the Sword is gold and it is Truth.

45.And the handle of the Sword with its jewels and precious stones and all the Might from It and the Glory from It, is the Glory of God.

46.And the Hand that holds the Sword is My Hand for I am the Son, and I carry the Word of My Father and the Truth of My Father, and I carry it as the Sword of Truth.

47.For from My Father comes All Truth Things!

48.And Mine is the Hand that holds-the Truth that is from My Father.

50.And I will use the Truth and the Sword of Truth against all who deny, all who do not see, all who do not believe.
 The Sword of Truth shall be a Belief.

51. For around My Hand that holds the Sword is a sheath and is a sheath of Purity.
It is a sheath of silver and it is a sheath of white, white pearls laden on top of it.
And it is the sheath of Purity that all is made in Pure and Good.

52.And therefore you have the Purity and the Good over My Hand,
 the Son of God holding to the Word of God in the Truth of the Word.
And the Sword of the Truth is the Word.
And it shall go through the land.

53.And It shall make the ones who do not believe and the one-that-is-not that hides behind the veil,
it will make him run and shake and quiver, for he does know of the truth of what I say.

54.And if you want to believe in anything, believe in what I say to you.
Look inside yourself for the truth, and it shall be known to you.

55.And you will see the Sword of Truth, and you will know that the Sword is true,
the handle of the Sword, and the strength of the Sword is the Father,
and I am the Son holding onto the Words of the Father.

56.AND IT IS ALL TRUE in the pureness and harmony of all things.
And that is the way it is.
And that is what will drive out the one-that-is-not.

57.But if you are not open to it and you do not believe, the Sword cannot cast him out, for the Sword will not try to break the stone.
The Sword will only, in turn, try to break away the part of the heart that is NOT all stone and save it and destroy the other.
 But where it is all stone, the Sword will not penetrate.

58.For he is totally shut out.
The Word is shut out.
 And the Word of God in My Hand is totally shut out, and therefore it can do no good.

59.But where there is still a spark, where there is a slight spark, the Word will penetrate.
And it will go, and It can cast out the stone if you so choose.

60.But it is up to you ... totally up to you. For that is the way it is.

61.There are many things continuing to go on, on Earth today.
There are many changes being made.
The Earth is changing.
There are many, many things going on.
You have changed so many things and harmed yourself in so many ways.

62.You have polluted everything, and through your total-ness of material gain, have polluted the Earth that you eat from.

63.And in turn, you have taken and polluted and polluted it and changed and changed it to the point
that you have taken all of the air, animals that are in the air, the birds,
and the animals on the land and the fishes in the sea,
through the wind that blows, all of the particles of dust and the contamination that you do,
 so the fish in the ocean are polluted, the birds in the air are polluted, the animals on the land are polluted.

64.And all forms of food that you get from the land that once was pure and gave unto you all manner of things and natural things and good things, are all polluted, and in turn, is destroying you.

65.And this is done through your out of order state.

66.You have put the Earth out of order.
You have put the animals out of order.
You have changed and changed and changed until all things are out of order

67.And your body has taken all these out of order things that you put into it.
And the body has reacted in many, many ways, until it is totally out of order itself.
The structure is out of order, how it deals with things is out of order.
How it deals with all matter of things is out of order.

68.For it, in turn, takes and makes you angry when you shouldn't be.

69.It, in turn, makes you irritated when you shouldn't be.

70.It does all manners of things to you, due to the substances that you have taken into your body, that, in turn, are out of order,
 causing your body to be out of order, your Temple of God to be out of order.

71.And you are at a state now that all things that you do in this manner, as the food you eat, air that you breathe, and water you drink, are totally out of order from what they were meant to be.

72.You have changed them all.
And you have NOT, I say Not, enough time to change them back.

73.For the years and the years and the years, and the hundreds of years of your time,
you have been polluting and polluting and polluting, until all manner of things have changed.

74.And you think, "Well, I cleaned this up. I did that. Oh, I can move this aside and I'll dust this away and it will be clean.”
And I say to you, nay, it will not be clean.

75.Your pollution is still there and the ONLY cleansing that will be done of that type of thing is when EVERYTHING on the Earth, in your Heaven and YOU are remade anew and brought in to the order of all things and the way it must be.

76.For it must be done that way.

77.There is a great time coming in some ways.

78.Your beliefs that some of you have will become stronger,
because you are more accepting and you are looking for more than you ever had before,
not in material things, but in spiritual things.

79.Your spirit is awakening in you to the point that he is SCREAMING inside of you and fighting inside of you,
and telling you all manners of things that you must do, if you would only listen to him.

80.This is one of the great things that is coming to you.

81.For if you will listen, all manner of things will be available to you, all manner of learning, all manner of awakening,

82.And the knowing of all these things, and knowing of the truth, you shall not die.

83.These are the things that will come to you, that can come to you if you so choose.

84.But there are hard times coming also.

85.There are times, there is the shaking, there is the quivering, there is the fire. And all things will lead up to this.

86.And prior to that, there will be this and that and wars and rumors of wars and types of wars, and killing and maiming.

87.And there will be famines.
There will be plagues and new diseases upon new diseases upon you, and it will continue to get worse, UNTIL the Light comes.

88.But all those that do not dwell on these,
that only dwell on the truth inside themselves and comes into the Light, through Me, to the Father,
 have nothing to worry about of these things for they are saved, and will be forever!
 And that is the thing.

89.The thing you must understand is that I am the Son, My Father is your Father, and all things come through the Father, through Me, and if you believe in ME, and call upon Me, you will come to the Father, and the Father will accept you.

90.And you will have nothing, and nothing to worry about, for you WILL BE SAVED FOREVER and ever and ever
. And that is the way it is.

91.But if you don't, in these times that are coming, and when the Light
comes with the two fires, if you do not by then, you will surely die.

92.And the death is forever and ever and ever.

93.You will have many, many coming forth at this time for this is a great time coming up,
an awakening time, a mind awakening time, of the spirit crying out inside.

94.And you will have this one come through and say,
 "This is the way it will be. This is the way it has to be."

95.And you will have another one come through and say, "Nay, this is the way it will be. This is the way it has to be."

96.And you will have another and another and another, all going at different things and different ways, some saying the right path,
 others saying more and more material things," give us more, give us more, we need more, or
 I'm going to handle all these things and if you give to me, I can give to you later.
But we will have all of this.
 We will have that."

97.And I say the main awakening of the spirit and the mind in the age to come is the Age of the Spiritual Awakening,
and the throwing off of the material beliefs that you have, and the doing away with that wall around you, that cloak that holds you,
 that wall of stone that protects all of the things in you, it will be totally done away with.

98.And you will no longer be a material being that is a physical/material being with a spirit inside, but you will be a spiritual being,
you will be a physical/spiritual being with the powers of your Father.

99.You will have the spirit inside you with a physical outside.
But you will not have the materialistic things that hold you where you are at.

100. And where the Father is a spiritual Being that can be a physical being any time He wants, you will be on that level also!

102.For you have done away with all your materialistic things and have become a physical being.
For the Father is a spiritual being that can become a physical being any time He wants to.

103.And you will be a physical being with a spirit inside, and being able to release that spirit and become a spiritual being too.
And that will be the way it will be!

104.Because, the shroud that you have around you, that cloak, the wall that you have built up will be done away with.

105.For all the material things you so covet, you so love and everything, you will find DO NOT give you the love, the peace, the contentment, the inner-power that actually makes you what you are, NOT the other things.

106.And you will not care what anyone else thinks, what anyone thinks of you, what anyone else says,
you will have the glow of the love and the peace, and the harmony inside
 that oh so many are going to want, and be jealous over.

107.They will try to take that away from you,
but be true in heart and know NO WAY can they take that from you for you have what the Father has promised.

108.And if they even try, all you will do is come to the Father in your purity.
 And that is the way it is.

109.For they can NOT harm you in any way, shape, or form.

110.For you have come to the state of being spiritual being (who) you are supposed to be. And that is the way it is.

111.So no one can harm you on Earth.
No physical thing can harm a spiritual being.
And that is the way it is.

112.When you are that way, you are in God and God is in you. You are ONE.

113.This is hard to understand. But as time goes on, you will see more and know more of this for this is the way it is.

114.Heaven is not a big, materialistic plane of all manner of things.

115.It's not a big house with many rooms with lots of gold and lots of silver and lots of jewels,
and everyone running around with big smiles enjoying in all the physical pleasures that you enjoy today.

116.It is not these types of things.

117.It is a spiritual Kingdom that is so far surpassed to anything like that, you just cannot comprehend it.
It is a spiritual Heaven of all the spirits gathered together in harmony in love, in peace, in contentment, doing all things that are good, knowing all truths, and knowing what is right, and LIVING IN THIS. And this is the way it is.

118.And this is the Glory.

119.The Glory is the Light, the peace, the Love, and the power through all this that is generated by Good.

120.For God creates good.
It brings good unto good.
And Good is the power.
Love is the power.
Peace is the power.
Contentment is the power.
And all of these gathered together in the Light form One, and that is the Glory of God. And that is the way it is

121.And I say to all you who believe that you will have power over others.
You will have this over others.
You will be in a higher place, so you will tell others.
You will have your slaves, you will have your workers.

122.Nay, you will not have these things, for these are only things that work on your material plane.
For this is not the way it is in Heaven .

123.You will NOT have this type of things.

124.There are many places around the Father to sit.

125.And there are many rewards given in the seats around the Father,
but the rewards, again, are the rewards of being near the Father, with the Father, and in the Father.

126.And the closer He is, the more you are in Him, the greater the reward that you have. And that is the way it is.

127But ALL in Heaven have their own reward, have their everlasting life, will not die,
and are the total spiritual being that they are supposed to be.
This is the way it is.
This is what I say to you.

128.And I have to tell you that many are listening to you.
Many are thinking about what you say.
Many are amazed at what you are saying.
So, continue to do the work you are doing.

129.Continue to go, continue to lead, continue to tell, continue to do the things that I have told you to do,
do them in the love that I tell you to do them, and spread the Word that you are getting all over,
to everyone, to everyone who will listen and to everyone that will not listen.

130.Spread the Word for they must choose.

131.And if they choose not to listen to the Word when you are giving it, they have at least heard the Word.

132.And they do not need to choose it.

133.They don't look in themselves because there are people that are so hard
that they will not hear anything other than what they think themselves.

134.And this is the way it is.
And all is coming.
All will be done as you have seen it.
And there will be more coming to you in this regard.

135.And again I say to all those who are with you, and have been around you,
and feel what I say is true and are listening to the Word that the Glory of God is upon them,
 and they will feel the warmth inside of them and the Love and the peace and the contentment
and the power that God has bestowed upon them, in this Love.

136.For you are all saved, in Me, to the Father.
And you will be taken care of.
DO NOT FEAR ANYTHING! For all the promises He has made are yours.

137.Just go and tell and do the things you are doing in love.

138.And there will be many who will come to Me, to the Father, from the words that I have given through you.

139.And the rewards will be GREAT!!! Oh so great, you cannot even comprehend.

140.So do as I say. Try all the things that you can to get the Word out and I will continue to come.

141.There will be more and more things. More and more things will be answered.

142.And there will be more and more time that your hearts are Light and with Me,

143.than there will be when they are down and not feeling well and in bad spirits,
because the ones around you have continued to bring you down.

144.No, I say to you, do not let this happen.
Keep that heart with Me, believing in Me.
 And remember what I have said.

145.Cast the one out that is not.
And if you need help, call on My Father through Me together, and he will not return.
That is what I say to you.

146.Just remember that all things are coming to pass.
The time for all decision is now.

147.And many, many are starting to believe all over.
And I am pleased with you.
I am happy with you.
I am happy in you, for all that is going on with you.

148.Do My Work for Me, with love, knowing in your heart, in your soul, in your total being,
 you are being and living with the Father in the Word, in the Love, and in the Light.

149.And He loves you VERY much. And—I love you.
And ALL of the others in the Universe, My Father' Father's Father and the other beings all love you all.