sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 27
TAPE 6-24-87

Jesus speaks:
This Word is for your Salvation vs 1
As the Light is Coming vs 2-7
Earth is Changing vs 2, 12, 112
Waiting to See vs 8-11
Those Who Know are Protect vs 13
Rejoice in the Coming vs 14, 99
The True Spiritual Bonding (Twin Flames) vs 18-80
The Past vs 27
No Marriage in as such vs 30
Spirit is neither male or female vs 31
True Bonding is 100 times the power vs33
Everyone has this Spiritual Bonding vs 36
Attract True Bonding vs 42
Children are Good vs 45
Bonding of Negative Forces vs 47-51
Come to Order vs 56-57
Nothing Has to be Destroyed vs 59, 56-62
Bring Forth YOUR Spiritual Being vs 64
one-that-is-not vs 69-75
Wonders vs 76
For You Will Glow vs 81
Many Things in the Heavens vs 86
You Think You are the Greatest vs 87
So Many different Beings (Aliens and Inter-dimensional) vs 95
Man Will Come to Order vs 95-102
True State of Man vs 94-102
Promises for Those Who Work for God vs 102-108
Not Hard-Just Believe vs 109-112
You come to the State of the Father vs 115
Earth and Things are Changing vs 118
You are My Kingdom vs 122
I Have Many Names vs 123

1.The things that I come to tell you about are for your good and your salvation.
For, in order for you to be saved, in the Light, through Me to the Father, you must know these things,
and come to these things that I have brought you.
For this is the Word for your salvation.

2.Things are starting to happen all over.
Your world has started to change.

3.The Heavens have started to change.

4.The Light is on the way.
And it will be there before you know it.
It is coming.
 Many will see it.

5.Many will say, "Oh what a pretty thing!" and not think about it.

5.Others will know.
They will know the cleansing is on the way, the renewing is on the way, and they will run and hide.

6.Some will know and some will come to Me, to the Father and be Saved.

7.Others have already been saved and it is on the WAY.

8.But for all you who wait to see what is coming, to believe only when you can see,
You do not have time to wait and see how bad it will get before you believe.
For it will be so bad before you know it, you will not have a chance.

9.It will be over before it began.

10.And that is the way it will be with you. You will say “I can not believe. I have to see something”, and wait and wait and wait and wait and say "OH, I think I see something, but I will wait, and see if what I thought I saw is what I thought I saw.
And what I think is what I think."

11.And you will not have any more time than that for the time will be over,
and you will be NOT, for you haven’t decided which way to go.

12.Your Earth is changing now.
It’s starting to do different things.
Things are starting to happen all over with it.
And it will continue and it will get worse and worse and worse for some,
for they will not know what is happening.

13.And for the ones who know, it will get better and better. For they know what is coming,
and they know they are safe and they know they are being protected.
For they know that they will live forever and ever and ever.

14.Therefore, they do not worry about it.
And actually rejoice in the coming because it is what has been told of what will happen.
And it will happen in that way.

15.There are many, many people on Earth who are not listening. Some are listening.

16. I am every where telling everyone who will listen, who works through Me for the Father and who brings the Word all over.
They are listening. They are trying. And they are doing good in My Father's eyes and in My eyes.

17.And things are happening all over. More and more awakening is being done. Times are becoming better in that regard. For all things must come to order. For the order is the way all things want to be, all things must be.

18.There are many, many souls on Earth that are bonded with the one and one that make ONE. They are bonded together in one flesh, one mind, one purpose, and know of their True Bonding.

19.There are many still seeking their True Bonding, have not yet found it.
They have taken and closed their eyes to a lot of things they could have, in their state of the material being they are, with what they see and what they can touch, walked right over their True Bonding mate,
they did not see in them what they were looking for, in the material sense.
 And this is what can happen for man does to man.

20.And they go and they see and they touch and they say,
“This must be my mate. This must be my bonding.”
And so they take it and the bonding does not occur.

21.The True Bonding of one to the another, that make one, is a bonding of the physical body, the spiritual body in the love that is transmitted between the two, and is the area where the two-make-it-one, and in all things, they are totally bonded to one another.
And each one becomes the other.
 They think, they do, they work, in such a manner that they are ONE.

22.And when the physical form becomes more enticing, more wanting, then you in your state of physical being, become more in tune to the physical things, and drop the looking for the spiritual bonding, that you must have for the True Bonding.
you have a physical bonding of two, but not the spiritual bonding.
Therefore you never really become the one.
You still stay THE TWO, because the True Bonding is not there.

23.And when this occurs, you get a feeling of physical satisfaction to a degree. But inside of you there is always a wanting that is never satisfied. It is always there. And this internal wanting for the TRUE bonding that does not occur, for the TRUE one for you, causes you to seek others away from the one that you have this physical bonding with.

24.And it causes you to go from to and fro and here and there, seeking, seeking, seeking. But the physical limitations that you have applied to yourself and all others, this physical thing, this physical enjoyment in what you can see, and what you can touch, and what you can feel, is what is dominating you.

25.So you drop one and you seek another, and you drop that one and you seek another, and you go and you go and you go. And as you do this, the worse it becomes. For you truly don't know what you want.

26.And therefore, you must look inside yourself, which you DO NOT DO in this regard.
And you go and you go and you try this one and you try that one and this one and that one.
And the more you do, the more you try, the farther away from the one inside you, you get.
And your True Bonding must come from inside.
It must come from INSIDE of you.

27.And so many of you worry about what happened in the past.
What have I said about the past?
You can look to the past for a lesson in learning only.
You can't bring the past to today.
It does not work.

28.You can't bring the future to today because the future is a maybe.
Now is NOW.
NOW is your time.

NOW is the time for all of your time.
So why look and question all these things of the past?

29.You can't bring them to the future.
You may know this from the past and that from the past and use it as a lesson to apply to things today.
This is all right.

30.But you've got to remember, that in Heaven, there is no marriage in Heaven.
There is a Spiritual Kingdom in Heaven and spiritual is spiritual.
And physical is physical.

31.And you are a physical being with all the things as a physical being.
And therefore, when a spirit comes in and goes from the Father down and comes into a physical being on Earth, that spirit can go into a man, it can go into a woman, it can go into either, for a spirit in Heaven is NEITHER man, nor woman.

32.And the spiritual bonding that you have, when the two come together that is one,
is a total spiritual bonding of one spirit to the other.

33.And it is not only a physical bonding of two in the physical form that can produce a good thing.
It is also a spiritual bonding of two spirits that enhance the power of the bonding A HUNDRED FOLD.

34.It gives so much more power to the two that you can not comprehend that power
for it is the power to overcome all obstacles that man does to man.

35.And the power to show the love to others.
The peace and the contentment of the two-that-make-one in this True Bonding.
And this is the way it is, the way it will be, the way it always has been.

36.But do not worry about the things of the past, for the past does take care of itself.
And that is the way it will be.
That is the way it is. For all man, there are unions that are set up for spiritual unions for total bonding.

37.There are others that will never find their True Bonding,
because they are more interested in the physical thing to look inside themselves.

38.And that they have, in fact, could have walked over the one that was the True Bond,
looking at the physical form, so their bonding will never occur.

39. And if it doesn't, that's all right.
For if they believe and come through Me to the Father, they will have Everlasting Life.

40.It is a great union of the Two-That-Become-One on Earth,
for it is a union of the souls that bond together in love and harmony and all things and it is a blessing.

41.Some will not have this for they do not know of their other part.

42.They do not know where it is and they do not look in the right place and the right place is inside themselves, for in themselves and opening up in themselves to this spiritual being inside of them, they can attract the other.
And they will know when it does occur.

43.All things brought forth from a physical union without the bonding is still good.

44.For man and woman, bonded together in the physical form, where they do not get the True Bonding in the spiritual,
are still bonded in the physical form.
And that is good.

45.For each one confines to the other physically.
And what comes forth from this bonding is good, for its not in its negativeness. (children)

46.It is a positive thing, for the bonding of the two in to the physical form, can conceive a thing out of this physical form.
It is good and it is positive, even though the True Bonding does not occur for the bonding is a spiritual type bonding.

47.Only when the one and one come together in a negativeness, in two negative beings or two beings that are totally positive in their state, where one and one, and one and one come together, in this order,
turn everything into an out of order state, into a total negativeness in their being.

48.And the two positive beings that come together can become totally negative in their togetherness.
Just like the two negative beings that are negative in their togetherness.
They are in the negative.

49.And this is a BAD type of negativeness.
This is the type of negativeness that corrupts all, that takes all good, causes all things and which now has brought forth a type of thing unto you, that you do not wish to have, that is making you quake in your boots.
It's making you scream and gnash your teeth and run about for it is a terrible thing.

50.And when all things are in this negative form, total negative form with the one-that-is-not in this total negativeness,
that is where things as such come from.
And they can destroy man.

51.They will destroy man, if man does not come to the Light, hear the Word, come to the Father through Me,
 he will be destroyed forever and ever and ever.

52.For that is the Father's promise.
And we know that He is absolute in all things that He says.

53.He does love all of you in your state that He has created you in.
He loves all of you with that flame inside of you that He has provided for you.
HE loves all of you in your totalness.

54.But when you go with the one-that-is-not, in your totalness and become the solid negative force,
with the heart of stone and the fire is out, He still loves you.

55.But He can destroy you also.
For this is His promise to you.
 He can cut you off.
He will not like to.
And He will constantly love you forever and ever, but He can, in His promise, the way He is, destroy you.
For He must put you aside for you are in the total out of order state.

56.And He cannot in His Kingdom and all of the Kingdoms’ Kingdoms’ Kingdoms, have out of order states for they cannot exist there.

57.Everything must be brought to order, to harmony with all things throughout the Galaxies and the Galaxies’ Galaxies to endure. AND THIS HAS TO BE.

58.So in these out of order things, they will be destroyed.

59.And there is no question to this. But there is nothing, NOTHING that HAS to be destroyed, if it changes.
And you have this right of change.

60.Only will you be destroyed when you do not change, you stay with the one-that-is-not, totally reveling in the one-that-is-not,
totally believing in the one-that-is-not, not wishing to change at all.

61.You have chosen your path. There, you will be cast behind the veil with the one-that-is-not in not, therefore,
YOU WILL BE NOT and that is the way it is.
That is the way it will be, for this is what has been promised to you.

62.For these are the things from the Father. These are the things for man in his state, in his choice of all things that he can do, all things that he can be if he chooses, all things that there are, for you are All things.

63.You are the Father, You are the Son,
are the being made in the Father’s image with all of that things that the Father has, for He has given you.

64.You are the one who has to bear it forth.
YOU HAVE IT. You have it inside of you.
You are that being that the Father made, but you, and ONLY YOU can bring it forth in this time.


66.You must seek all things inside of you.
Find the answers and the truth and GO with what is inside.

67.And do away with all the material walls that you have built up around you.
 Break it down. Break forth out of this into the true physical/ spiritual being you are and the Glories will all be manifested on you.

68.For this is the promise to you.
This is what you were meant to be.
This is what you shall be if you choose to exist for ever and ever and EVER.

69.Keep the wall, keep the material things, keep being as you are, and you will surely get to go with the ONE-BEHIND-THE-VEIL.

70.For these are the things that he temps you with.
These are the things that he pushes you with, these are the things that he in turn revels in.

71.For he has nothing except you and what you do.
For this is the only way he is.
He has no substance in his being, this is the only way he is, through you with all the things that you gather unto yourself.

72.For he still believes, you and all your things and all the ones like you, will be with him behind the veil.

73.He still does not understand his Kingdom is not, in not, with not, for he is not.

74.And when you go with him you are in that same state.
For you are not, in not, with not.
So all is not.
All is nothing.
Never was, never will be, NEVER ANYTHING.

75.Therefore you're nothing in nothing with nothing.
And that is the way it will be, in this total negative state.
And if you choose this, this is the way it will be.

76.There are so many wonders throughout all of the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, so many wonders that you have closed your minds to, that are there if you'd truly open and look and get the blessings that have been bestowed upon you and you can see the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens.

77.You can do anything you want to do, anything you CHOOSE to do. ALL is yours when you believe.

78.And there are things that you can't comprehend in the state that you are in now.

79.All of these feelings, and these blessings, and these things, can come to you.

80.And I say the true power from GOD, the true, true Light that comes and surrounds you, this Light of Love!
This wall of Love that protects you, His power, the peace, the contentment, and the love and the knowing, the knowing inside that you will live forever with the Father, and nothing, nothing can harm you.
You are totally saved in all things.
And this is so great it is hard for you to comprehend it.

81.For you will glow.
You will do all manner of things.
And I say to you, those who are working for the Father through Me, in carrying the Word, that you have these blessings with you now.
You can feel this contentment.
You can feel this love.
You can feel this protection.

Look inside yourself and allow it, believing in My Word to you.
For you do have these blessings and allow all things to occur, for all things will.

83.And you will be so happy and so contented and peaceful in all manner of things.
People will want what you have, will listen to you, for they see the glow in you.
They see the happiness in you. And they are seeking the same thing.

84.For you do good in all things that way and they see it.
And they want to come and hear and listen, and they want to know.

85.Do this and the Glory is there.
Look inside.
Accept it for it is given to you.
And it is there for you as the Father has promised, as I have promised.

86.There are again many things in the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, in the Galaxies, that you can't comprehend.
87.For you have limited your belief in all things, to the limitations you apply to yourself.
You believe that nothing can be different than you, you are the greatest in all manner of things.

88.And I say to you, these are the things that you put on yourself.
You have limited your scope.
You have limited your mind's acceptance of other things.

89.And I say to you, there can be many, many things throughout.

90.There are many beings that you just can not even comprehend.
There's so many. They are different.
They are unique in their way.

91.They are the same and they are unique in their way.
You are unique in your way.

92.There are many, many things that you will not allow yourself to see.
But they are there.
All you have to do is open up to them.

93.Do not be afraid of them.
Look inside yourself, and you will see you do not have to be afraid of anything.

94.The only thing on your world, in your existence, that does occur to you is what man does to man, (what) Man does to learn.

95.Man will always do to man until man comes into order with all things.

96.When man comes to order with all things and the true harmony does exist, man will not do to man.
Man will do FOR man such as God does.

97.God does for man, not to man.
And when man comes into the true state, to the true order and harmony of all things, he will do FOR man, not to man.

98.For man is God in himself.
God has made him.
And all things that God does, man can do.
And if God does only for man,
does good only for man,
then in the true state of man,
man does only good for man.
Man does FOR man also.

99.And that is what man is, what his being is, what his substance is.

100.But he has twisted all of this around to the state that he is now.
For he believes that his total substance is
what he can get for himself,
what he can earn,
what he can get,
if he does not earn,
what he can take!
and what he can do,

and how many he can make his slaves this way,
 how many he can make his slaves that way,
how much destruction he can do here,
how many he can kill there,

all these manner of things man does to man,
Man does to man.

101.And this is not the harmony of things.
This is not the true man.

102. For the true man, through God does FOR man, not to man.

103.The time is very short.
There is no time left for you, for everything is happening now for you.
All you have to do is open your eyes, open your mind, open your heart, for everything is there.
Look at all things, listen to all things.
Look inside yourself for all the answers to it, for it is there.

104. And all of you who work through Me from the Father and do the work, REJOICE!
For things are happening. Your blessings are there.
And keep looking inside yourself.
Keep calling for the help you need.
Keep working though US, doing the work that WE have asked you to do.

105.You will have that peace and that contentment and that power and strength to do all.
And all will be yours.
For these are the promises.
You have such Glory, you just do not realize.
For the things that you do are good.

106.And all you who are listening to the Word and don't know what to do with it, look inside again.
Seek and you shall receive what it is you need to know.
For when you do this, you will be blessed also.

107.And tell others, and others, and others.
For the Word is the Truth of the Father, the Creator of all things, and the way to Salvation in the Time of Now.

108. For if you truly want to be saved and live forever and ever and ever, you will accept Me, to the Father
and come to the Light and you shall be saved.

109.For its not hard.
The hardest thing for you to do is believe.
And this is where your trouble comes.
And this is where You must decide.
You must do all of this yourself.

111.For inside of you, it is there.
Seek it out and you will believe.
All you have to do is look inside yourself for all answers to everything.
It is there.
And it will be there forever and ever and ever.

112.And it will be there, and the answers will be there, even in your total negative state with the one-that-is-not,
the answers are still inside of you.

113.You have just shut them out, closed them off, locked the door so they cannot escape, but they have been there and will be there.

114.And all you who seek, the answers are there.
Call for help in My Name.
Call for help through Me to the Father, and WE will help you understand all that you need to know.

115.For there are things that you will not know until you come to the state of the Father,
become the type of being you are suppose to be, then you will understand all.
Until that time comes, you will not understand all.

116.For in your state, you cannot comprehend it, but in the true state of the true things that My Father has made in you and you are, then you can comprehend all and you will understand all for these are the promises of the Father.

117.And all manner of things are coming unto you. Changes!
 Watch! Look! Listen!
And you will see changes in all manner of things.

118.As I said the Earth is changing.
The Heavens are changing.
All things are different.

119. Feel them! You can tell when you see them and feel them that these different things are occurring.

120.And these are the signs of the coming, of what is coming for you. For I am here with all. I am here with you now. I will be with you.

121. I will be with all My children.
My flock, I will be with you always.
In your heart, in your mind, everywhere that you seek, I will be.
I will be all over. I will be helping you.


123.The many names I have been called, and the many ones that have come to Me,
and the many ones that are in Me, NOW THAT IS MY KINGDOM.

124.My Kingdom is that warm glow inside of you that My Father has given you,
that I am with you, in you, with that glow, with the Word, with the Father.

125.And that is it.
That is the way it will be.

That is the way it is.
And I will tell you that My Father loves you and I love you.
And We will love you forever and ever and ever.