sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 28
TAPE 6-28-87

Jesus speaks
Giving the Message vs 1-26
Do Not Concern Their choice vs 2-5
Do Not Waste Time vs 6-8
Use What YOU Have vs 10-20
Cast Out Doubt vs 14-15
Do Not Debate or Argue vs 21
You can Weep for Them vs 23
The Drive Comes from Us vs 26
The Earth is taking care of itself vs 34-174
The Oceans vs 37
Food is Poison For Man and Animal vs 38
Rain Will Stop vs 42
You Can Destroy Yourself vs 44-50
Weather Will Change vs 45
Earth Retaliates vs 46
You can not change vs 51
Fire of Protection and Destruction vs 53
The Water Will Kill YOU VS 48,
The Land vs 60
Will Stop Producing vs 60
GMOs vs 61-67
Change Now vs 73
You Argue and Do Not Protect Your Water, Air, and Earth vs 75
The Skies vs 84
Changes Sky Color and Weather vs 87
The Heavens Weep for You vs 83
Will Appear to Drip Blood vs 88
Planet and Star Alignments Will Occur to Bring Energy vs 95
A Great Spiritual Awakening vs 98
Use What You Have and know to Spread the Word vs110
Keep a Record Of Earth Changes, vs 117-130-140
Sky Changes, Water Changes
What Man Does to Man.
Records to Judge vs 135
What the Earth is Doing vs 131
Sword of Truth vs 140
Record Applies to All vs 144
Strength of Now Time vs 149
Cast Out Doubt vs 160
How to Get An Answer vs 160-165
Earth is Doing Things vs 166
The Earth Has Power vs 174

1. I have been with you, around you, and in you.
You have felt my presence, for it has been there with you.
You have known it.
You have felt it.

2. Do not, and I say, do not concern yourself with the ones who do not believe for you cannot believe for them.
You cannot change them.

3. All you can do is give them My Word and the Father’s Word.
And if they choose to listen, not to hear, that is their choice.

4.So do not concern yourself.
For there are so many others that want to hear, that want to find something that they know that they have not in their lives.

5.They are looking, they are seeking, they will hear, and they will believe.

6.But there are others out there, who will not believe, will not hear even if you spend time after time after time with them,
talking to them, working with them, they would not hear.
For they do not want to hear anything, but what they believe themselves.
 And that is the way it is.

7.You waste your time, you waste My time, you waste the Father’s time in your time, when you do this.
For you do not have a lot of time, for things are coming.

8.So do not waste it. Do as I say.
And if they do not listen, that's fine.
Go on to the ones who will listen, for it makes no difference to the ones that will not listen,
what you say, what you do, what you feel.

9.They only believe what they can touch, what they can see, for they are hard.
 They are closed.
 They do not want to hear anything.

10.Your only job is to spread the Word any way you can, to any amount you can, to all people all over everywhere.
Do all things the way you know how to do them.

11.Talk to others, show others, do all manner of things that you know how to do.
12.And if you need the help, you need the strength, you need the will to do things, call on the Father through Me, and We will provide all of this for you.

13.Use the things that you are trained in.
Use the things that you know.
Use the power that you have, for you have all types of power you just have to look inside yourself for this, for it is there,
 and the love is there, and the gifts are there.

14.Do not doubt yourself in all this manner of things, for you do know what you have.
Every time you doubt yourself, you put limitations on you, and there are none.


16.Do what you need to do. And if the people will not listen, do not worry yourself about it, for others will.

17.Give of yourself where you can. Give the Word where you can. Teach where you can. Do all these manner of things that you know how to do, and all will be provided for.

18.And things will come to pass and you will see more and more and more and more, they will come to you.
They will want to hear.
They will want to see.
They will want to know.

19.And you have the things to tell them, You have the Words to show them.
 You have all manner of things yourself, for you have the love that the Father has given you
and you have the promises that He has given you.

20.For you work in the Light in Me, through Me in the Word of God that all things will be made manifest to you, so that you can go forth and do all manner of things, for the Father has promised all of this to you.
And do it with the power-that He gives you to do it.

21.So don't put yourself in a position of debating, arguing, or fighting, or in a position of feeling trapped, feeling that you are not doing what you're suppose to, or feeling that you are not getting ahead fast enough, that all things are wrong, that you feel frustrated, you feel anger, you feel irritated, for all of these things at this time that are given to you,
the one-that-is-not is whispering in your ear and you have to cast him out.

22.You can feel sorry for the ones who do not listen, for feeling sorry for them, you do as I.
You weep for them in your sorrow, for they in turn will be lost forever and ever and ever.

23. I weep for them.
 My Father weeps for them, and you can weep for them also.
Don't try to hide this.
This is all right, for it is part.
For you know what is there and when someone does not listen and turns it aside, all you can do, is feel sorry for that one.

24.You can't try to force them, You can't try to argue.
You can't try to make them, for it is their choice.

25.All you can do is show the love that you have and do the things that I have told you to do, and the Father has told you to do,
with the love and the peace and contentment that you now have inside of you.
Do it this way and all will come to pass.

26.And I know, and the Father knows, we all know, that you have drives.
The drives come from Us to make you want to do more.

27.But look at this as a loving thing, as an inspiring thing.
Do not look at this to bring you down, and say, "I'm not doing enough. I'm not doing enough."

28. For if you were not this state of wanting to do more, thinking, "I am doing enough, I am doing enough,"
eventually you would be doing nothing.

29.So that want is always to do more.

30.But it is a loving thing, it is not to make you fret, to make you gnash your teeth, to run about, saying "what can I do, what can I do?"

30.Look to yourself.
Look for the peace, the love and contentment in you
and then you will see that the desire to do more is the desire with all the other things that you possess, is part of you,
always striving to do better, always striving to do good,
and always wanting to do more in that good, for good creates good.

31.Good is positive.
Good creates energy and you bask in this energy of good,
for good is love and you feel that you want to do more.

32.But remember this is a loving feeling.
This is a doing feeling.
This is a creating feeling.

33.This is not a feeling to look at and be frustrated and go to and fro and all around and not knowing what to do.
Look inside yourself, for it is there and all things will be known to you.

34.There are many things coming. There are many Changes in all manner of things coming. As I have said, the Earth is starting to take care of itself. There are things happening all over.

35.You do not, and I say, do not have any idea what you are doing to the Earth, to the water, to the sky.
36.You have no idea what you are doing to all of the things. For, as you destroy, as you war, as you do all of' these things, you pollute more and more and more and more.

37.And as you continue to do all these manner of things, you are taking oceans and you are going to make them an area that nothing will survive, in the way you are doing. You are polluting them so badly, that nothing will survive.

38.And nothing coming out of them will be for man or animal.

39.For as they go in and they take out of the ocean and they use this for a food supply, it will kill them.

40.For it will be so poisoned through your pollution, that it will kill all manner of things.

41.And there will be millions and millions and millions of you that die,
for your total existence is on the oceans and is on the seas.

43.And you are polluting and polluting and polluting, through your wanting of more, through your destruction of wars, of killing and maiming and all manner of things that you do, to destroy in your out of order state.

44.And you are destroying yourself!

For as you pollute the seas, you change your own things, and I say you change and change and change.

45.You are changing your weather.
For your weather is changing due to the pollution that you are doing.

46.Your Earth is taking care of itself. It is retaliating against you.

47.For every time you take and you pollute the seas with your destruction, you cover the water, you change the water.
The water does not give the life back through the sun into the clouds to purify itself so that you can take it unto you.
It doesn’t do that.

48.Therefore your time is coming that your rains WILL STOP due to this type of thing.
Your water will be so polluted that you will not be able to drink it without dying.

49.You will not be able to eat the food out of the ocean without this happening,
for YOU are totally destroying all manner of things.

50.YOU ARE DESTROYING YOURSELF in all of these things that you are out of order with
. For you are totally out of order, and you are becoming worse and worse and worse and worse in this state.

51.YOU CAN NOT change the things that you have done.

52.But I say to you, you can hurry your own destruction by the things that you are doing.

53.If you would take and change NOW and decide the other way and stop your polluting and stop your doing the destruction, and the killing, and all manner of things that you do as this, you can PROLONG your time until the fires comes:
The fire of protection and the fire of destruction.

54.But I say to you, that you can also destroy yourself before that comes, through all manner of things that you are doing.
And you can hurry this and hurry that.

55.For as I have said before, there are great times coming and there are terrible times coming.
It is which ever you choose.

56.For all these things you are doing, you are CONSTANTLY doing, and you are doing them more and more, and more for you have no idea of how bad you are making all things.

57.You see, you think you can make everything right.
You can do this, and you can do that.
You DO NOT KNOW what you can do.

58.For there are things that you can do and things through your limited self that you have put the limitations on, cannot do,
for your own limitations stop you.

59.And all these things are coming.
The land has become so polluted and changed by you,
it is starting to destroy more and more and more of you.

60.For the land has stopped giving to you. It has stopped giving to you anything of value. It has stopped producing the life things that you do need to exist.

61.And so in other areas you take and you increase this type of production, this type of thing, where before you had one blade of grass, you have changed and changed, until you have twenty blades of grass.

62.But I say to you, what it is ...it is one blade of grass could feed one animal,
and you would say, “Well, you have twenty blades of grass, it can feed twenty animals."

63.And I say to you,
 "NO!" You have changed it so that twenty blades of grass DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH IN THEM TO FEED HALF AN ANIMAL.

64.And that's what you are doing to all manner of things.
You are changing and changing and decreasing more and more of the abundance of things like this.

65.And in turn you are starving your own selves.
You are killing more and more.
You are depleting more and more.

66. And consequently, when you think you have the abundance that you produce, and you have for all manner of things,

67.For you can take into yourself these things and eat and eat and eat and stuff and stuff and stuff, and DIE!

68.For you will not have enough nourishment out of these things to give you THAT LIFE FORCE THAT YOU NEED.

69.For you have changed them so that they are NOT good for your body.
It will NOT take the things out of it that it needs to exist.

70.For if it does, it so changes it, it becomes nothing in nothing with nothing.
Because the things in this that you are doing are for him, to make you have more, to see more,
 so that you have this abundance, that you can have and hold and put down and hold and hold.

71.It is all the materialism, all the material things that you totally believe in.

72. That's why you change and change to make these over abundance of things that are surely killing you.
And they will.
They will totally kill you all, if you allow it.

73.If you change, and change NOW, you will have a longer time.
But you can eliminate yourself now by doing all manner of things that you are doing.

74.You are not changing anything for the good.
For you are STUCK in that manner of things that pull you down, down, down ,
for you still do nothing but destroy, destroy, destroy, pollute, pollute, pollute.

75.And then you sit back and you have all manner of people come together.
ALL manner of things come in and you argue, argue, argue, argue.

76.NO ONE can come to mind, NO ONE can come to the thought of all coming together to protect the things that you have, to protect the air that you breathe, to protect the water that you drink.

77.OH one says, "We need to do it." And another says, "OH yeah, we need to do it." And then another says, "This is how we do it." And then the other says, "OH NO, this is how we do it."

78.And where you have the multitude, each one says they know this each one says they know that.

79.The answer is there but no one hears it.

80.They only hear what they themselves say, and consequently, no one agrees to anything.
And they argue and argue and meet and argue.

81.And through your lifetime nothing is done but argue, argue, argue, fret, fret, fret ….. do nothing, do nothing, do nothing.

82.And that is the way you are. You are totally out of order with all things.
You are out of order with yourself and this is the way it is.
And things are coming to pass.
You can see these things.

83.For you will see the time that the Heavens do weep for you.
For they do.

84.You will see all manner of things in the sky.

85.And when you see these things, you will know things are changing, things are coming to pass.

86.You will get that feeling.
It will go all over you.
You will know inside.
You may not want to believe it.

87. For you can see in the sky.
You can see all manners of things in the colors in the sky.
You can see the sky weep.

88. You can see the sky drip the blood that is eventually going to happen.

89.For in all the manners of things that you do, there will be a destruction that you just absolutely cannot comprehend.

90.And there will be a saving also ... if you choose it.

91.But you can see the change.
You can see the change coming.

92.You can see the fires.
You can see the fires in the sky.

93.For you will see the red fires of destruction coming and you will see the fire of love and protection in the sky.

94.And you will know, that all manner of things are changing, and preparing for all that is coming, ... the good and the bad.
For it is coming to you and there are all types of things coming.

95.There are things coming in the sky that are coming together. They will be together in alignment, and when this alignment occurs, there will be tremendous things happen.

96.There will be a tremendous amount of energy.

97.There will be the fire.
There will be the fires of destruction.

98.And there will be the fire of love, the fire of protection, the fire of spiritual awakening will occur.

99.And it will consume many and many in its love and knowledge that it will give.

100.For as these things in the Heavens occur and come into balance,
there will be tremendous energies that will awaken and the fire inside of you will come forth.

101.And it will come forth like a spark with the wind upon it, how it turns to a roaring fire,
for when these things in the Heavens align, the fire is there,
and it will awaken this fire in many and many and many of the multitude.

102.For they will feel it.
They will know it.
There will be an awakening of this spark and it in turn will glow and burst into full flame.

103.And also when this occurs this energy that is released will also affect all manner of things.

104.There will be things that occur with the Earth.

105.There will be things occurring in the Heavens, and there will be things occurring with man.

106.And he will feel all of this if only he allows himself to look, for it is there. It is in him.
It is around him, and he will know if he truly looks for it.

107.For all things will come. And as I said, there will be good things, there will be bad things, and it is whichever way you choose it.

108.For if you look to me, to the Father, through Me, it will be all good.
For you do not have to worry on anything,

109.But if you choose the other, then you will have all the terrible things happening to you,
with no feeling of what could happen to you and the good that could come out of it.
You would only feel the bad and the bad and the bad and the bad, and this is the way it will be.

110.So I say to you, use all manner that you have, all knowledge that you have,
all things that you have to spread the Word,
for you know what you need to do.
You know how things must be done with you now.

111.For you have to do everything in the time that you are in and that is now.

112.For there are many, many things to be done.
And you can not look to the past and do them as they did them in the past.

113.Or look to the future and do them as they do in the future.
You have to do all these things as now for your time is now.

114.People do not understand.
Man does not understand of the past
and if you would go out and talk to them of the past and this is the past,
they do not understand.

115.Or if you talk of the future, they do not understand,
but if you talk in their Time of Now, in their language of now,
in their understanding of now,
they Will understand,
For they do have the right not to choose to understand or to understand.

116.This is their choice.

117.And I say to you, look for these signs.
Watch the sky.
Mark down the differences that you see
. Keep a record of these things.

118.And then you will look at them and know that all manner of things are coming about.
For keep this record, that you can look at and know and speak about, all the things that you see, all the things that you do.

119.For this record is My record, it is the Father's record.

120.And I tell you now, take this record, keep this record, for Father and for Myself,
 for it is Ours through you and We do want you to do this for it will help you in all manner of things.

121.It will help you understand all of the things that are going on.
It will help you understand all the Words that you have been given from Me and My Father, through Me, from Him to you.

122.The records will show of these and everything that is going on.

123.Keep a record of all of the things, in one side, that man is doing to destroy man.

124.Keep a record on the other, of all manner of things that God is doing,
the things the Earth is doing to protect itself,
that what I am telling you.

125.Keep a record of all of the things that you see going on around you.

126.Such as the Lights in the Heavens, the colors in the sky, the odd things that are going on,
that you feel when you see these things, and all manner of things that the Earth and the Heavens
and the things in the Heavens that My Father says and the things that you see.
This will keep that record also.

127.But keep the other record of what man is doing to man.
That man continues to kill, continues to pollute, continue to war,
 that they continue to destroy here and continue to destroy there,
and all manner of perversions that they do.
And you will look at this record and see what is going on and why.
And it will help you
128.It will help you, if you speak to the multitudes.
For the Multitudes will come and you will speak to them.
You who are with you, will speak to them.

129.And when you do this you will need this record, so that you can say,
 “Look what you have done. Look what you have done to all manner of things.”

130.And these are the Words of the Father and these are the Words of the One-Who-Sits-In-Between.
These are what is going on.
This is what you’ve done.

131.Now look to what the Earth is doing to protect itself.
Look to what the skies are telling you.
 Look to what the Heavens are telling you.

132.And they will be able to see all manner of things and believe all manner of things.

133.And you tell them this, and you tell them that all of this was told to you by THE SON, BY THE LIGHT,
 to do all of this, to take care of all of this,
and to keep these records for your Time of Now.
For this is the TRUTH and this is the WORD,
AND THIS is from the Father through Me to you.

134.For you will need all of these records.
For when you come and sit with Me and the Father,
We can say you have done good, for you kept a record of all manner of things that man was doing to man,
 and all manner of things that were going on with man.

135.For these records will be used to JUDGE.

136.These records WILL BE USED to call against those who have done the things they are doing, that they are doing now.

137.And they will all be JUDGED for this IF they come to Me.

138.If they don't, We won’t need to JUDGE THEM. THE FATHER AND I
They will not need this, but there will be many and many and many, who will be JUDGED.

139.And this is what I say to you, keep this record. USE IT.
Use it to speak to the multitudes.
Use it to speak to every man who comes by who wishes to know.
Show it.
Use it.
For it will be a strength.

140.It will be part of the Sword for it will be the TRUTH of what man is doing to man.

141.For man can not believe in the Father, in Me and believe in things that they can not see and touch.

142.But when you show them this record they will believe, for it is what they can see and touch.
They know what is going on at this time.

143.So do as I ask, and it will be good and you will get all manner of strength,
 all manner of protection,
all manner of love and the shield of the love My Father gives,
 that protects, for you are doing good in My Father's name through Me, in doing the things that We want you to do.

144.And all you who are listening and working with this, this applies to you all.

145.You are all doing good in the Father's eyes and you will be protected and provided for,
for the blessing, have come down to you. But do as I ask.

146.Tell the Word as I ask.

147.Do all manner of things that I have talked to you about, for now is your time.
Now is the time that all must come into order.


149.For you do not understand the strength of now.

150. And it is not in the future.
It is not in the past.

151.It is now and there is no other time than now, for now is the last of your time.

152.And you can not look back to the time that I came and gave all, and what I had to do from my father and I was called back to him. You can not say, "Oh we in our time, this time, we have so much of this, we have so much of that.
We can endure for another span of our time in our time.

153. Nay I say to you, you do not have this time.
Your time is now and this is the end of all time.

154.It will not go on unless you come to the Father through me then all things will endure.

155.And if you don't, you will not endure, nothing will endure.

156.Everything will be nothing and nothing with nothing,
for it will be nothing in anything and that is the way it will be.

157.But again I say, more are listening, more are doing, more are working, and working harder and harder.

158.And the one-that-is-not is working harder and harder and harder.
And you will feel him more and more and more, for he will try to block you in all manner of ways.
will try the hardest to get into you to make you feel wrong about what you are doing.

159.I say to you that if you start to do something, and you think that it is right, and it comes in and you feel it is wrong,
 cast him out by using Me and the Father, by using US, by calling the Father through Me, to cast him out.

160.Then look inside yourself for that answer.
And after you have asked for the Father through Me, to throw the one out that -that-is-not,
to discharge him out of you to get rid of this.

161.And afterward you look for the answer and the answer is not, the answer is do not do.
Look to this as the truth.

162.For you have kicked him out.
You have displaced him out of you.
You have thrown the one-that-is-not behind the veil, so whatever answer you get then, will be true.

163.But look to this for that answer.
Do it this way if you have doubts.
If you ask for an answer and it is strong.
Then you know the answer. Accept it.

164.But if you ask for the answer and then have doubts or have this occur,
call an both of US, and WE will throw him out and you will find that True answer.

165.And We will be there to help you in all manner of things, for there are, as I’ve said, many things coming.
 There are many bad and many good.

166. For you are finding more and more that the Earth is doing things
and the Earth will amaze YOU, day in and day out, what it is doing.

167.And all manner of things will start to do that.

168.For you will see destruction upon destruction, upon destruction.

169.Not only destruction that you do upon yourself, but the destruction and the cleansing that the Earth is starting to do.

171.It will destroy all that is hurting it, in turn, to try and save its own.

172.And this you must realize, the Earth HAS to do this to endure and it will fight you.

You do not have at your disposal, power enough to stop the power of the Earth.

174.For the Earth has power.

175.It has more power than you have.

176.The only one who has power over the Earth is the Father, and He can do with Earth as HE chooses.

177.For you have lost all of your dominion over it.

178.You have lost everything over it.

179.Therefore, its power is greater than yours and you will be amazed.
Keep this record and see.
And it will amaze the multitude.

180.Do what you have to do in MY Name, the Father’s Name through Me.
Let everyone know what is going on.

181.And I will be with you,
I will be with you all the time.
You DID feel Me there with you.
And I will be there to give you what you need.

182.And there will be more. I will have messages after messages, after messages.

183.The Father has said He will come and HE will have messages after message for you also.

184.He says that the limb is healing. There is healing going on.

185.And He is rejoicing in all of this.

186.For He does love you. He truly, loves you and I love you.
And WE all love you and this will be forever and ever and ever.