sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Nature and Duty of God, Son, and Everlasting Spirit
Chapter 30 TAPE 7-9-87

Jesus Speaks:
You Make Me Happy and Sad vs1-17
The Answer In YOU vs 12
It Is Your Responsibility To Come In To Yourself vs 15
Three in One vs 18.19.20
Father 18, 23
Jesus Is The Conscience Of Man, the Inner Knowing vs 20-22,24-27 (Knowledge/Wisdom)
Father is the warmth and glow (Fire/Power) vs 23
Everlasting Spirit Is The Drive To Do Right (Drive/Love/Creative Force) vs 31-35
For We Are Three-In-One vs 32, 37
True Purpose vs 33
The Fire, Knowledge, Drive vs32-40,35
The One-That-Is-Not vs 41-50
The Anti-Force vs 45
Tremendous Awakening In Man vs 51
Increase in Knowledge vs 52-58
Increase in Being vs 58
Increase in Doing vs 58
Wondrous Things to Know vs 59-62
You’re Having A Hard Time vs 63, 64
Understanding The Earth vs 65
Next Step In Enlightenment vs 69
Not Enough Time vs 71-73
One is Power vs 74-75
Does No Good To Deny The Truth vs 81-82
Ending Of This And The Beginning Of That vs 87
Be Who You Truly Are vs 96-103
“What Is It Meant To Be?” (What You Will Be Like) vs 99
There Are Some Who Continue To Destroy vs 104-110
True Order of Things vs 111
Everyone MUST Make a Choice vs 116
Look for Signs vs 118-121

1.There are times when I am sad, for you question, question, question, and don't believe.

2.There are times that I am happy when you question and question and do believe.

3.But the times that I am the happiest, and I do rejoice in, is when you believe, when you know inside without questioning, without question, question, question.

4.For when you do this, you enter the negative forces into you. You have doubt after doubt after doubt.

5.But when you can believe by looking inside of you, and knowing the truth without question, I know you truly do not have any doubts. You truly believe in what I am saying and truly believe in the Father.

6.And I rejoice in this, for He rejoices in this. This is the way you are meant to be, believing in yourself, believing in your Father and believing in Me.

7.For the truth of the Father and the truth of Me are in you.

8.Any time you want to know the truth, anytime you truly seek the truth, all you have to do is look inside of you, for it is there.

9.It is inside of you.

10.It is all in you and all you have to do is look for it.

11.For when you look for it, it will be known to you. And you will see it. You will believe it, because you will know it is right inside.

12.And that's where it’s at……. In you!
All the answers are there.
All the things that you seek are there.
All you have to do is truly seek it out.

13.Do not look to others for the answers for you. Look to others to discuss with you to give you new ideas, then look to yourself for the answers.

14. For you are the only one that can have the answers for you. You are the only one that does have the answers for you. And you must find them yourself.

15.It is your responsibility to come yourself, to believe yourself, to do all yourself!

16.You can not do for others. And others cannot do for you.

17.You can ask questions in a discussion, in a positive sense, in a positive thing. But you must take all the answers given you, all the words given you and look at them, look inside, and come out with the belief, the true knowing inside of you what is true and the belief that is right for you.

18.There is the Father.

19.There is the Everlasting Spirit on Earth.

20. And there is the one that sits-in-between, the Son, the Light, which I am, and I am in every man, with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

21.You call Me many things. You have called Me many names, and you have said many things about Me, for I am in All man.

22.I am the conscience in all man.

23.For my Father is the warmth. He is the fire. He is the glow.

24.I am the KNOWING.

25.I am the ONE that gives you the knowledge of what is right, what is there, what is love, and how you should be.

26.I am the conscience that tells you when you are doing something right and you are doing something wrong. For I am in all man with the Father, and the Father is the glow and the warmth and the love.

27.I am the Love and the conscience of all men, showing them what is right what is wrong and which way to go.

28.And the Everlasting Spirit is the drive in all men, the FORCE in all men, to go the right way.

29.I only show (the Way).

30. I only am there with My love, showing them which way to go.

31.The Everlasting Spirit is the drive that makes men WANT to go the right way, that want to do the right thing, that motivation, that movement, that power, that in turn has men and gives men the RIGHT force to do what he has to do.

33.Together, We are ONE, because We are The One-in-one-Purpose, and that purpose is FOR YOUR SALVATION, FOR YOUR EVERLASTING LIFE, to have you back with Us, sitting with Us, being with Us and being the true being you truly are. That is the purpose.

32.For We are Three-in-One.
34.We are the warmth, the love, the fire, the knowledge, and the push to do this or the power do this as you want, or the DRIVING force that makes you want to do this.

35.With the Fire, the Knowledge, and the Drive, these are the three things in you to do all these things.

36.And We are the Love.

37.We are the Three-that-are-One.

38.We are all in you. I am in you. The Father is in you. The Everlasting Spirit on Earth in you. It's around you.

39.We’re all there, helping you do the things that you know, the things that My conscience in you have told you is right.

40.And the drive force is there, trying to pull you in that direction of the right road, and the warmth and the fire and the love and the feelings of all of the good are there inside of you and you know as I speak, for you have done good in times, and you know that feeling.

41.And there is the other that is totally against all of this. He is the one against everything that I do, everything the Father does, everything the Everlasting Spirit does.

42.For he only gets from you his energy in the things that he wants, which are all totally negative to what My Father and I and the Everlasting Spirit teach you and have for you.

43.He is against EVERYTHING.
He is against MY Conscience in you.
He is against the Father's warmth in you.

44.He changes this warmth to the cold burning of the ice. He takes My consciousness in you and changes it to his consciousness in you, which is totally opposite of Mine.

45.And he takes the Everlasting Spirit and pushes it out of you and puts his own energy force into you to drive you in the opposite direction that you were meant to do.

46.This is his force. For he is the anti-consciousness of all men. He is ANTI to all good. He is anti to all love. He is anti to all being. For he is anti to everything. He is NEGATIVE in all his total existence.

47.He CANNOT, he cannot, I say, endure in you, when you truly believe in the Father, in Me, and come to Us. He cannot live in you. For then you only know the truth and you know him for his negative, anti-being he is.

48.For, if I am in all man and the conscience in all man, he is anti-conscience in all man for he is totally against all of what I bring to you.
He is against everything.
And he is one that tries to bring you down.

49.For I am there with (you) at all times. And he fights the Father, He fights Me. He fights the Everlasting Spirit to gain possession of you in all of his thinking and what he believes that he will have you.

50.And all he will ever end up with is nothing in nothing with nothing. For when you do go with him, you become nothing in nothing with nothing.

51.There are times coming to you with tremendous awakenings in man. You will see man changing.

52.You will see man wanting to know. You will see man accepting more and more and more and more. For there is so much more.

53.And he is at a turning point in his existence to be able to know more, for he will seek more.

54.And when he seeks, he will learn more and he will know more. And his mind will become more open and open and open.

55.And a lot of the limitations that he has applied to himself will be cast aside, for these limitations that he has applied to himself are breaking away, for he is coming into an era of new enlightenment and new things, and he will know more things.

56.For there is more for him to know. There is more out there to know. For the Father has said this.

57.And as you grow and learn and learn more you shall know and more you shall know.

58.For the casting away of all of these limitations will increase your knowledge, increase your being, increase your doing.

59.And when this happens, the knowledge will come, and things will come so fast, you just will not be able to comprehend how fast they will come to you.

60.For they are all there. And as the Enlightening comes and the awakening in you comes, and as you become more toward the true being you are supposed be, you will know more all of the time.
You will know more, know more and know more, until you eventually know all.

61.When all things are changed, all things are anew, everything has been done, you will know all
62.For there are many things for you to know, wondrous, wondrous, wondrous things. And you will know all.
That is the promise from the Father to you.

63.Your being that you are, this physical/material being that you are, is having a hard time at the present time.
And it is not going to get any easier for you.

64.You are fighting with yourself. You are fighting with others. Others are fighting with others.

65. You are starting to know more. You are starting to know about how you are damaging the Earth,
how you are polluting the Earth, how you are trying to destroy all manner of things.
66.You are fighting with yourself for you don’t know what to do about it. You are fighting with others, because you do not know what to do about it. They do not know, and they are fighting. And everyone is arguing.

67.Everyone knows that all of the manner of things that are being done, and all destruction is going on, but nobody knows what to do.

68.This is part of enlightenment. For you are starting to know what is going on.

69.The next step in the enlightenment will be you will have ones that do know what to do to stop what is going on, and you become more enlightened, more in tune, more of the limitations are dropped, the more knowledge you will get and you will see the right path to go on to, to stop the destruction that is going on with the Earth, with your environment, with your Heavens.

70.You will be able to see and be able to stop what is going on.

71.As I have said, you do not have enough time to correct all of the things you have done, and bring things back to the original good, loving order that it was at first.

72.You have not enough time in your existence left to do this, for the fire is on the way. It is coming and it is growing closer.

73.Ones have seen it. Ones have denied seeing it. Others have seen it and told. Others have denied. Others have told others and told others not to say anything and hold back, because they know when the people see and hear of what is coming,
that there will be all manners of things happen that they will not be able to control.

74.For the ones in power thrive on control. They thrive on enslaving. They thrive on all manner by taking from others, taking from them. For they are the ones that say, “We know what is right." They only know what is right for themselves and they take care of themselves. They give nothing in return.

75.And they are holding things back and will hold things back for they know if the multitudes do learn, they will lose the control that they now have.

76.And they don’t know what to do about it.

77.But ones have seen. Ones have known. And things will be coming more and more. They will be coming more and more known to you all of the time.

78.And you that do hear, you that do believe, and you that do know by looking inside yourself, know the Truth is on the way.
You know the Light is coming.

79.And you know what will happen. And you seek only to believe, only to believe in the Father and come through Me, and knowing that you will be protected and taken care of.

80.For you will live forever and ever and ever.

81.There are many around that are seeing more and more and more. There are many so upset by what they are seeing. They’re so bewildered by what they are seeing, that they are not coming out. They are denying this and denying that.

82.And it will do them no good. For the truth is there. And they know the truth.

83.And it will come out. And there are many that know the truth that are hiding it. There are many that want to take everything to themselves and there are many that truly are looking, truly are seeking, truly that are wanting to know, that will hear the Word, believe the Word, come to the Word, come to the Light through Me to the Father and have all of these things that have been promised to them.

84.And this is the way it is. This is the way it will be. And everything IS meant to be.

85.For you are living in a wondrous time of all things. There are so many things for you, so many good things for you, so many bad things for you.

86.But there are all things for you.

87.There are all things for you, from now until the end, 'til the time comes that everything will be made anew. It will be the ending of this and the beginning of that.

88.For it is so, so much better, you cannot comprehend it.

89.You look at all of the things that you have, and you do not want to give this up, you do not want to give that up. This or that, it has to be because this is how you are in your material being.

90.And I say to you, it is so much wondrous, so much greater, so much MORE THAN YOU EVER have now and ever could have now.

91.Do not worry about it.
Do not fret about it.

92.For it is so great you cannot comprehend it. It is so much more than you have now.

93.Do not let the shackles of this existence hold you back. Look to what is coming with the belief and the KNOWING coming from YOU, inside of you, that you will have it so much better, you just cannot believe.

94.For it will be total peace, harmony, love, contentment of ALL things, of being what you are truly meant to be.

95.For you will be, you will be in yourself, in others, in everything, you will be.

96.And that is the promise from the Father, that is your reward, to be what you were truly meant to be.

97.For you are not now. You are nothing now.

98.You are only living through the goodness of your Father. He created all. He made all. He made you. And you are in a total out of order state, in a total out of order existence.

99.But look inside and ask yourself, “What is it meant to be?”

100. The Father has said, "To be, is what you are to be." That is what you were meant to be, to be the being that you were truly meant to be, is to be the One with God, to be in God, to be around God, to be with God, and have God with you.

101.This is the true being you are meant to be. And be in order with all things, in the Heavens, on the Earth, in the Galaxies, in the ground, in the ocean, all things will you be in order with.

102.You will be able to communicate with all things. They will be able to communicate with you. You will know them, They will know you. They will give unto you, you will give unto them. All things will be in order.

103.And you will be in order with all things, for you will be.

104.There are others that continue to destroy, that continue to war, that continue to kill, that continue to pollute. And they do not care about what they are doing.

105. All they are doing it for is their own gratification, their own way that they are. And these are going to be judged, if they are judged, so harshly.

106.For they are going to be the ones that end up destroying a large percentage of mankind, through their warring, through their pollution, through their destruction and they are causing all types of things to occur.

107.And as these things occur, more and more of mankind will perish.

108.And this is the way it will be. They will starve. The Earth will retaliate.

109.And there will be many things happen. And there will be many, many, many of your beings destroyed, for you do it to yourself.
 You are allowed to do this, and it will not be stopped.

110.For man does TO man.
God does FOR man.
Man does only to man.

111.For in the true order of all things, in that true state of being, the being that man TRULY is, man then would do for God and God would do for (man), and they would work together as One, but now man does TO man, God only does FOR man.

112.God weeps for man in their out of order state that they are in.
I weep for man, for this out of order state they are in.

113.But there are ones that are coming into order, that are believing, that are seeking, that want all things for themselves in the TRUTH AND THE BELIEF AND THE KNOWING that they have been promised.

114.And they are seeking all of these things. And they will truly live forever and ever and ever.

115.But the others, the others, if they don't come will surely perish. And that is forever and ever and ever.

116.So they have a choice to make.
Everyone has a choice.
Everyone MUST make that choice, themselves.

117.If they do not make that choice, they will perish. And that is forever and ever and ever.

118.So there are many things going on around you. And there are many wondrous things. Look to the heavens for them. Look to your Earth for them. Look to all manners of things for them. For they are here, and they are coming. And they will be continuing and continuing more and more and more.

119.And I am here with you. I will be here with you. The Father is here with you. And We will be here with you.

120.We will be coming. We will be giving lessons. We will be telling you things, of what it is, what there is, all types of wondrous things.

121.And We will tell you about the other ways in Heavens, Heavens and all manner of things as such, and the loving beings who are there who love you, and all of the Ones who do love you.
For the Father loves you. And I love you, And We will love you forever.