sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015† by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 33

Jesus speaks vs 1
I am here to Tell You of Things You Do Not Know vs 1
Vision.. what you saw.
Interpretation of Dream vs 19
The Cup of Power and Love vs 14
The Cup of Kindness vs 26
Time is Short vs 34
Things Will Be Better and Better for the Believer,
Worse and Worse for the Non-believer vs 40
Rejoice for All Things Come to Pass vs 48
The Beginning of the End vs 50
The All of All and Ancient of Days and Supreme Beings vs 55
The Breech Has Been Corrected vs 78
Everything Must Come to Order vs 81-82
The Bonding is Good vs 94

1.I am here to talk to you of the things that you know, but know not, of the power that you have, but have not, of all the manner that you do have, do know, but yet do not have and do not know.

2.For I am here with you. I am here all of the time with everyone throughout all of your world.

3.I am here.
I care for My flock.
I care for My children.
I speak for the Father.
I speak from the Father.
I do for the Father.
And I in turn love the Father, as He loves all of us.

4.For the Father does love everyone, everything, everyone and thing that is, He does love.

5.I was with you through your battles. The Father was with you through your battles. You were being tried by the One-That- Is-Not. He in turn was trying and trying to get you back to where he wanted you. And you were fighting him.

6.For he was using others as he has always done to gain what he wanted, to cast doubts, to make you believe something that is not true, and to lead you away to the other path.

7.And as you fight, you have to fight harder and harder and harder, for he does fight you harder and harder and harder.

8.(About a Vision that evidently, we do not have in the Word of NOW)
For the things that you saw were the things that can be, or the things that he can make be, and for the fight that you can have if you so choose.

9.For the Word of the Father was spoken to many and many did not choose to hear.
They became as of stone, and would not accept the Word into them.

10.And it seemed to you that the words were not coming out.

11.The words were coming out, but they were falling upon a rock of stone.
And therefore, they would not penetrate so they were not going anywhere.
They were staying with you.

12.And all of these ones that are so hard, so closed, so closed-minded, will be judged for this, if they are judged. For they have closed down all things true, all things good, all things that are needed for man for his everlasting life.

13.For he needs the love of the Father.
He needs the forgiveness of the Father.
He NEEDS to come to the Father with love. And he needs to come NOW!

14.And a manifestation of what you saw in the Cup with the Power was the solid fire and burning and steam of a solid piece of ice coming out of the Cup.

15.For who can cause a fire of flame and steam and have a solid liquid come out that is ice, Who but the Father can do this?

16.Who can cause an ever-consuming fire, and in the center is the block that does not consume?

17.But before it was started, the block was a liquid. And as the liquid was pushed forth from the Cup, the liquid, in turn, became solid and the fire, in turn, encased it.

18.For this is a thing that you can see and relate to.

19.For the Cup is the CUP of goodness. The liquid that pours forth from the Cup of goodness is love, and as this love pours forth, it becomes solid, encased with the fire for the protection, and it is becoming the staff of love.

20.For the liquid, as it is, out of the cup, and as it hardens becomes, a staff or rod encased in fire of TOTAL love. For you need the liquid to drink to sustain you. You need all of these manners of things. You need the staff or food of Light to sustain you. And you need the love to endure.

21.So out of the Cup comes the liquid. And the liquid is love. And it in turn turns to a rod or staff of hard love that can be consumed by you, in you, and is surrounded by the protection of the fire.

22.And it does not burn. It does not melt. IT stays in the protection of the all protecting flame.

23.The cup is from the Father.
The Love is from the Father.
The flame IS from the Father .
All is from the Father.

24.For what He gives us is All.
He gives you All.
He gives me all.

25.And He is showing you His power, His love, how He can take it, how He can flame around it, He can put that flame there and no one can touch it for it protects it. And it, in turn, stays there with the ALL ... ALL of the LOVE that there is and ever will be.

26.For the Cup is the Cup of kindness. And the liquid is the liquid of love that quenches your thirst for knowledge. It quenches your thirst for being.

27.And the rod or staff or the hardness that it becomes is the type of love that you can devour in you, to maintain you,
that you need to have so that you can exist.

28.For it is the liquid, it IS the staff of life, it is the all-consuming thing from the Father in the true love that He gives upon you.

29.But He showed this to you.
He allowed you to hold it.
And you could see it.

30. You knew the power and the ones, who did listen, did not hear the power, feel the power, know the power. For they are all caught up in their own greed, their own pollution, their own wastefulness, their own material being.

31.For this Cup and this love is an all-consuming thing.
For it cannot, it cannot be where there is negativeness or hatred or anything in this manner.

32.For when it is taken into the body in the liquid, in the staff of life, in the food of life, in the overwhelming abundance that is bestowed upon, ALL BAD MUST LEAVE, IT CANNOT EXIST.

33And the ones that hear and the ones that believe, the ones that know, KNOW this is true.

34.Your time is very, very, short.
No, I will say, very, very, very short.

35.You have not much time left. For all manner are coming to pass.
All manner of old, all manner of prophecies that were made, are coming to pass.

36.For look into your skies. LOOK into your Heavens.
Look into your Earth, for things are starting to happen all over.

37.Your weather is changing all over. There are things going on that people cannot understand, cannot realize, CAN NOT believe this is going on. For it has not happened like this before.

38.And I say to you, all manner of this are changing.
Your Earth is changing.
Your sky is changing.
Your Heavens is changing.
All manners of things are changing.

39.Your oceans are changing.
The currents are changing.
And this is just the start.

40. And it is going to get better and better and better for those who know what is coming,
and worse and worse and worse for those who do not.

41.For there IS not any time left
All of your time is now.
For now is the time that you must decide which way you will go.

42.There will be many things occur with the Earth as it is doing now. And it will get worse.

43.There will be more disasters, more disasters, more odd things, more things are coming, and many, many will perish.

44.For there will be not, I say not a few, not more than few, but a lot more than a few will perish.
For there will be many, many, many who do perish for they do not understand what is occurring.

45.They have not, in turn, provided for what is occurring. They have not, in turn, believed anything other than what they have been told by the ones who are in power who maintain power for themselves and do not care for the other.

46.And these will be lost. There will be hardship upon hardship for many.

47.And all those who do know what is coming, can see what is coming and know they are PROTECTED.

48. REJOICE in all things that are coming to pass.
For all prophecies will be fulfilled.
And you will see them in your lifetime.
 For they are now for the Time of Now.

49.And this is the end.
It is the end of most all things.
It is the end of all as you know it.
But it is NOT the end of you.

50. It is the beginning of you.

51.For your beginning is the A NEW of everything.
And you will be the true being you are meant to be.

52.For you will be with the Father and the Father will be with you.
And all will be provided for and taken care of.

53.And you will be able to do all of the things that I have spoken, see all of the things that I have spoken, and you will be.
For these are the promises that He has made to you.

54.And all you who see this can rejoice, for you know you will be in this new ANEW and be your own being, and everything in harmony in order with the true, the true, true, true love, contentment, harmony of all things that were truly meant to be.
For you will be in the perfect order in which you were created and meant to be.

55.My Father's Father's Fathers have promised you many, many things. All of the promises have come from the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, the Galaxies, Galaxies, Galaxies, for THIS Earth, and you, being anew with the promises that will be bestowed upon you that have been made by My Father and My Father's Father's Father will be so great you just cannot comprehend.

56.You wonder about many things in the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, in the Universe after Universe, after Universe.
You wonder about the Beings.
You wonder about this and about that.

57.It is good to wonder.
For as you wonder you seek knowledge.
And as you seek knowledge, you grow.
Some things are never meant for you to know in the state that you are at.

58.But as you learn, and as you know, you will know more and more and more and more.

59.For the Light, the Light is getting closer and closer and closer. You will be able to see it better and better and better.

60.And the fire of destruction and the fire of protection are there, and will do as I have promised and thy Father has promised.
For all will be as such.

78.And all has come back to Order, for Mv Father and My Fatherís Father have, in turn, straightened it back up.
 They have brought it back into alignment.

79.They have CAST OUT the ones who wanted Their power, the ones who had all the power they would ever want and ever need, yet, they wanted more and more and more.

80.This force has been cast out. It has been destroyed, for the amounts of Positive Energies that were focused into the breech have corrected it and have made it stronger than it ever was before.

81.And it will not happen again, for Their strength now is known as ABSOLUTE throughout all the Universes, Universe.
And everything is coming to order.

82.And you must come to order.
All of you must come to order

83.For there are so many great things promised to you if you do.

84.If you come with the Love, the wanting and the love of the Father, all is promised you. For you are all, and will be all, and know all in the state you are truly meant to be.

85.But as I have said before, there is no time left. Everything is coming to pass. Everything will pass.

86. For yours is the Time of Now.
There is no other time for you.

87.And you have a choice of your future.
 It can be one way or it can be another.
But it will be either one.

88.For all things are coming to pass as of now.
Your days are getting fewer and fewer and fewer.
And you will look into the sky and see whatís coming and know, for your time is at an end.
And all of your time is at an end in the state you are at.

89.But if you choose the right path and choose that, your time will never end.
It will be forever and ever and ever.

90.If you choose the other path, your time will end.
And it will end now.
And there will be no other.

91.For now is your time and the time of decision is here.
For your time is at an end, your world is at an end.
All things as you know it, in the out of order state that all things are in, is at an end.

92.And as I have said, all those who do believe, all those who come to the Father, all those who are here when the Light comes and come into the Light, through Me, through the Father, believing with love and doing good deeds, will be protected, will be provided for, will be taken care of.

93.For all you who come will be provided for.

94.And all of you who have bonded and who believe and come together and have bonded as one and the things that you bring forth from this union are good, will be provided for and taken care of.

95. For you will be, the things that you have brought forth will be, and you all will be for you will be in the order you were meant to be.

96.And all will be known. All will be provided for.

97.And all will be in the state that you were truly meant to be. And you will be in that state and protected by that fire, the shield of love that protects you from all things. You will not have to worry for all things will be provided for. You will be provided for.

98.And all will be good. All will be being. All will be doing. All will be in the state that you are truly meant to be. And all will be good, and wonderful.

99. And it will be so fantastic you just absolutely cannot, you CANNOT comprehend HOW it will be.
For it is so much better than anything you can ever imagine.

100.For it is love, peace, harmony, contentment and total protection in the fire of love, with love being the essence of your being.

101.And that's the way it will be.

102.For all will be together as one, doing as one, working as One, being one, with one another all things, all things anew, and being with the Father.

103.For He is there waiting for you. He has His arms outstretched ready to encompass you, and all of the glory that He can bestow upon you.

104.For He loves you. He loves all of you, even the ones that (are) destroyed in what is to be.
He still loves you.
And I love you.
And My Fatherís Father's Father loves you.
And all of the Supreme Beings love you.