sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015† by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 35
12-18-87 TAPE

This Work Is So Important v3
It Is Coming Closer And Closer v9
Fire In The Mountains v10
Weather Changes v11
Water Comes v12
Oceans Are Moving In v13
Earth Knows What Is Coming And Is Preparing v14
Earthquakes With Land Appearing And Disappearing v19
Whole Existence Turned Upside Down v20
Changes In Governments v21
Changes In People v 22
Be In Me And You Will Be Protected Maybe Not As You Are Accustomed v 26-27
Upheavals v30
Nation Against Nation v 30
War Of Haves And Have Nots In US v33-34
Closer To Being The Being You Were Meant To Be v40
US Split In Half By Water v 43-46
Rejoice v 51
Jesus Reigns With Us v 52
Some Are Coming, Some Are Not Giving The Word As Given v 57
Word Is Key To Salvation v 63
Word Is In The Soul Of Mankind, Do Not Need A Book v 66
We Are ONE v 68-69
Allow Those Who Work For Me To Hear The Word v72-74
The True Meaning Of Love v 81
Protect Yourself v 83
Right Of Choice Makes Us Different From All Things In The Universes v 85-93
It Is So Important To Get The Word OUT v 98
Look To Earth, Skies, Other Planets For Changes v 100-106
Everyone Is From The Same Creator 107-109

1.I am here. I am here to tell you, to bless you, for all those who are Working for the Father through Me without any rewards other than what the Father has promised. You will be so blessed. Oh, will they be blessed.

2.For they do the work without wanting the material things. They do it out of love for Him, in the belief in Him, and a wanting to be with Him. And he knows this. He feels this. And you are truly blessed.

3.But I have to tell you the work that you are doing is so important.

4.The one-that-is-not is fighting harder and harder and harder against you. He not only is fighting you from without, but also from within.

5. His forces have to stop you or they will not exist. For he cannot exist when the true belief that you preach, that you speak of, that you give to the people is believed, he cannot exist.

6.For he will be totally cast out. So he is fighting and he will continue to fight you harder and harder and harder.

7.And all these around you have to be on the lookout for him, for he will be after them, so strong, they will not even recognize him. They will not even understand what he is trying to do until it is over with.

8.For he is trying that hard. He is trying all manner of things, for your time, as I have said before, is over with.

9.It is coming closer and closer and closer.

10.The fire is in the mountains. The water through out the world, the fires, the heat is the start. When your mountains burn all vegetation burns. And it will burn so hot that the stones and earth will melt and the grasses and trees will have a hard time coming back. All of the areas the fire is erupting all over. This is part.

11.And then your weather comes.

12.And the water comes. And it cleanses and it washes and it moves. And all manner of things are starting to change.

13.Your oceans are starting to swell. They are starting to move in. They will come in farther and farther and it is so subtle you donít notice, but all of a sudden it will be at your doorstep.

14.For it is changing constantly. Everything on the Earth is changing and preparing for what is coming.

15.For it knows what is coming.
It knows what will be here.
It knows of the changes that will occur.
It knows of all manner of things that you do not know.

16.For you do not feel like it feels.
It senses.
It feels.
It understands.

17.These are the things that you could do if you choose. But you have not chosen to do this.

18.So these are all coming to it.

19.There are going to be more Earthquakes.
Land is going to disappear.
And other land is going to appear.

20.Your whole existence that you have today will be turned up-side-down.

21.For there are going to be changes in governments.

22.There are going to be changes in the people.

23.There are going to be all manner as such, for these are the things that will take place prior to the cleansing.

24.For as I have said, you must understand that all things will come to pass before the cleansing occurs and when you understand what is occurring, you will know what is taking place.

25.But there are so many that do not understand, that will not understand, and even try not to understand, for they do not want to know of what is there.

26.You will be protected. All those who work through Me for the Father, do what We have asked you, in that loving, caring, wanting way, you will be protected.
You will be provided for.
You will be taken care of.

27.It may not be in the manner that you are accustomed to. It may not be in the manner that you want to become accustomed to, but you will be taken care of.

28.For when this occurs, all things will change so the manner that you will be taken care of at that point, will be greater than what you have today.

29.But all things will change.

30.And there will be these upheavals. There will be more and more and more, for the one-that-is-not is fighting harder and harder, and he, in turn, is causing nation after nation after nation to try to destroy the other.

31.And he is entrenched so solid, that the trying is not just trying, it is DOING for it is a MUST for them to do.

32.There are wars.
There will be wars.
There will be wars in your country.
There are wars coming all over.

33.For you have ones that want and donít have. You have ones that have and donít want to give.

34.You will have all manner of these wars. And these wars are coming to your country, internally in your country.

35.Governments are going to fall.
Nations are going to fall.
And there will be nations destroyed!
And it is not far off.

36.It, in your time, is very, very, very, very close.

37.You are doing for My Father, through Me, for Us, in the manner that We choose you to do, that you have in turn given Us the love that you have and the wanting to do.

38.You will prevail. It will come to pass for you are doing all that you can at the present.

39.For there is so much changing, and so much going on, so many things all around, that you are to look and see and open, and keep that open structure and open mind and open heart to all that I keep giving you for it will continue to come.

40.And you are getting closer and closer to be the being you are meant to be.
41.For it will come to pass that you will be. You will be for that is the promise of the Father. And doing the way you are doing, it shows the Father the amount of love that you have for Him, without question, without wanting something for you, with only wanting to do for Him.

42.And you, like I have said, are so blessed for this.

43.For all manner throughout are coming. For when the oceans rise and move like I have spoken,
they will come in, and they are moving in.
Nobody wants to look at it today. They turn their backs on it and they say,
 ďOh, weíve lost a little here and a little there.Ē

44.NO ONE is really, really looking into what is occurring because, they know if they would tell the people,
 that there would be tremendous upheavals.

45.For people would have to move. For when this occurs, your country will be split in half.
The waters will be taken almost all the way through the center of your country.

46.It will come to pass that all this will move. All the waters will rise. Everything in that area will be engulfed.

47.And you must understand that it is not just the water. It is not just the fire.

48.But, when all this occurs, all of the things that you do not like, all of the things that do you harm, such as your pollution, such as the animals, such as the bugs, such as reptiles, such as all of these things will be spread out.

49.And ones that are caught in all of this, the water many not harm, the others (bad animals and insects) will harm, for it will be everywhere and it will change and the heat will be there.

50.For the heat is coming and there will be more fires. There will be more burning. There will be more of all of this for you.

51.But rejoice in this.

52.Do not look at it in despair, because you know what is coming and you know the great things that are in store and you can tell everyone that you know how much better all will be when this all does occur.

52.And I come to you.
And I reign with you.
And I am there with you in My Being.

53.For when this occurs, all will be in order. For I will be in order.
You will be in order.
The harmony and order with the Father will be.
Everything will be.

54. If you look, look for Me.
Look for Me everywhere for I am there.
But look for me in the sky, for you will see My Light.
You will see My Light for it is coming.

55.Look for it and when you see, REJOICE in it, for it is your salvation.

56.You will be forever and ever and ever.
All will be.

57.There are many, many coming around to the belief in the Father, through Me, and the trust in the Father through Me.
There are many that arenít.

58.There are many who are getting things through Me, through others that have been sent
and they are getting this and they are getting that.

59. And what they are doing is rather than taking this and that and giving it to the people, they are taking that and this, and giving it to the people, so the people do not know really what IS going on, for they can believe more in that and this, rather than in this and that,
because it fits them more.

60.And these are going out and spreading this and doing the things that are wrong, not doing the things that I have said,
not giving the Word that I have given.

61.For they have been told many things. They have been told so they could tell their people and PREPARE for the Word.
But they are not doing this.
They are preparing for themselves.

62.For the Word has been told, over and over, that it is coming. And they have gotten parts, and they have gotten this and this, that from the Word, and this and this, over here from the Word, and a little of that. And everything has been given in order to prepare.

63.For that is all you have now, is the Word for you, for it is the key to all.
It is the key to the Father, through Me, for all salvation of all mankind today.

64.And it is from the Father, for He has given it to you, to allow you to choose, to know what you are choosing,
to feel what you are choosing, and to believe in what you are choosing.

65.For you will know when you read it. You will know when you see things from it, and you will feel it in you.
S0 it is there for you, and will be there for you.

66.The Word will not be destroyed. For even if the one-that-is-not destroys it all in the written word, it is still in people's minds and souls. And it will endure. For the Father will endure.

67.For you must understand that We are here to help. My angels are here to help. The Father's angels are to help. And when I speak of My angels, and My Father's, I am part of My Father. He is part of Me, WE are One.

68.Therefore all is Ours. We are All. You are All, and We are all together as One.

69.And some day you will realize this when you are with Us. When you are there, you will know for the Father has said this.
He is in you.
You are in Him.
Therefore you are One, One and another. For we are all One.
Throughout your whole world WE are One.

70.But the one-that-is-not has split everything apart, has done all manner of things to keep man from coming together, by changing, changing this and changing that and giving more here and giving thee, to get more here and to get more there.

71.Some day you will know all of what I say, but for now you are doing good in all. Everything is doing good.

72.Allow the ones that work with you to know of what I say.
Allow them to hear My message.

73.Allow them to Know that they are blessed, and how blessed they are for working without wanting things for themselves, working for the Father for the blessings from the Father, rather than wanting the material things that other men do for doing the work.

74.For it is from Him to you. And the blessings are so much greater than anything that you can absolutely comprehend in your whole existence.

75.You have learned from doing. You will learn more from doing. The more you do, the more you will learn.

76.The more you give out the Word, the more you will know of the Word and eventually, you will be totally engulfed in the Word to such an extent that you will be able to give the Word without looking at a paper, and TOTALLY engulfed in its Light and its power, and people will see and people will know.

77.And they know and there will be people that will even run from you because they will see your Light for it is there.

78.You are being the Being that you are meant to be as I have said before.

79.And we are very pleased with all that you are doing.

80.So let the others know. Let them all know what is coming, how We are, what we feel and how Our love is for them.

81.For when you really understand that true meaning of love, it is that giving without wanting back. It is that caring without having to be cared for. It is that feeling of wanting to do with no rewards for you.

82.This is the love that the Father has. This is the love that you have, for He has given you this
and the more you do the more of this you will get.

83.But I say protect yourself. Call on Us. We are here to help.
But we can not do if you do not call on Us, for We work through you.
We come through you.
We are there for you, but you must call.
YOU must do.

84.That is your choice. And you will always have that choice.

85.For the time will come when you will know how important that choice and the right of choice is, for it is the thing that makes you different than ANYTHING throughout the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, and the Galaxies, Galaxies, Galaxies.

86. It makes you different from EVERYTHING in ALL of Creation throughout all of the galaxies.

87.For you have the right of choice. You were given that. And it is something special.

88.And you will know someday how that is, and how important to you, and ALL OTHERS who learn from you, learn from being around you, learn from you, learn from watching you and being with you, how important that free choice was to you, and ALL of the beings that will learn from you.

89.For it is the key to you, for you were never meant to be a slave. You were never meant to the things that others have been, only doing what they were told, not realizing, not choosing, not knowing.

90.You KNOW.

91.And that is the way it is for you in this Time of Now.

93.But look around; Look to all things, for these things are coming to you.

95.And it is going to be coming so fast, you just absolutely will have to watch every second.

96.Because, it is coming.

97.And there will be changes after changes after changes.

98.And it is SO IMPORTANT to get the Word out, to allow those to hear, to allow the rest to know, for it is their key. And it is your job, it is your offering to the Father, it is your choice to give.

99.And you have been accepted to do this, so you must do it to receive all of the things that have been promised you and you are receiving many, many things now.

100.Look to the skies.

101.Look to the Earth.

102. LOOK to the other planets around you to see the changes that are going on.

103.For there are changes everywhere. And look and see and feel and love ALL OF THIS going on. For it is your salvation. And it is the key to All that will come to pass for you.

104.See it.

105.Know it is from Us.

106.See the love in it, and know all will be in order, in harmony, and being the being everything is meant to be.

107.For We do love you all. We love everyone, for they are all the same.

108.Every man, woman and child on your whole Earth are from the same Creator, are totally one in one for they are the same.