sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright 2015 by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Message from Jesus
You Become What You Fight
Chapter 3

You Become What You Fight vs 1
Your Love Shield vs 5
Positive and Negative vs 7
The Negative vs 13
Keep The Positive Around You vs 18

1.You become what you fight.

2.In all, you were made in the total positive love of the Father. You are a total positive being that can choose
the negative if you want.

3.The negative is the contrary to you, as long as you hold in the positive state. But when you let go of the positive, y
ou do not see the contrary in the negative. That is when the one-that-is-not takes over you.

4.He loves this and will do his best to keep you that way. You see, when you let down your love shield, he comes in.
 This shield is your protection against all things that will harm you: illness, wanting, envy, lust, anger, and all things that
put you where you do not want to be.

5.For when you put up that love shield, you are happy with yourself and the Father is happy with you. In your totalness
of your being, the positive being you are meant to be. With that love shield around you, the negative cannot get through.
It cannot enter you when you are in this state.

6.For when you are in this state, you are with the Father in the Father, doing what the Father wants of you.

7.When you are like this, the negative force will destroy itself, if it tries to get into you. The only way it can go on is to run
 from you and hide. It will look for another time to get at you. Like I said, if it does try, it will destroy itself.

8.For the only way it can be, is for you to open up to it and let it in. So, you see, if you stay in the positive the Father made
 you in, and stay in the love, the other cannot get to you. When you open up and receive things you do not like and start to
fight it, you are open to it, and as long as you are open to it, it will win.

9.For you see, it is a fight of your positive against its negative. You say, "I am good, so I can fight it." So as you open up,
 the one-that-is-not comes around your back and whispers in your ear, "Fight, fight."

10.For you are good and must win. For good will conquer bad. This is him talking to you, telling you this to gain more
ith you. For as you fight, your positive energy is being drained off, and the weaker you get, the more he has, until he has you.

11.You may win over the other. But what have you won?

12.You win nothing.

13.For now you are in the state of negativeness. So, you are at the place of the one you are fighting against, in his place.
For now you are in the negative state.

14.You must become as negative or more negative than the one you fight, to win over him. But you never win over him.
 He makes you think all of this. For you have opened up the door to him. There is no winning in this way.

15.The only way to win is not to fight in the first place.

16.See it as it is, but do not give it any recognition. Say, "I do not need you" and let it go. Say, "I do not need this" and let it go.

17.Keep the positive force and the love shield around you. Stay in it. Do as I say. Do NOT give it your energy. For it will win if you do.

18.Do not give in to it by giving it your power, your Light, your being.

19.For the only way, you can stay with the Father and Me, is stay in the love We have for you, all that We have given you.
When you stay like this, no one or anything can harm you, for you will be.

20.So I say to you, FIGHT AND LOSE, LOVE AND WIN.

21.For that is what I did. That is what I came to show you in all things. For I loved you all and I won.

22.I won over the one-that-is-not, for I gave him none of Me. I only gave to you. And he knows of what I say, for he knows
 Me and he knows the Father, and he knows that his time is over. For all must come to be.

23.And when all comes to be, he will not be.

24.So know when you see him.

25.Know when you hear him.

26.Know when you feel him, and cast him out, by pulling all the love from Me and the Father to you.

27.Put Up that positive love force shield and keep it there.

28.Do not give in to him and feed him. For as I keep saying, he will win over you. He CANNOT over Me or the Father, or you,
 when you are with US, in Us, using the love We have given you.

29.So I say, do this. Stay in Me, in the Light, with the Father and all will be yours.

30.We love you all forever and ever and ever, My Father and I, with all the power We have in the love We have for you.