The Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

Finding Truth

Two Worlds; spiritual and physical

There are many who do not understand what is coming, what will be and what may be. For they do not see. They do not let themselves see. They are too busy in the material world, in the phyical being, to look at other things that are more important.

They do not see anything other than what they want to see or what they will let themselves see.

For seeing is feeling. Seeing inside is the knowing you get from the seeing. But they will not let themselves see. You see, they only believe in what they can see and touch.

For to them this is really all they have. They say all kinds of things. They say they believe all kinds of things, but they do not truly believe what they say, for they will change like the straw in the wind. They go to and fro and never stand on what is right.

They find what they want at the time. They do not see anything else. You see, you have many ways to know things; the inside of the heart, the knowing of the mind, the knowing of seeing and having within.

You see, there is only one true way of knowing things. It is in the heart. It is that inner knowing of truth. You see, all other is from the mind, which is seeing and hearing informations from the physical world.

The inner knowing is  from the spirit world.

The information from the physical world can be changed by the one-who-is-not. He can make you believe anything he wants you to.


It is that inner knowing from the heart,........ not the head.

You can run here and there to find the truth. You can read this and that to seek the truth. You can hear this and that or touch there and here to seek the truth. So you can put it all together in your mind and think , "Oh boy, do I have the truth to all things!"

All you have is what someone else has told you.

You have not found truth yourself, for you have not looked in the right place.

Everything you have learned is in the physical world.

Everything you have seen is in the physical world.

Everything someone else told you is from them and they are in the physical world.

Can't you see there is a big difference between the spiritual world and the physical world?

You have had many lifetimes in the physical state. Each time the physical state is different for you have no time in the physical state compared to the spiritual.

For you as a spirit have been from the beginning and will be to the end, if there is an end for you. But your physical is ending all the time. You come in a place, start, stay a short time, and then come again in a new physical state.

Can't you see, spiritual is all, physical is nothing?

Physical is a state so you can do, can learn, and survive in the world you have now, for the short time you have on it. But you do not need this any other place, but in your world of material things.

You can not comprehend the spirit's existence.

Spiritual is forever. Physical is only now.

You get so wrapped in the now, you can not see. You cannot see what can be, what will be, what must be. You can only see what you want and how you can take it.

You cannot see how to give it. For as I have said before, all is "I, I, I,,me,me....." !

There is no turning back for you. You can try, but it will not be, for all is over. All is done. All can be. All will see. All will know,... and few will come

For I say to you,only a few will hear the truth in their hearts and be open to it. Only a few will know what there is to know.

Many will say they know. Many will think they know. Many will tell others they know.

They know only what their mind tells them. They do not know the truth, for they will not look where it is.

It makes Me sad to see it. It makes Me weep for you. For all the learning you have done,all the time you have been here, you still do not know how to find the truth.

You see, I am everywhere, around you, with you. I hear all, see all, know all. Do not think or say things that you do not want Me to know.

You see not. You hear not. You feel not. For until you can know the truth, you cannot truly do all these thing.

For in your state of physical, you only physically feel things, know things, do things.

In the spiritual, you feel all, know all, do all.

There is a big difference in the two!

Some day you will know this and you may not like it,for you have lost all by not knowing in time.

There are many who want to change My Word, My Father's Word to suit themselves.They say things with part truth and part lies.They have the forked tongue, for they tell you what you want to hear in this way, so you will believe the lies.

You listen to them,and listen to them, until you don't know the difference from the truth or the lies. For they make you believe them.You don't look inside,only to them to tell you.

As I said before, you can not come to ME with "someone told me."

You must look into yourself and seek the truth. It is there.

There are so many who want to believe in part lies, part truth. It fits your belief. So that is what you do. It will not work in the end. It will only put you on the wrong path.

You must know, there are two sides,one spiritual, one physical.

There are two different worlds;

One with nothing but what you can see and touch,

and one total, one world in all with all, doing all, having all, being all.

One with "I have", "I get", "I take", "I make", "I do".

One with truth, happiness, LOVE and total being.

The other with pain, sorrow, destruction,despair, and above all, with the one-that-is-not.

You must look for the truth, seek the truth, be with Me and the Father in all things.

We all LOVE you now and forever.