sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 8

Automatic Writing 5-24-87

Time Is NOW vs 1
Soul Will Be Judged vs 5-7
Great Time In Your LIFE vs 8
You Can Save Everyone… OR Die vs 9
The Light Is On The Way vs 10
Now Is The Time To Look Into The Soul vs 13
The Light Is On The Way vs 15
Free Souls vs 16
The Breach vs 22

1.There is a time for all things to end.
The end is NOW.

2.Man will not endure if he does not come unto Me NOW, for the time is at hand.

3. All will be judged for their good, their good will be seen.

4.But, for every bad thing they have done, they will be judged too.

5.The soul is trying to do good, but sometimes he is not so good.

6.You see, not only will you be judged, so will the soul for he is part of you.

7.Your soul tries to help you.
But he can only do so much.
He sees all but cannot do anything. He will be judged in his life.

8.You at this time are in the greatest time of your life, or the life of all mankind.

9.You can save everyone, or you can surely die.
For now is the time for all men to be saved or DIE.

10.The Light will come from Heaven.

11.All will perish that do not live in the Light.
The fire is from the Light.
The Light is the power of God in all its glory.

12.He will cover the Earth in it.
The waters will boil.
The sun will not be seen.
There will be not night.
The time is now.

13.Now is the time for all men to look into their souls.
Put away all the bad and look for the good.
Bring it up.
Let God their Father see it.

14.There is no time now.
The Heavens are opening up now.
All things are at hand.

15.The Light is on the way.
Let all men listen to this.
I say unto you, Come to me or die.
The Light is on the way.

16.Listen to all the FREE souls I have sent to help you.

17.For what My FATHER has said, He will do.
He will not want to do it.
He loves you like He loves Me.
He has given you His ALL.

18.Now is the time.
19.You MUST repay what He has given you.
You MUST come in to Him
For He needs you now.
He loves you.
He will forgive you all.

20. I could tell you all kinds of things, but I will not.
For you see, you must learn things yourself.
You must come to God, through Me NOW.

21.The Heavens are in a turmoil.

22.There are things going on now.
There is a realignment of the Heavens, stars and the Galaxy.
For the Breach of Faith has been worse than I have said.

23.It will come back in alignment, but many will suffer in the meantime.
That is all I can tell you!

24.For your time is NOW.

25.The things in Heaven does not change your time.

26.It only makes it more important to US to get it done.

27You will not understand, but that is all there is.

28..Do not let anyone stand in your way.
Stand your ground.
Stay with me.

29.I will protect you and help you, and keep you whole.

30.You must do My work for Me in My Name.
It will be good.