sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright 2015 by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 6
Automatic Writing 5-4-87

The Purpose Of Reincarnation vs 1
Change The Past, Change NOW vs 12
You Can Only Change The Future For Mankind vs 18
You Can Only Go Forward vs 23

1.You can work with the past to help you in the NOW to remove some of the limitations you have put on yourself.
But you can not bring your life of the past back to now.

2.For if that was so, if you were a king in the past, you would say, "I am a king now, for in the past I was one."

3.You come to learn. You come to experience things.
 So if you could go back and bring the same path to now, what would you ever learn?

4.If you do not learn them, you come back again under different conditions,
so you can learn what you need to learn a different way.

5.The past lives you have had are all in the past.
All learning you did was with them in the past.

6.NOW is NOW.
What you learn now is what you learn now.

7.The life you have now is what you have.
There is nothing in the past that can make you better, richer, or a more powerful person today,
but a rich uncle or family member.

8.You see all things that are spiritual do not need the material.
You keep trying to gain from the past things to give you more today, more material things not spiritual things.

9.The Past is only a stepping stone to today.
10.And today is only a stepping stone to tomorrow
 All things in the past are there. They are done. There is not a way to change them.

11.If you could bring them to the now, what would happen to them?

12.Let us say, you could change the past by bringing it to now.
Then when you changed it, by doing this, now would change.
For all the past makes up now.

13.So if you change the past, you change now.
This cannot be. All is done with the past. It has to be.
What is done is done.
What will be done, will be,and what can be done, must be done.

14.For time to you is one of the most important things in your whole life.
When you live like this, time is as important as air or light, food or water to you.

15.Time is from the one-who-is-not.
He has you when you live in his time.
You see, all you can see is what is in the past.
You can not see now for what it is.
You think all you have to do is fix the past, and the future will be ok.

16.You must realize that the future is now.
When you look at the past, all has been taken care of.
So stop looking back --only look forward to what is coming to you.

17.See all, know all, and do all in the Light, and stop looking back to what cannot change.

18.You can only change your future... and the future of all mankind.

19.There is no turning back.... there is only going forward to the Light and of the New Glory of All.

20.When I come again, I will not look back.
I will not bring out things you have done to Me in the past.
 I will only look forward to the New Glory of all My brothers and sisters on Earth.

21.For when I come and when I am with you, you will know Me, know all, and all will be,
for I am the Future of All.
My Father is All.
I am your Future, not your past.
 I live in you and around you.

22.For I am the Way, not the old... but the new.
I am the Light.
I am the One who will be with you in the time to come.

I will not take you back to the past, only forward to what will be.

23. In all of My being with you, in all of your time, you must know I do not keep things where they are at, or take them back.

24. I only go forward.

25.You must go forward to be with Me.
 You cannot stay in the past or stay in the Time of Now.
You must move forward to the New Time of All.

26.All there is, is yours.
All there will be, is yours.
 It will be forever and ever and ever.
But you must go forward to get it, not back, but forward to the Light to get what is coming to you and be.

27. For everything I do, everything I say, is to now going forward to what will be, not what is.

28.There is more and more to be said.
It will come and be told to move you on your path forward, to be the being you are meant to be, for I will be with you always.

29. I love you.
My Father loves you.
All the others in the Heavens love you,
all are for you in everything.

30. Believe in me