The Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing, but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

Chapter 9
WRITING 5-25-87
The Light is on Its Way Now

The Light is on its way from Heaven.

Tell them to look for it in the sky.

The Light will come on Earth.

The Earth will move. It will turn.

All time will stop.

There will be no night.

The seas will boil.

There will be land where there is water.

There will be water where there is land.

New land will appear.

Old land will appear.

Perverted land will disappear.

All who live in the Light will be saved.

They will be provided for.

It will last many days of your time.

No! It will last many years of your time.

When it comes, it will be from God, the Father.

He will make all anew.

If no one comes to the Light, He will destroy it all.

Be saved now.

Come into the Light.

All the land that man has polluted will be sent into the bowels of the Earth to be consumed by the fire of its own being.

The Earth made the land. It will consume the land in its own fire.

The Earth will move in the sky. It will be in a new place in the Heavens, if it does exist in its own life.

For if man does not come into the Light, all will perish in their own perversion.

No place on Earth will be safe to man.

The only safe place will be in the Light

For I promise that he will be safe who comes unto Me.

For I have My FATHER'S PROMISE AND MY Father's FATHER'S Father's promise for them.

All things will change, and I mean all things.

I do have a hard time with your time.

For as before, I say, it is an illusion.

For days will change into years.

Night will change.

Years will change, and all will change, and I mean ALL.

But I cannot do, tell you.

Do for yourself, for man must be.

Now he only is.

The fire I have lit in all men's hearts is out in most all.

There are few around this Earth still, living My Word.

But they are like a speck of sand at the sea shore.

Man must listen.

I weep for all who don't, for yeah, I weep for all mankind in their days.

For they still don't believe all is given by My Father, not by them.

For what He has given them, He taketh away.

And I promise yeah He will. All I say to you is in His Name.

I promise you life, for you do not have to die. You will live forever with Him.

He has given Me all this to give to you.

He, whoever will, come into the Light, in My Name loving God and doing good,

Heaven is yours forever.

They are saved.

For I and My Father promise to take ALL who come into the Light, through Me, and through good, and through their LOVE, will be judged, and the will have a time to repent.

They will not die.