sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Creation of the First Earth
The Second Earth
Chapter 4
Creation of the First Earth and The Second Earth
God’s Wisdom vs 1-4
The FIRST EARTH vs 5-33
God’s Righthand vs 11
This Can Not Be vs 12
Called Heaven’s Council vs 23
The ALL OF ALL vs 24
The Earth’s Life vs 35
Man vs 38
Release the one-that-is-not vs 51
What Is A Soul vs 55-56
Man Changed The Perfect Earth vs 60
Man Was Wrong, But He Was Right vs 70
1.God, the Creator, in All His wisdom, All of his knowledge and LOVE, created all the experiences that there are.

2.But HE found there was a difference from creating the experience and living the experience.

3.So, in His wisdom, HE took part of himself, and created other spiritual beings as himself, from part of him, through him, so that all were one, coming from One Mind, One Body, for One Purpose, and that purpose was to experience all the experiences that the Creator created in his LOVE for all.

4.This purpose was to experience and learn, from all the good and the LOVE that was given. It was to give back to the Creator, all of the experiences of all that he created, and had experienced. For in this way, HE then experienced all from all the experiences He had created.

Creation of the First Earth

5.So, in His wisdom, He took all of the ones He had created in Himself, in order to learn, and in order to experience. He created a place so that they could have the experiences and learn and give to Him all the knowledge and the learning from all of the experiences they would have.

6.God, the Creator, in the time of the five major stars in all the universe, gathered the power of the stars, encased it with the dust of the galaxies and made the first Earth.

7.This Earth was pure. This Earth was good. He then said to the ones in himself, “I have created the Earth for you to have the experiences and to learn all this such as I. So you will go forth to this Earth to do as I.”

8.And they said to the Creator, "How will we abide on the Earth, learning the things we must learn and need to experience to learn what we must learn?" The Creator God said, "I have made you out of Me, in Me, and I will give you more of Me to help you do what We have to do. For what you are doing is what I am doing. For you are part of Me. We are ONE.”

9.“So, I will give you My Right Hand, My Right Arm, which is part of Me. Also, I will give you form so that you can walk on the Earth. I will give you form so you can do things and experience. I will give form to my Right Hand so that all you who see him will know him. For he will be there to help guide you, to answer your questions, to inform you of your doing. He will be there to help you to receive the most out of every experience I have created. “

10.So all of the ones in God, through God, were placed upon the Earth in the new form that He created for them. Everything was good. Everything was pure. Everything was in abundance.

11.All experiences were there. The experience of receiving LOVE, giving LOVE, being LOVED, was there. The experience of doing good, the experience of caring, the experience of doing, was there. All was there in its good and pure form.

12.My Right Hand, who was there to lead and guide and do all of this for you, had all of these experiences given to him, so that he could help the ones created by God, in all of the manner of things, help all of the ones that the Creator had sent and made.

13.He, in turn, changed the experience to suit himself. He used the experiences that God had given. He had used all those that God had created from Him. He used all of the ones that were there, and he used God! For God had given him everything, and God had created him in Him. He was a major (part) of Him, with ALL of God's authority and power which He had given him.

14.And he changed all of the things that God had created in the good, in the LOVE and the wisdom that God has had for all, he had changed.

15.So as the experience started to be experienced, and the experiences changed from the good, loving type of experiences in the good, in the LOVE, in the order of one purpose, the purpose changed. It changed completely to where all of the experiences were in a totally opposite type of experiences that were not in the good, were not in the LOVE, were not in the caring. It was in the order of taking, the order of doing, the order of making the order of myself, myself, myself.

16.The experiences were not meant to be this way. The things were not meant to be in this order. The order was changed! It became totally out of order to such a point that all experiences that were done, all experiences that werelearned from, all of the things that were done, became perverted, became out of order, became totally unacceptable to God the Creator.

17.So He, in turn, went to the Earth, to the ones that He created from Him, to His Right Hand, and He said, "What have you done? What have you done to all of the good, all of the LOVE, all of the caring, all of the bounty of things that I have created and given you, so that you can learn, experience, and learn of all of the things that I have created? For as I have created all the beauty that there is, and now you have seen what I have created, now you know what beauty is and you experience from this. And I have experienced from this, but you have changed this to where I do not receive from the beauty. All I see is the ugly that you have created from the beauty that I have created.”

18.“This cannot be!!!!"

19.And the Right Hand told God that he would do as he wished. For he in turn was reveling so much in the negative part, in the out of order part of all the things that he was doing, the changing and perverting and polluting all the good that there was.

20.So God, in His wisdom, in His KNOWING what had to be, KNOWING that this could not be, for all was made to be pure and good, and now was not pure and good, all was polluted and perverted! So He called upon His Father's Father, the Three, which is God, the Creator, His Father, and His Father's Father.

21.They are the All of All, the Creators of All. There are no more, for the All of All is All in ALL respects in everything.

22.They, in turn cast out the Right Hand of the Creator. They cast him behind the veil that they established, for they in turn could not destroy part of the Creator. For He had created His Right Hand, and gave him the substancethat he had and placed him there. Therefore, he was part of the Creator, and the All of All could not destroy part of themselves.

23.So they in turn put a Veil. They in turn said, "You shall not pass through this Veil and come out anymore. You will stay behind it in your own Kingdom, in the blackness which you are, in the nothing in nothing which you are, only knowing that you are there and can NEVER come before the One that created you, the One that you are part of, the One that gave you everything. And you can not come before us All, for we are All and ALL HAVE CAST YOU OUT!”

24.So the Creator called upon all of the ones who were part of Him, who He created through Him, called upon them to come back to Him from that Earth. And they in turn came back ... not all, some reveled in what the Right Handhad done so much, that they wanted to go with him. And they chose to go with him.

25.They said, "We do not like the other. We will have no part of the other. And they went behind the Veil also. NOT realizing what it was like behind the Veil. But this is what they did.

26.The ones that came back to the Creator told the Creator, they said. "Father, you created us in You, through You, and You sent us down with Your Right Hand who was created from You and came from You in the form that Yousent him. And You told us he was there to teach us, he was there that we could learn from, he was there that we could go to. And that is what we did. So we are blameless in all that happened."
27.And God the Creator, in all His wisdom, looked upon those that He had created and He said, "Yes, you are right. For I did send you to the place of the abundance, of the good, of the purity. And I sent part of ME in My Right Hand to help you with all of My knowledge, all of My power to lead you and to be there for you.“

28."I cannot blame you. You are blameless. For if anyone is to blame, I am to blame for doing this. SO I cannot blame you for a thing that I have done, and MY Right Hand turned against Me."

29.So the Creator God, in His wisdom, took the first Earth, and He took its pollution and its perversion, and ALL of the things that it had turned to, and ALL its forces that were out of order even with itself. And He turned it into itself. And all of this out of order, all of this perversion, turning into itself, created the thing that only exists in the universe today that only is there when it sucks other things into it to create knowledge of itself.

30.For it has nothing, and is nothing in nothing until it draws from something else to show that it even exists. For it is nothing, in nothing withnothing, only that pull from trying to be by taking from something else; pulling away, pulling all into itself to make it have substance and make it be. For no one knows it's even there until it pulls into it. And it is that force that does that today in the galaxy.

The Second Earth

31.So God the Creator, in His wisdom, said, "I will create a new Earth." And He created the second Earth. And the second Earth was good.

32.He took the power from the stars in ALL of the galaxies, and put it in the center for the heat and the fire and the power that it has.

33.He took the dust from the Galaxy. He also took the energy from the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens and put it into the Earth. For as He did this and placed this energy into the Earth, He blew the Breath of Life through this energy that He placed in it. For it is such as He created, He blew the Breath of Life and created into it and gathered into it ALL of the energies and the powers from the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens.

34.For it is a being in its own right. It is CREATED in it’s right to HELP all those placed upon it, to help NURTURE those placed upon it, to live in harmony with those placed upon it. Therefore it had to be also. It had to be a being created by the Father, created in its own right (so) that being (is) in order with itself, so it could be in order with all.

35.So then He took all of the ones that He had created from Himself, and He said, "I have created a New Earth. The Earth is pure. The Earth is good. The Earth has ABUNDANCE. The Earth has all for you. It is all there. Now do you choose to go back to the Earth that I have created?"

36.For He told all those that were created from him, “You can go if you choose to go, or I can place you where ever you want me to. If you choose not to go, I, the Creator, in my love for you will not force you to go.”

37.And the ones who were created said, “Father, would you place us here, would you place us there on the Earth? For we do enjoy learning. We do enjoy experiencing, and we do enjoy being.”

38. God the Creator, in His wisdom, took the ones that He had created from Himself and placed them all over the Earth in such a manner as they so chose. And He said, "It is good." And He gave them the form that they have. He made them the way they are. He made them so they could work, so that they could do, so that they could be, and so that they could ENDURE in their form, in a physical type form that ones could see, ones could touch, and that they could BE a being that could live in harmony with all things.

39.He set them there on the Earth. And He said, "The Earth is pure. The Earth is good. The abundance is there. Now you will be."

40.But then He had also done one thing in His wisdom that He had not done before.

41.He said, "All who I have created, from Me in Me, through Me, I am giving you one of the greatest things of all. I am giving you a free choice of all things !"

42."For throughout all of the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, all of the Galaxies and Galaxies and Galaxies, in the Universe, NOWHERE does this exist. For all who endure throughout all of the Galaxies, Galaxies and Galaxies and Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, only know the basis of the positive, the basis of the good, the basis of DOING."

43."They do not have the choice that you will have. For they do not have the basic right to choose their total path. So I am bestowing it upon you, for you are a chosen people. You are chosen from me, by me, through me, to go and do this and have a freedom, have a right of choice: Me or to reject me! That is given to you.”

44.So all the ones that were placed there had this right to either accept the Creator or to reject the Creator themselves, and would be totally, TOTALLY governed by this, and JUDGED by this.

45.So God in His wisdom, the Creator, realized in order to give man the right of choice, to give them all this right of doing, he had to release his Right Hand from behind the veil, to give them that choice. Because if he had not, everything would have been as the first Earth, everything would have been the same. All the abundance would have been the same. All of the experiences would have been the same. Everything would have been there, but the one who led them in the wrong direction.

46.So therefore, he in turn, released the one-from-behind-the-veil to give all mankind their choice as to which way they wanted to go. For if he had not released him, they would NOT have had a choice!

47.So man on Earth was created from the Father, through the Father, in the Father. All manner of men, all manner of women, for man and woman were made together. They were made as one. They were made to do as one. They were placed upon the Earth, all over the Earth, as they had requested.

48.The one was released from behind the veil. The New Earth was in purity. The New Earth was in abundance. The New Earth was in harmony. Everything was good on the New Earth.

49.And as the one from behind the veil started to go out, and talk to all of the ones that were there, all souls that are now souls, for when they in turn change from a true spiritual being to the form that was made for them for the new Earth, into that form, the spiritual being became a soul because it is a spiritual being in the learning process. That soul in the new form is a being in its (own) right in learning, doing, and experiencing.

50.So therefore, when all of this was done, the spiritual being changed to a new form of physical being on the Earth, so they could do and be, with a soul inside them that was to learn and experience and gain through all of this on Earth.

51.Earth was in a pure form. The physical being on Earth was a physical/spiritual being. He was a physical being with a soul wrapped in him that was in learning process and all was pure. That being could change his state anytime he chose to (be) a spiritual being and go with the Father, because ALL was in order. All was in purity. All was in harmony. All was in abundance at that time.

52.And the one-that-was-not went throughout all of the Earth whispering, "This is the way it should be. This is the way it should be. And we in turn should do things my way. For I am with you. And I am here to HELP you.”

53.And all those on Earth started to listen. And as they started to listen to the one-from-behind-the-veil, they started to pull from the Father, choosing the other path.

54.And as they did this, ALL things on Earth changed!

55.All the purity Earth was made in, changed. All the purity on Earth, all the abundance on Earth, all the things that were there changed to a different state, a state of being out of order, for all man, for all woman, on Earth at that time changed.

56.But this had to be. For no man would have learned. No woman would have learned. NO being would have learned in that state that the Earth was first put into, because it was in a pure state. It was in a state of totalness. And therefore man would have stayed in that state, in that pure state, a pure state of totalness, not being able to CHOOSE any right, any wrong, any good, any bad, anything as such.

57.For they would have been as the Galaxies and Galaxies and Galaxies and the Heavens and Heavens and Heavens are. This was not meant to be. For man was given a gift that no others were given!

58.For God in His wisdom realized in order to get the abundance, in order to get the things that were NEEDED to have from ALL experiences, ALL learning, man must have a choice whether to learn or not to learn, whether to endure or not to endure, whether to have all of the gifts that the Creator has for man, or take all the things from the one-from-behind-the-veil.

59.For man was given this. And this is the ULTMATE in all gifts that the Creator gave was this free right of choice!

60. when man chose to listen to the one-from-behind-the-veil, he in turn, took the path of free choice. He took this path himself, for he chose this path himself, for he chose to learn. And this was GOOD. This was not bad.It was good.

61.For in order to learn, in order to experience, in order to know, the truth of all things, man had to do this. It was the only way.

62.And by him choosing wrong, he chose right. He chose the true way that he needed to go to be that true being that he is meant to be, that being the Father, the Creator God, has meant man to be.

63.For man is something special! Man has things that NO other being throughout all of the universe has, all of the Heavens, Heavens have. He has this right of choice. He has the experience. He has the learning that no others have, because he has this right of choice.

64.So therefore, everything that was done, was done wrong, but was done right. This is where everything became good, because man learned from what was being done. Good was created from bad. Right was created from wrong. Andwherever right is created from wrong and good is created from bad, man has won. He has won over all.

65.And this was the start of what man is meant to be. For doing all of this and starting and learning and progressing, man will finally be the being that he is meant to be, and man will come forward in all the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, and all the galaxies and galaxies of beings, the beings that exist today, that exist from their right of choice to exist, to be, to learn, to have experiences and have the total right of choice given by the Father, the Creator, by God, who created man in all His wisdom.

66.And He in turn receives the most from man and man from Him. For man is part of Him. He is part of man.

67.Man and God are one, in ONE mind, ONE body, and ONE purpose in all things.