sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015  by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer


Chapter 5

Two of You; spiritual and physical vs 1
Physical Power Corrupts vs 4
No Control, It is up to You vs 9,10
We Are One vs 11
Everything is Simple vs 12
By Your Actions vs 15
Give With Love vs 19
You do not Have Time for Games vs 21
You Have Important Work vs23
How it is in the Time of Man vs 39
Allow, Allow, Allow vs 44
We are ONE if You choose vs 49
Stay on the Path vs 51-61


1.When will you ever learn that there are two of you?

2.The two are the spiritual self and the physical self.
The way you are in the time of now is physical and then spiritual.
The way you will be, if you are in the New Beginning, will be spiritual first and physical second.

3.You do not seem to want to learn.
All you do is want to make you more.
And the more is not spiritual.

4.You see, when you want power, you want it in the physical, so you can control others,
do unto others and make for yourself.
You do not look for the true things for your wanting is in the physical.
For in the physical, power corrupts.

5.It makes you believe you are something you are not.

6.It gives you wondrous feelings of grandeur.
And it makes you feel better than all others.
For it plays on your vanity, it plays on your ego.
So you stop looking for the true spiritual, and look more to the physical.

7.You say, "I feel so good. My ego is high.
I know I am better than all others, for I feel it.
I can go out and ‘make' all others change.
I can make them believe.
All I have to (do) is say ‘look on me.
I am a true leader, a true teacher, a true controller.’"

8.For in all My teachings, I never tried to control.
I never tried to make you believe Me.
I never tried to make you do anything!
I only told you, and told you to believe.
It was up to you.

9.Now I have come back, mainly, to tell you again to believe,
to do as I have told you to do, as the Father wants you to do.

10.Nowhere did I try to control you.
Nowhere did I show you any type of physical power, as you want it to be.
All I did is tell you of the true power of the Father, the peace and the contentment, the feeling of your true spiritual self,
know the Father, knowing how to be humble, knowing how to be in ME,
knowing the truth of all things: that God is the Father, I am the Son, and you are part of us.

11.We are One.
That is the truth of all things.

12.All the rest you take on to yourself. You do not want to be simple.
For the Father is the simplest of all things.
He is LOVE.

13.ALL of His wants are simple. And My works and teachings are simple.
They teach only one thing: the way to the Father, no other way.

14.We are here for you.
We are with you, in you, around you.
But you do not look for Us.

15.You say you do, but by your actions, you do not.
For all is simple, all is clear, all is for you.
For the meek will be, the rest will not be.
For you, who believe in Me, in the Father, do Our Will, you do not corrupt others.
You do not play games with others.
You only know Us in that way of good, in loving, and above all, in caring for Us as We care for you.

16.And then there are some of you, you see, you want to take all that We have given you and use it wrong.
You want to take all that We are and put it with your physical, to control, to be powerful, to show others the way with your power.
You want to fly.

17.You want to overpower others by force of your will.
You want to smite others with the power of your mouth.
You would in your power put down all others, who do not believe as you.
Why can't you see this is wrong?

18.This is not what I teach.

19.I told you to give and walk away, to give with LOVE, but do not debate.
To give with caring, but do not anger, just give and be in the LOVE I have for you and the Father has for you.

20.Some do this. Some give and go on. Some give and stay. And others give to get.

21.When will you learn that you do not have time for games?
You do not have time for self-gratification.
You do not have time for all the power-trips.
It seems that you, from the beginning of time, do not learn.
As many times as you try, you do not learn.

22.I know the frustration of My Father, for I have it.
I do not know what to do with you.
You see, in all the messages I have sent, that I have given, that My Father has given, you do not learn.
You are in the same place as before.
You do and do and do, and all you do is nothing.

23.For your work was meant to be with the Father, for the Father, through Me.
Your work was very important to all mankind.
Your work was very, very, very important to all of the Universe.
For in it, all could be saved, all could be pure, all could be as it was meant to be.

24.All will be as it was meant to be. But many will not be.
In all the ones around you, near you, many will not be, for they are on the wrong path.

25.They do not see the trees, for the forest is in the way.

26.. All they can see is ‘how much I can get for myself.
How much can I give to others that will bring me more?
How can I use what has been given me to get more for me?
How can I use all the spiritual things given to me to make me more in myself?
How much power will I have to use on others?"

27.And I say to you, all this type of power you want is not from the Father.
He does not give this kind of power.

28.This is the power of the physical.
This is the power you get form the one-that-is-not.

29.For you take the spiritual good, the spiritual power you are, and give it to him, to change it to the
power of the physical, the power that corrupts all.

30.For all power that is in the Father, that is in the LOVE, that is in Me, cannot do bad.

31.It cannot do harm. It cannot be used in that form for negative.
But when you, in you,give this to the one-that-is-not, he changes it through you to the negative that does corrupt all.
He uses you all the time for his own use.
You do not see this, for you do not want to.
Your ego likes the way he makes you feel.

32.It tells you all is okay, for you are getting something out of it.
You are making others change and give to you.
They are giving to you by making you a great person, by worshipping you.

33.In all that I have taught, I did not teach this!
Why do you want this?

34.All I do is tell you to LOVE, to give, to be.
All you want is to have, to get, to be all, to all others.
This is from the one-that-is-not.
You want the power to change all, everything.
You want the power of the Father, just like the one-that-is-not, to use it as your own to do as you wish.

35.You want to believe that all you say, all you do, has His power, and it will happen.

36.You cannot believe in the two of self, spiritual and physical.
For all you do and say in the physical for the physical is physical.

37.All you say and do in the spiritual is for the spiritual.

38.So I will tell you how it is in the time of now.

39.You are a physical being with a spirit inside of you, so you are physical/spiritual, with the physical over the spiritual.

40.In the New Beginning, you will be spiritual/physical.
That is, spiritual over the physical.
You will change.

41.So in the way you are now, the physical does not have the spiritual energy to change things.
It has only the physical.
In the physical you can give your physical to the spiritual through the Father,
and get the Father’s power, the peace, the harmony, the inner knowing that all will be.

42.Or, you can give your physical to the one-that-is-not,
and he will give YOU the power of the physical to harm, control,
to do all the things you want in the physical.
But the power is all in the negative, and is NOT the positive, spiritual power of the Father.

43.You can get many things this way, but you cannot get peace and contentment.
You cannot get the loving of the Father.
You can get all things physical, but not spiritual.

44.But you want all things now.
You want to be a being that can use its spiritual power in the physical form.
You want and you want and you want.
You do not let be and allow, and allow, and allow.

45.For in the time coming, all those in the Father, in Me, will get more.
They will learn how to be when they can use it wisely, but not now.

46.For you do not yet need to have all.
For you cannot handle it as you have shown!
Why cannot you just look and open up to the truth?
…. instead of wanting to make the truth your way?

47.For all things will come to be in time, or not be.
You cannot see that all the things you want and are being given that are physical or material is from the other-one.
You cannot see how he plays you or you do not want to see.

48.For he tells you wondrous lies you want to believe, for they build you up.
You want the stars, you want the heavens.
You want to be GOD! ... NO. NO. NO.

49.You are you. I am Me. The Father is the Father.
When will you ever learn you are nothing without Him?
I am nothing without Him. He made Me.
He made you.
He is. HE IS.
You are. YOU ARE.
I am. I AM.
We all are One, if you choose it to be.We can be, or not be.

50.All I say to you, who are working in Me for the Father, all will be for you.
All that there is will be yours. You will be.

51.But do not stray off of the path. Do not let others pull you off the path.
Do not let your ego take you off the path.

52.For the path is very narrow. It is not crooked.
It is a very straight path, but it is very narrow.

53.It will lead you to the truth and to the Light.
It will be your path of Everlasting Life, and only you, yourself, can choose it for you.

54.So take care.
Do not change your path.
Do not listen to the one-that-is-not but listen to your heart, your inner self, that knows the true path.

55.And listen to what I have to say,

56.See the truth. Be spiritual, then physical.
Do not look for power that is not there in the spiritual, but look for only the LOVE.
Do look for all the positive things in LOVE.

57.Cast out all others that are not positive.
Do not let others pull you down with them.
Give them LOVE, but do not give them you.

58.Know of what I say.
You are you. You have being.

59.You have a choice of all things.

60.Use it wisely

61.Use it with the LOVE and the caring, but most of all, use it for you for you will know what is right for you.
Do not let others use you in a way that is not for you, that is not going to keep you on the path.
You are you and no one else at this time, so use you wisely.

62.DO NOT LET THE one-that-is-not IN.

63.There will be more things going on all over now.
Things are coming from the heavens and the Earth.
Time is at hand for all to be that will be.

64.So stay on the path; doing good, doing work for the Father, for ME.
Do not let others take you off the path and take you down.
For when you are with US, you are at your peak. And NO ONE can bring you down.

65.Do not listen to the others that are in the one-that-is-not.
Just do and be.
Live with Us.
Be with Us.
For We LOVE you all.