sword of truth

The Book of Elijah:the Word of Now

Surely the Lord God will do nothing,
but he revealeth his secret unto his servants the prophets.

Amos 3:7

A Message given to the People of NOW
from I AM God,Father,and His Son, Jesus

Copyright © 2015† by Jaxon Evaxs and Marcine Quenzer

Chapter 2
A New Alignment vs 2
The Light Is On The Way vs4
Look To The Earth vs 5
Lose Your Spirit vs 7
Hard Times Coming/Decisions To Make vs 9
You Will Be Protected vs 10
The Light Is On The Way vs 11
Earthís Life Such As Yours vs 19-22
The Fires vs 23
The Waters vs 24
Earth Changes vs 25
The Wars vs 33-35
The Waters vs 38-40
The Earth Knows vs 43
Rejoice vs 44
What Is Coming vs 52
Man Is At A Crossroads vs 55
Samís Vision vs 64-106
For It Is Coming
What It Will Be Like vs 105
Man Will Be New vs 109
Enjoyment Part Of Being vs 114
Disease Will Not Be vs 122
All Will Be New vs 126
Evil Will Have No Place To Go vs 130
Man Has Right Of Choice vs 135
True Message Of Love vs 138
REJOICE vs 145

1.There are many, many things happening in the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, and in the Universe.
There are many things happening with My Father's Father's Fathe

2.And there are many things happening with all of the beings in the Universe.
For there is total realignment being done.
There will be new stars.
There will be stars gone.
There will be a re-shift.
There will be all things.

3.And it will come to pass for you.
The people will say, "Oh, look, we have found a new star!
Oh, look, that star is gone.
 Oh, look, the galaxy is changed here.
 The galaxy has changed there.
The heavens will weep.Ē
This will come.

4.But I say unto you, the Light is on itís way.
 It is coming.
It is coming now.
 And in days to come, in your time, there will be someone saying,
 "Oh, I see this thing coming ... AND IT IS COMING TO EARTH ... with the two firesĒ
And man will see it.

5.Look to the Earth, for the Earth is starting to change all things,
and is going to give some signs that you are not going to likeÖ.
for it is going to do some things that are going to shake your world around you.

6.And this is the way it will be.

7.And you will say, "Oh, oh, look at all these material things that I am losing."

8.And I say to you, you are losing NOTHING, NOTHING at all.
 For the only thing that you can t ruly lose,
and you can lose that, and this is your spiritual being you are.

9.And when you lose THAT, that is when you lose ...

10.There are hard times coming.
There are very hard times coming for you.
There are decisions you have to make.

11.For all those who do believe and come to the Father through Me now and totally believe WILL BE SAVED.
They will be provided for.
They will be protected.
And they do have the promise of Everlasting Life.
And that is the way it is.

12.And there are things, as I have said before, starting to happen.
The fire is on the way.
 The Light is coming.
 The Light is the fire and it is coming from heaven.
It will not be too long until you see it, for it is coming.

13.For all of the Heavens, Heavens, Heavens, there are things being realigned,
 things being put in order.
And the Light that is coming unto Earth is on itís way.

14.It has started and it is coming.
 And when it does come, all will see, all will know.
 And the ones who do not believe,
will quake in their boots, will rant, will rave,
will try to hide, will say unto you,
 ďI have a house built of stone, that is so strong nothing can break it."

15.And the ones say,
"I have a place of iron, built of iron and the finest iron in the world,
nothing can penetrate this."
It will be melted and sent back to the Earth from where it came.

16.The stone will be crushed to dust and spread over the land.
There will be no place that the non-believer can hide,
and dwell on this Earth,
for he will be destroyed.

17.That is the way it is for all of the negative forces,
all of the pollution that you have done, all of the perversion that there is,
 all of this will be totally destroyed.

18.There is not much time left.

19.All things are happening all over.
There is change on Earth.
There is change in the Heavens.
There are changes on the places of ETERNITY.

20And the Earthís life is a life such as yours.
God blew the Breath of Life into it.

21.And the Earth is getting tired of you and what you are doing to it.
It can only take so much! Your Earth is trying to maintain its order,
but for all the destruction and pollution that you do to it, it is having a hard time.
Your sky, your Heavens AROUND your Earth are trying to stay in order.
And they are having a hard time.

22.But the Earth will take care of itself.
The Earth will make anew.
The sky will take care of itself,
and it will make anew,
but in making this new,

23.The time is coming closer and closer.
The fire is in the mountains.
 The weather throughout the world,
the fire, the heat is the start.
 When your mountains burn, all vegetation burns.
All areas have the fire erupting all over.
This is part of it.

24.And then your weather comes.
And the water comes.
 And it cleanses and it washes and it moves.

 And all manner of things are starting to change.
Your oceans are starting to swell.
They are starting to move in.

They will come in farther and farther.
And it is so subtle you don't notice,
but all of a sudden it will be at your doorstep.

25.For it is changing constantly.
 Everything on the Earth is changing and preparing for what is coming.

26.For it knows what is coming.
 It knows of what will be here.

It knows of the changes that will occur.
 It knows of all manners of things that you do not kno

27.There are going to be more earthquakes.
Land is going to disappear.
And other land is going to appear.
28.Your whole existence that you have today will be turned upside down.

29.For there are going to be changes in governments.

30.There are going to be changes in the people

31.There are going to be all manner as such,
for these are the things that will take place prior to the Cleansing.
For as I have said, you must understand,
that all things will come to pass before the Cleansing occurs.
 And when you understand what is occurring,
you will know what is taking place.

32.But there are so many that do not understand,
that will not understand,
 and even try not to understand.
For they do not want to know of what is there.

33.There are wars.
There will be wars.
There will be wars in your country.
There are wars coming all over.

34.For you have ones that want and donít have.
You have ones that have and donít want to give.
 You will have all manner of these wars.
And these wars are coming to your country, internally in your country

35.Governments are going to fall.
Nations are going to fall.
 And there will be nations destroyed.

36.And it is not far off.

37.For all manner (of things) throughout are coming.
For when the oceans rise and more like I have spoken,
they will come in, and they are moving.

 Nobody wants to look at it today.
They turn their backs on it and they say,
 "Oh, we've lost a little here and a little there."

38.NO ONE is really,
really looking into what is occurring,
because they know if they would tell the people,
that there would be tremendous upheavals,
for people would have to move.
For when this occurs, your country will be split in half.
The waters will be taken almost all the way through the center of your country.

39.It will come to pass that all of this will move.
All the waters will rise.
 Everything in that area will be engulfed.
And you must understand that it is not just the water.
 It is not just the fire.

40.But, when all this occurs,
all of the things that you do not like,
 all of the things that do you harm such as your pollution,
 such as the animals, such as the bugs, such as the reptiles,
such as all of these things will be spread out.
And the ones that are caught in all of this,
the water may not harm but the others WILL harm.
For it will be everywhere.
And it will change.

41.And the heat will be there.
For the heat is coming.
And there will be more fires.
There will be more burning.
 There will be more of all of this for yo

42.There will be all types of things that occur on the Earth,
for the Earth will know of its coming.
 For it is happy to see the Light,
knowing that the Light will cleanse

43.knowing that the Light will preserve it,
 knowing that the Light can make it endure forever in total,
 total order with all things, in harmony with itself.

44.And I say to you, rejoice in this.

45.Do not look at it in despair, because you know what is coming.
 And you know that great things are in store.
And you can tell everyone that you know how much better all will be when this all does occur.

46.The Light is on the way.
And everything will be in order.
REJOICE in it, for it is your salvation.

47.There are many, many coming around to the belief in the Father through Me,
and the trust in the Father through Me.

48There are many that aren't.

49There is not much time left.
No, I say to you, there is NO TIME LEFT.

50.It is at the end

51.For the fire is on the way,
through the Light that is on the way.
And the Light will be seen.

52.And it is coming ... with all itís force,
with all its energy,
with all itís fire of destruction,
with all itís fire of Love, and Purity, and Salvation,
and the fire that protects,
 and the fire that takes care of,
 and the fire that provides for.

53.All are there for you, which ever way you CHOOSE.

54.You are going to see more and more things change in your world.
You are going to see things that cannot be explained.
 As hard as they try to explain them, they will not be able to explain them.
For the Earth is starting to take care of itself.
The patterns that it is creating are patterns of change.
 It is starting its own purification.

55.We are at a new crossroads.
There is a time for all things to end.

56.He whoever will come into the Light, in My Name,
loving God and doing good,
Heaven is yours forever.
 But it is your choice to make.

57.Now is the time for all men to be SAVED or DIE
. The Light will come from Heaven.

58.All will perish that do not live in the Light.
The fire is from the Light.
The Light is the power of God in all its glory.

59.The Light is on the way.

60.My message is for all mankind.
It is not just for you.

61.When I speak of man, I mean all.

62.When I speak, I speak for My Father.

63.I am the One Who Sits Between.
I am the Son of God.
I am the only way man can be saved.

64.But there is the promise that anyone who comes into the Light,
 believing in Me and believing in God and asking for forgiveness,
 with good in their hearts,
They will endure.
 They will live in the Light.
They will not be destroyed by it,
 for the fire of protection will protect them.
The fire that protects all will surround them and keep all of the fire that destroys out

While in a state of prayer, Sam Wilson saw this vision and narrated the following:

65.I feel the waves of energy here with me now. It is different. This is something that I must say myself. For they are showing me things in my mind, in outer space and things to come. I see pictures. I see things the way they will happen.

66.I am in the clouds, passing through the clouds, still going ... going. And I can feel myself in the clouds. I am through the clouds, I can see the stars. I can see all manner of stars in the heavens. I can see all manner of things.

67.I can see one large star moving towards me.
 It is gigantic in size, very large with fire all around it.

68.The clouds have parted, and I can see the Earth.
I can see great white clouds, like the big thunderheads that you see coming in and covering everything.
But there is no black, they're all white.

69.And I see one on a golden horse.
No, it's a white horse.
And the gold color is all around.
He is on top of the horse, riding it.
 And He is encased in gold, with a multitude of army with Him in the clouds.

70.And right behind Him is the star.

71.It is so big. It is as big, from what I can tell,
it is as big as the Earth or bigger,
 and it's all fire, fire everywhere as it comes down through the space toward Earth.
These clouds are all over Earth.

72.The One on the horse is rising.
He has a sword.
And He is gathering up more and more into His army.
 They are coming from the Earth to be with Him.
 And they are riding on the clouds behind Him.

73.And I see this large star getting closer and closer.
 I see the Earth moving and quaking and shuddering.
 I see all things happening to it.
 It is like it's trying to be moved from its position,
And it's holding its position, and holding it.
And the force from the star is becoming so great that Earth is just, I say, is quaking.
 It's cracking. I see the oceans boiling.
 I see steam rising everywhere from the water forming vast clouds all over the Earth, everywhere.

74.The star is still coming.
The Earth is moving. It is tipping.
 It is turning in its position.

75.There is nothing but clouds all over it for the oceans have gone.
 The ice has melted.
All I can see is land, land, and land.
 I can see deep, deep valleys, big crevices, big holes, and clouds everywhere from the water.

76.Fire is coming out from inside in different places, all over in places.
Fires, smoke, everything is coming out from inside the Earth for the Earth
is just shaking and shuddering and doing all types of things.

77.The One sits on His horse with His army.
They are singing all types of songs.
The music is beautiful.
 I can hear the music.
I can't understand what they are saying yet,
but I hear the music inside me, and I know that it is good,
that the music is just really somethin'.
 I feel good with it.

78.And I see the Earth still churning.
 I see it's still changing.
 I see the star.
The Earth actually moves.
It quakes.
It's turned, like I say, it's turned on its side.
It's turned over.
It's done all kinds of things!
And it has moved.

79.The star now is moving by. It's moving off.

80.The quaking is easing off now.
The shuddering has stopped.
There are still things moving here and there.
There is still fire coming from the Earth.
There is still all things happening to it that I can see,
with its movement and its shuddering, kind of.

81.Now it is starting to rain.
It is raining all over.
 The water is pouring from the heavens.
It looks like the whole Earth is engaged in just nothing but rain.
 For all of the oceans had clouds that had formed all the way around it,
and now they are dumping their water back.
 Everything is cooling, because the star has moved on.

82.The rain seems like it goes for days and days and days.
It is still raining.
The rain seems to take much longer raining than it took to bring the steam up into the air to make the clouds.
It's raining for a lot longer period of time.

83.Now it has stopped raining.

84.The oceans have filled again. There is water, water everywhere that you can see, and land here and there.


86.I do not see land masses like I knew it.

87.Nothing is there like I knew it, like the pictures that I've seen.
The world that I knew, nothing is there like that now.
Everything has changed!

88.The oceans are different.
The mountains are different.
 Land is different.
It's, it's, it's just all ... all different.

89.And now I see the oceans and the sand.
 The fish in the ocean are different. I can see the fish, and they are TOTALLY different than before!
 There is not one that is the same.
90.Even the clouds that move from here to there are ... are different.
Everything is different!
It is pretty. It is peaceful. It's calm. It's warm. There is sunlight.

91.Everything seems to be good.
It feels good.
I see all changes that have been made.

92.Now I see the clouds that I had seen with One on the horse and His army that He had behind Him,
the people He gathered.
They are descending down now unto the lands.
Some of them are going down here.
Some are there.
They're not all going to the same place.
 They are going to different places.
 And He is leading them.

93.Everything seems to be good. Everyone seems to be happy.

94.Now I see the horse leaving on the white cloud with the Rider on top of it,
leaving the people there and taking a position in the sky.
And He talks to the people that He put down there,
the ones who were with Him.
And they all bow their heads to Him.
And I can hear the music coming from them.

95.And I can see Him on the horse, in the cloud
 going all around the world, all over the Earth to all of them.
 He is not leaving.
 He is staying there in the cloud,
sitting astride the white horse with the gold all around Him,
 in the Golden Light.

96.And that Light,
 I can see It, is coming from Him.
It's going down to the Earth and it is going all over,
 all over everything.
And everything is reallyÖ. it's calm, it's peaceful.

97.All the fires have stopped.

98.Things have turned green.
There are trees, I see.
There are flowers.
There is green grass everywhere.
 And all through everything is PEACE.

99.I do not see any problems of any kind, anywhere.

100.And looking up into the heavens,
it looks like I could reach up and just TOUCH EVERY STAR, everything is there.

101.And I can reach down and touch the Earth.
 For it seems that I am on all planes, right now.
 I'm everywhere.
 And I can see everything.
And it seems like the heavens are actually smiling on the Earth.

102.Everywhere there seems to be peace, contentment, happiness ... and LOVE.
 There is no disharmony that I can see anywhere.


104.Now the clouds are coming back.
 I'm going back, back.
The waves of energy are easing off.


106.And it will come unto Earth and it will make Earth anew.
Everything will change.

107.Everything will be made anew.
And there will be change in man also!

108.Those who believe will survive and be made anew.
You will be purified by the Light.
You will be transcended by the Light.
For when you live in the Light, you will see all, know all, and be all yourself.

109.You will have the power over Everlasting Death.
You will not need to die.

110.You will have power over it.
You will have the power to maintain as you are.
 You will have the power to change you, as you are.
You will have the power to go where you want when you want.
 You will not have to look for anything to travel on, for you will travel yourself.

111.There are so many wondrous things.
You will move to and fro, and here and there, through the air yourself.
You will not need the conveyances you have today.
You will be able to think a thought and it will be.

112.Everything on Earth will be made new and it will be pure.
And all of the things that you enjoy today,
such as the drink of cold brook water that is so pure,
will be there for you to enjoy.

113.For enjoyment is part of BEING.

114.And you are a BEING and you will be a BEING in your own right.

115.There will be wonderful morsels to taste, for all will be there.
There will be wonderful things to do, and wonderful enjoyment for you.
 Enjoyments will be from now to the end of Eternity.
 For you see experience, good experience, is the life.
 It gives you energy.
It gives you power.
It gives the Father power and energy.

116.For Good creates good.
Good does good.
Good is positive and it generates its own Source of power.

117.But evil is negative.
Evil does destroy.
 Evil zaps up the power from the positive.
So in time to come, the negative WILL NOT BE.

118.Only the positive (male) and the negative (female) that become one will be.
The other negative, destructive type of energy will not be.
 The negative that is out of order with itself, will cease to be.

119.And in this time, the joys, the happiness,
the things of good and love that is in you
will come forth and build your strength
and build the Father's strength and endure forever and ever and ever.

120.You will not have the sicknesses that you have now
 for those that you create will not be any longer created
 For the diseases, if you look into yourself, you will know,
 that the diseases you have now
 and all of these things can not exist in a state of order.

121.For at the time when you live in the Light and the wondrous things you can do,
and the dominion over Earth and all other things on the Earth that you shall have again,
 you will know the harmony that there is for you,
and the happiness there is for you,
and all who exist in this and the happiness of the Earth, you will feel.

122.For the Earth will be like a soft glove caressing you,
saying unto you, "I am here.
You are over me.
We exist together,
 with loving and caring for one another."

123.You will not need all of the things that you have today, but all will be different.
There will be changes of the fishes of the sea.
There will be changes of the birds of the air.
There will be changes of the animals on the ground.
 There will be trees, but they will be different,
their leaves will be different,

and the flowers will be different.

124.All will be made anew.
There will be a difference in them.
There will be a harmony in them that has not been before.
There will be a coexistence of all things in harmony with one another in order.
This will happen.

125.You will be able to see the stars in their true, true light.
You will be able to see the other souls on the other stars in their true light.

126.There will only be peace and love in you and your being there.
 And the contentment will be the ultimate of things.
For you will be happy in all things.

127.And when the Light comes,
and those who go into the Light are saved in the Light,
they will have the same peace and contentment.
For they will have the feeling of the true love.
They will have it in them, over them, and it will protect them through all.

128.And I say to you, it makes NO difference,

when this time comes, where man goes.
For he ONLY will be saved if he truly believes,
 and he does come into the Light,
into Me, to the Father.
But if he does NOT,
 he will be destroyed.
 And it will be that way.

129.So it makes no difference where you go.
You can say,
"Oh, I know that there will be problems,
 so I will go here, and I will go there,
because that will be safe."

130.No, it will NOT be safe.

131.NOWHERE will be safe on Earth to man who does not believe!!!
For he will not exist after this happens.

133.Look within yourself for the truth.
For the truth is there.
The answers are there within you.

134.You have the right of choice.

135.Go, tell everyone. Tell them with Love, not out of fear.

136.For I am the Light.

137.The Light is on the way.
So let others know.
 Let them all know what is coming,
 how We are, how We feel and how Our Love is for them.
 For when you really understand the true meaning of love,
 it is that giving without wanting back,
it is that caring without having to be cared for,
it is that feeling of wanting to do with no rewards for you,
then you will understand how the Father loves you
138.This is the love that the Father has for you.

139.But look around.
Look to all things.
 For these things are coming to you.
And it is going to be coming so fast,
you just absolutely will have to watch every second,
 because it is coming.

140.Look to the skies.

141.Look to the Earth.

142.Look to the other planets around you to see the changes that are going on.
 For there are changes everywhere.
 And look and see and feel and love ALL OF THIS going on.
 For it is your salvation.
And it is the key to all that will come to pass for you.

143.See it.

144.Know it is from US.

145.See the love in it, and know all will be in order, in harmony,
and being the being that everything is meant to be.

146.For We do love you all.
We love everyone,
for they are all the same.
 Every man, woman, and child on your whole Earth
are from the same Creator,
are totally one in One.
For they are the same.